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Are you planning a trip to the United States as a tourist? You will need to apply for a tourist visa well ahead of your trip. The tourist visa application process is very detailed when it comes to the United States. We suggest that you gather all the relevant documents first before you book your appointment with the consulate for the visa interview. Also, be very sure of the veracity and legitimacy of the documents you present. If your visa is rejected owing to some discrepancy in the documentation, you may find it difficult to

apply for US visa from Dubai.

How to Apply For a US Tourist Visa in Dubai

Countries Who are Citizens are Exempt from Visa Formalities

If you’re a citizen belonging to one of the following countries, you don’t need to apply for a tourist visa to the United States: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can stay in the United States for a period of 180 days without any sort of visa. If you are the citizen of a country that is not listed above, you are required to apply for a US tourist visa to visit the United States for a short duration.

How to Apply for US Visa from Dubai

Contact a Rayna Travels representative with regard to your US tourist visa. We have several blog posts on this subject, which we’d like you to read. We also provide counseling on document gathering and how to conduct yourself during the visa interview. There are several protocols followed by the US Consulate, and it’s necessary that you follow these protocols to the letter.

What You Need to Do First Before Applying for USA Visa

Contact a Rayna Travels representative with regard to your US tourist visa. We have several blog posts on this subject, which we’d like you to read. We also provide counseling on document gathering and how to conduct yourself during the visa interview. There are several protocols followed by the US Consulate, and it’s necessary that you follow these protocols to the letter.

Documents Required for US Visa from Dubai

Please make sure that you have the following documents gathered for your

US tourist visa from Dubai

  • US visa application form, duly filled, reviewed and signed
  • Two recent passports colored pictures taken on white background in either a semi-matte or matte finish, showing 80% of your face. These photographs must be no older than 3 months prior.
  • A passport that has two blank pages in it for stamping, and is valid for at least three months from your date of arrival in the US.
  • Hotel reservation confirmation in the United States as proof of residence in the US
  • Your detailed travel itinerary including copies of your return tickets
  • A copy of your US visit sponsor’s passport. If your US sponsor is a US citizen, then the passport copy will do. If your sponsor happens to be the bearer of a USA visa, then please make sure that a copy of your sponsor’s visa is present along with their passport copy.
  • A copy of your visa sponsor’s bank statement. Please make sure that your sponsor’s bank statement contains sufficient funds to support your visit. The bank statement must clearly show the details of the previous month’s transaction.
  • A printout of your sponsor’s detailed current postal address along with phone number and email address. This is required because visa authorities are authorized to contact your sponsor and ask direct questions pertaining to your visa candidature.
  • Please enclose documents that provide proof of your relationship to your sponsor. This could be a personal or official relationship. If your relationship is official, then please enclose an invitation letter from your sponsor along with a visiting card and company profile as additional proofs.
  • If you’re being invited to specific training or conference in the US, details of this meeting must also be enclosed.

Submission of Documents for the US Visa from Dubai

After gathering all the

documents required for US tourist visa from Dubai,

please submit the entire set plus one copy to your Rayna Travels representative. We will guide you as to how to obtain your visa appointment at the earliest and how to make the payment. Then we will go over your documents with you and rehearse your responses on various questions that we know the visa authorities will ask you.

Terms and Conditions for US Visa Application from Dubai

US Visa Document

Note that the following terms and conditions are applicable for all US visa applications, including the tourist visa. Follow them to the letter if you want your US tourist visa application to have a successful outcome:

  • It is important to note here that your visa application cannot be considered successful just because you’ve submitted all the required documents. The approval or rejection of a visa application depends entirely on the sole discretion of the US immigration authorities located in Dubai.
  • Note that in the case of visa rejection, your visa fee will not be refunded. Also, if your visa application was successful but you are unable to make use of it to fly to the US at that point, you will still lose your visa fee.
  • Your visa will be a single entry visa unless specifically mentioned as multiple entries. Your US visa will take four to five working days to process. If you plan on traveling to the US soon, be sure to apply for your visa much ahead of time.
  • Be totally honest with the visa authorities on your visa application. If the authorities manage to unearth any discrepancies in your visa application, they will reject your visa summarily. More than that, you will not be allowed to apply for a USA visa ever again in your life if your visa application has been rejected for the wrong reasons.
  • You must be careful not to take any mobile phone, makeup, liquids or any other object other than a pen and your papers to the consulate. Failure to comply with these rules might also affect your visa application.
  • Be sure to answer every question posed to you by the consulate in an even, modulated manner. Aggressive behavior and sneaky responses will be considered suspect by the visa authorities and your visa could be rejected summarily based on suspicion alone.

US Visa Fees

The tourist visa fee from Dubai to the US varies depending upon the type of visa. However, you need an expert like Rayna to give you the most competitive pricing along with complete assistance in getting your visa approval.


1. What points to remember at the time of Visa Interview?

Make sure your application is complete and without any mistakes. Be clear on why you want to go to the US and the duration. Most of all ensure that you speak the truth as the interviewers have no tolerance for lies there.

2. I’m traveling to Abu Dhabi; can I make a visa appointment there instead of Dubai?

The citizens of Dubai can apply for the visa for the US both from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

3. What documents should I carry for the Interview?

The following documents you must carry with yourself for the interview.

  • an original, current letter of employment with a job title, length of service, and monthly salary
  • personal bank statements for the last six months
  • photocopies of current trade license and current audited financial statements for the past two years showing the status of business property deeds
  • current letters of invitation from American companies or conference organizers
  • letters indicating required/recommended medical treatment and who will be paying for the treatment
  • Proof of Iranian military service or military exemption card
  • Copy of US visa of anyone with whom you will be traveling

(source: US embassy)

Millions of people apply for US visas every year. There’s high traffic when it comes to the visa application. Make sure you follow the rule of the law in every way possible in order to secure your visa. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your Rayna representative before attempting the visa application. We are here to clarify all your queries and help you obtain your

US visa from Dubai.

Also, once you manage to obtain one tourist visa to the US and return to Dubai after a favorable visit, your next visa application will go through much easier.

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