Museum of the Future Dubai
There is always something new to see or experience in this city, from the tallest ever structure and the biggest ever picture frame to the biggest natural flower garden. And this, apparently, is one of the greatest facts that attract people to Dubai again and again. So on your upcoming Dubai trip, come here prepared not just to be a part of the grandest ever World Expo but also witness some of its most mega, avant-garde projects coming to fruition.
Topping this list is the

Museum of the Future!

Even before its launch, it has received immense praise from every corner for its breathtaking design which is also touted to be one of the most challenging projects ever undertaken. Want to know more about the Museum of the Future Dubai? As it is now open to the public, we’ve managed to cover almost everything about this spectacular museum in the following read.

Background & Purpose of the Museum of the Future 

Museum of the Future Dubai

‘See the future, create the future,’ is the motto of the museum. The unique project is an initiative of DFF (Dubai Future Foundation, a government foundation that has been developed for shaping the future of the region’s major sectors and headed by the UAE’s Vice President and Dubai’s Ruler: HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Interestingly, the concept of the Museum of Future was first introduced as a series of themed temporary exhibitions in 2014 at the World Government Summit in Dubai. Since then, it has designed and showcased several dynamic themes and immersive technologies with multi-sensory experiences in diverse sectors including climate change, food safety, healthcare, etc.

According to HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this new permanent museum acts as an incubator to foster real ideas and initiate breakthrough inventions. It now serves as the largest of its kind platform to discover future trends and develop futuristic opportunities. In a concise nutshell, on your visit here, you’ll get to see where Dubai wants to head itself in the future.

Key Highlights – Architecture Beyond Futuristic Museum

Museum of the Future Dubai

Those who have already seen its image or glimpse into its construction already know that its unique architecture is one of its greatest highlights. It has been designed by Killa Design and is especially impressive for its torus shape which is more like an oval silver sparkling ring with a huge open center. In other words, the structure is akin to a giant eye that majestically sits atop the city and watches over this ever-dynamic city’s stunning landmarks and achievements.

Rightly so, the design has already grabbed prestigious awards and even won all points to be rated as a LEED-certified structure. The museum includes three main parts: the green hill, the structure, and is an open or void part. Beyond its architectural excellence and intricacy, each of these elements is backed by an impactful theme.

While the lush green hill (upon which the structure is placed) symbolizes the earth, the uber-stylish building depicts mankind’s extraordinary ingenuity and capability to blend in with its surroundings. Add to this beautiful Arabic calligraphy inscribed on to its exteriors, which represents mankind’s love for art and creativity. When it comes to the void or empty space, it denotes the endless imagination and innovation that the future holds.

Calligraphy On Stainless Façade

One of its major features is the Arabic calligraphy (with more than 700 words) engraved on its exteriors. It is designed by the renowned Emirati artist, Mattar bin Lahej. And what’s more remarkable is that these inspiring Arabic words are taken from the poems penned down by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Museum Design Features & Facilities

Inside museum of future Dubai

  • The Museum of the Future is not only one of the most complex museums ever built but also the trendiest ever.
  • The museum has been named among the list of the world’s 14 most beautiful museums by National Geographic magazine.
  • Its design theme is inspired by the Feng Shui concept.
  • This glittering stainless steel clad museum’s height is 77 meters and spans over an area of about 17,600 square meters.
  • One of its major features is the Arabic calligraphy (with more than 700 words) engraved on its exteriors. And what’s more remarkable is that these inspiring Arabic words are taken from the poems penned down by HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • This LEED-certified museum has set a perfect benchmark for the region’s low carbon structures. Thanks to its passive solar features complemented by minimal water and energy solutions.
  • Most advanced 3D techniques are used for the construction of this structure.
  • Its construction also involves the use of close to 1024 panels of stainless steel and fiber-glass. Fascinatingly, the same technique that is used in the aviation industry has been employed for these panels’ seamless, joint-free assemblage.
  • It has six exhibition levels plus an administration level, all of which sit on a podium spread over three levels.
  • Its floors are the only horizontal spaces in the structure.
  • Facilities also include an auditorium, classrooms, theater, and high-end labs. There are also retail and parking spaces.

