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Goa is one of the biggest tourist attractions in India. What makes it an irresistible destination is the sheer number of activities that a tourist can enjoy in this beautiful state. Amidst the innumerable things to do in Goa, there are some that are the must-have experienced.

We hereby list the best

things to do in Goa,

that should be enjoyed to capture the essence of this majestically exciting state.

1. Visit the Baga Beach

Visit Baga Beach

There’s no doubt that if beaches are what you crave for, Northern Goa is where you should be. It has some of the best beaches in the country and one of them is the Baga beach. It’s clean, located on the shore of the Arabian sea, offer relaxing shades of mighty palm trees and has some of the best beach shacks to add to your enjoyment.

2. Take a Dolphin Ride

Dolphin Ride

There’s nothing cuter than watching the beautifully finned, friendly dolphins, and Goa has them in abundance. You just need to be at the right place at the right time. There are various cruises that take you to the points where dolphins are in high concentration and you can see them playing, click pictures and enjoy the entire experience.

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3. Go for water sports

Water Sports in Goa

Goa is home to some of India’s best water and adventure sports. Try snorkeling, scuba diving, surf the waves and even white water rafting with the best of operators across Goa. The Zuari and Mondovi river also offer excellent backwater kayaking opportunity. Whether it is the banana boat rides or parasailing, there’s no end to adventure in Goa.

4. Visit the Spice Plantation

Spice Plantation

A visit to the spice plantation is a delight to your aromatic senses and the taste buds. It’s a completely different experience putting black pepper from a bottle and plucking it directly from plants and getting to use it. A haven of various exotic spices used in Indian as well as European cuisine, the spice plantation visit is definitely worth every bit worth the visit.

5. Pay a visit to the best of Goa churches

Visit the Goa churches

Goa has been under Portuguese influence for centuries and therefore, it boasts of some of the best churches in the country. While in Goa don’t forget to pay a visit to the Basilica of Bom Jesus built in 1605, Se Cathedral built-in 1619, Church of St. Francis of Assisi built in 1661, and Church of St. Catejan built in the 1700s.

6. Shop at Ingo Saturday Night Bazaar

Shop at Ingo Saturday Night Bazaar

This happening and a bit uncommon night market was set up many years back on a leased property by a German named Ingo. Since then this Ingo night bazaar is frequented by tourists and locals alike. From junk jewelry to t-shirts, hippie mechanize and some delectable cuisine options; this night market is definitely worth your visit. Don’t forget to bargain here.

7. Relax at the Agonda beach

Relax at the Agonda beach

Included amongst the most preferred beaches of Goa, the Agonda beach is ideal for sunbathing, relaxing and rejuvenating. Although, the waves here are not as calm as many of the other beaches of the state but the beach is perfect if you want to disconnect from the world for some time and enjoy a relaxed beach day in the solitude sans the continue buzzing of phone (networks don’t catch here) and some modest shacks serving comfort food.

8. Enjoy the Architecture of Old Goa

 Old Goa

Once the hub of the Portugal empire, the old Goa (Velha Goa) unlocks the hidden treasures of the bygone era. The place that dominated the major part of India under the Portugal empire reign from 1510 until 1835 still has priceless architectures standing strong and echoing the history to the world. A trip to these exceptional architectures is a must to truly complete your Goa trip.

9. Have fun at the Candolim Beach

Candolim beach

Candolim beach is a peaceful beach that segregates the party hungry Goa with the ones who want calmness, enjoys their quiet time and just enjoys a laid back holiday. The beach is perfect for trying the exquisite seafood. This is a beach where you can see the mixed crowd of both tourists and locals waiting to witness the beautiful sunset.

10. Try your luck at the Deltin Royale Casino

Deltin Royale Casino Goa

Take a boat around the Mondovi River and sail your way to the Deltin Royale Casino. Packed mostly with tourists, it is a great place to visit whether or not you are a hardcore player. The casino offers a huge variety of drinks and food and the service is prompt. It’s a great place to spend an exciting evening.

11. Witness the serenity of Dudhsagar falls

Dudhsagar falls goa

One of the most popular falls of India, the Dudhsagar fall is a magnificently beautiful four-tiered waterfall amidst a scenic environment. The milky white waterfall looks stunning, especially during the monsoons. Don’t forget to visit the place especially if you’re in Goa during the monsoon months.

12. Discover the wilderness with a jungle trip

jungle trip goa

Whether it is the Mollem National Park or the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa is filled with the jungle wilderness waiting to be explored. The Goan jungles are full of wild exotic animals including panther, sloth bear, barking deer and a lot more. Explore the jungle through professional treks, jungle safaris, and tours and take in the beauty of the virgin wilderness.

13. Take a cookery class

cookery class goa

In spite of being a part of India, Goan cuisine has a distinctive taste. The use of spices and condiments is very different from the regular Indian way. And that’s what makes taking a cookery workshop in Goa so interesting. With a dominant effect of the European and Portuguese cuisine, the Goan dishes predominantly included exotic seafood dishes and spicy curries with the inclusion of coconut.

14. Enjoy Crab catching

Don’t mind getting your hands dirty in muddy water for an interesting activity? Try crab catching. An upcoming and adored sport of Goa, crab catching is an exciting activity especially as they use the handmade crab traps called ‘Kobblem’. A fairly laid back sport, don’t forget to take your beer along while you wait for the crabs to get caught. Make sumptuous dishes out of the caught crabs and cherish the experience.

15. Shop at Anjuna flea market

Anjuna flea market goa

Shopping at the Anjuna flea market is as much as a Goan experience as visiting any other important attraction of Goa. This weekly Wednesday market was started over 3 decades back. Earlier it was nothing more than some hippies selling merchandises to help extend their stay but today, it’s more serious business with people from Gujrat and other states coming here to sell their products.

Goa isn’t a place that you visit once and cross it off from your traveling list. The moment you step on its soil, it forces you to create a new list of repeat trips and places itself right on top of it. Such is the magical charm of Goa that it’s never too much of it and visiting the state, again and again, becomes more like a tradition. A state that brings the most foreign tourists to India, Goa should be where you go next if you’re planning a trip of complete relaxation.

A content writer by profession, Deepa has been writing for the travel nice for more than a decade. While she has a bucket list for the places she wants to visit, she also loves the idea of curling up on the couch with a good book. She believes that nothing can lift up your mood better than a good holiday, a great book, and your favorite dish.

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