All about the Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future Opening Date:

Museum of the Future was opened on 22nd February 2022

Museum of the Future Timings:

The museum is open daily from 10:00 hrs to 18:00 with the last entry at 17:00 hrs.

Museum of the Future Location

It overlooks Sheik Zayed Road and is right adjacent to the Jumeirah Emirates Tower.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai.

How to Reach the Museum of the Future?

With its prime location in the heart of the city, the museum is easily accessible via metro, cab, and bus. If you’re taking the metro, the nearest metro station is Emirates Tower Station (Red Line). There is a dedicated walkway that connects to the museum. If you plan to reach here by bus, you can take the bus numbers 27, 29 or X22.

Museum of the Future Tickets

Museum of the Future tickets price for visitors above three years is AED 145. Entry here is free for kids under three years and people of determination.


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Experiences at the Museum of the Future

This is an evolving museum means it’s not your typical museum and you can expect to see something really exciting, trailblazing and distinct on your every trip here. While it’s true that you’ll get to take in many technological innovations and first of its kind exhibits here, it’s not all about gleaming displays, high tech robots or flying gadgets.

1. Walk into 2071

As you enter the museum, get ready to travel 50 years forward as you explore its wondrous exhibits that takes you through space and time. There are seven floors where each of them is like a movie set straight from the high-tech future.

2. See the Most Innovative Displays

With the museum’s immersive experience, you get to journey to the space station away from the earth, know how moon can turned into a renewable source of energy, and further learn about the pioneers working and residing there. Admire the beauty of nature in a whole new way, thanks to the digital version of Amazon rainforest where hundreds of species are presented in the most mesmeric manner. There is also a DNA library – a perfect experience to both collect and contribute towards the nature. Moreover, feel the future of the wellness and see the world from a totally new light as you explore its diverse sections.

3. Tomorrow Today

It indicates the ever dynamic display of ground-breaking creations that are set to revolutionize the world. Interestingly, it is developed in association with both private and public partners. It further gives you an insight on the way the researchers, companies and designers rise up to today’s crucial challenges.

4. The Museum will be a major event venue as well

Besides enjoying an ever-changing array of exhibits, you’ll get to meet some of the industry leaders and even participate in a variety of captivating science and technology-related events, conferences, classes, meetings, and workshops from time to time.

Things To Know About Museum Of The Future

  • Don’t expect to see here ancient relics or art objects from the past; it’s all about the most innovative and trendiest exhibits.
  • Speaking of its uber futuristic displays, they are definite to walk you 50 years into the future.


What’s written on the Museum of the Future?

The exterior of the Museum of the Future is encrypted with 3 quotes written by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed about his strong vision for the city. The Arabic calligraphy reads, ‘We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.’

Where is the Museum of Future?

Museum of The Future is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How much is the entrance to the Museum of the future?

For an adult, the entrance fee to the Museum of the Future is $39.72. Children get an entry for free.

When can we visit the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM to 6 PM. Ideally, people spend 2-3 hours in the museum.

What is special about the Museum of the Future?

Touted as the ‘most beautiful building in the world’, the Museum of The Future is a unique architecture with never-before-seen design. It is a 7-story, pillar-less hollow structure that takes you to a world of innovation and invention.

Where can I purchase tickets to the Museum of the Future?

The best way to get entrance to the Museum of the Future is to buy tickets online and in advance. You can enjoy good discounts, easy booking options and convenient payment. Besides these, Rayna Tours also has 24*7 online chat support.


With the most ground-breaking exhibits on display, it is definite that this museum will blow you away with its future-themed displays. So no matter you’re someone passionate about cutting-edge science and hi-fi technology or just want to check out Dubai’s inspiring architectural landmarks, be sure to include the Museum of the Future on your Dubai to-do list. With the right Dubai visa and advanced reservation of accommodation and activities, a vacation in Dubai is easier and exciting than you imagine.

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