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Do you wish to travel to the UK from the UAE for education, business or pleasure? The process for UK visa application is done online these days and is fairly straightforward. Once you get all the necessary documents, be sure to make an appointment at the UK visa center and get ready for your interview. We urge you to get your documents and your answers right the first time, by following our detailed instructions, given that rejected applicants are not encouraged to apply again. Here’s everything you wanted to know about a

UK visa.

uk visa dubai

Steps To Apply For UK Visa 

1. Download UK visa form to apply for your

UK tourist Visa 

2. Make sure that you include all relevant details in the application form, including the names and details of the people accompanying you. Note that if anyone in your party holds an expired UK visa, you need to provide those details carefully. 3. Mention your intended date of travel to the UK in the application form for UK Tourist Visa from Dubai. 4. Provide the address where you’ll be staying in the United States. This can be a hotel, as long as you attach the booking voucher and confirmed reservation details. You will need to present these proofs at the time of the interview.

5. Provide your personal travel history – the places where you’ve traveled to in the recent past. Mention date and purpose of travel for all international visits within the last 10 years excluding visits to the UK and country of residence. If your visa application to the UK or any other country has been rejected in the last 10 years, the visa authorities will require further details on your travel.

6. Also, Provide your residential address in UAE and your period of stay at that address.

7. Mention your marital details under Family Details. If married, indicate your spouse’s name. Provide date and place of birth details for parents, children and other family members as specified in the application form.

8. Provide your employer’s name, your income details your job description, office address, type of work that you’ve undertaken and date of joining under Employment and Income.

9. Under Income and Expenditure, provide the details of your income from all sources, and details of a property, savings, monthly living cost, how much of your monthly income goes to dependents, the total cost for your proposed travel to the UK in British Pound.

10. Also, mention the total amount you have set aside to travel to the UK in AED currency

11. Mention the names of family and friends of yours who reside in the UK. If you don’t have any friends or family in the UK, then elaborate on the purpose of your visit to the UK.

12. If you’re only touring the UK as a visitor, make sure that you answer NO to whether you intend to work in the UK, what’s the main purpose of your visit, do you intend to study in the UK and so on.

13. Complete filling in the application form and attach the required supporting documents

14. Pay the application fee online and download and print out the receipt for your records and submission to Rayna Travels.

15. Submit the application form and supporting documents along with the visa fee payment receipt to your authorized Rayna Tours representative. Click here to know in detail.

UK Visa Requirements for UAE Citizens

  • You need a passport which should be valid for at least 6 months after your planned return from the UK.
  • Your passport should have a minimum of 3 blank pages for stamping.
  • You’ll need a passport-size photo taken on a white background. Be sure your face is not covered.
  • Provide proof of your residency status in the UAE. If you’re employed in the UAE, get a letter from your employer stating the details of your employment, role, and income and so on. If you’re a resident, then your UAE passport is evidence enough.
  • Provide your confirmed travel itinerary including flight details, dates of arrival and departure and other details along with your

    UK visa application Dubai.

  • Be ready to show a letter of invitation from your UK sponsors indicating their residential or immigration status in the UK.
  • Provide evidence of your sponsor’s current employment or status as a student, whatever the case may be.
  • Carry your salary payslips and bank statements for three months
  • Provide income tax statements for 2 years as proof of your financial viability.
  • Carry proofs of your education, in support of qualifications you’ve mentioned in the application form.
  • Provide evidence of the ability to meet your trip’s costs, as you’ve indicated in the application form. Provide bank statements of the person paying for the trip.
  • If you have a property in the UAE, then provide property documents such as deeds, mortgage statements, accountant’s letters or tenancy agreements.
  • Evidence of accommodation booking in the UK; this can be a letter from a resident stating you’re staying with them, or hotel booking confirmations.
  • If you’re married, then do attach your marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate or divorce certificate or death certificate as the situation warrants.
  • Provide evidence of family members remaining in the UAE while you travel to the UK. You can provide school reports for kids who are studying still or health reports for senior citizens who’ll remain behind while you travel.

UK Visa from Dubai – Fees & Types

Fee for Longterm Visa:

  • 6 Months Multiple Entry: AED 890
  • 2 Years Multiple Entry: AED 2500
  • 5 Years Multiple Entry: AED 4200
  • 10 Years Multiple Entry: AED 5000

UK Visa FAQs

1. How long can you stay in the UK?

Ans. Applicants can stay for up to 6 months. However, stay can be extended in case of following reasons:

Medical Treatment – up to 11 months Academic scholar for research – you, your spouse, or civil partner can stay for up to 12 months

For applicants who wish to visit the UK for private medical treatment for longer than 6 months must apply for a biometric residence permit.

2. Can I apply for long-term UK visas?

Ans. Applicants can apply for 2, 5 or 10-year visas. They can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit. If the applicant is under 18 years of age at the time of application, upon attaining the age of 18 their visa is valid for 6 months.

3. What are the requirements for eligibility?

Ans. Applicants must prove that they can support themselves and any dependents. They must prove that they will leave the U at the end of their stay.

4. Do I need to enroll in my biometrics during the appointment?

Ans. Yes

5. Should children appear personally at the time of the visa application?

Ans. Yes, adults should accompany children below 18 years of age.

In short, be prepared to provide documentary evidence of any claim you make in the application form. Each and every point will be studied, assessed, and the evidence looked over while your eligibility for a UK visa is evaluated. It is important to note that while the process to obtain a UK visa seems very detailed if you follow the rules and provide the documents required in the right order, there’s no reason why your visa shouldn’t go through. Also, at any point during the visa process, you might be asked to provide additional documents or assurances. Be prepared for this and do as asked, if you don’t want to needlessly delay your visa and travel arrangements. Your visa once approved, will be ready in 5 to 8 business days. Rayna Tours will help you with your application process and will follow up with the visa center on your behalf for the visa. They will also counsel you on how to handle visa hurdles and what kinds of documents you need to get ready.


The United Kingdom presents a number of opportunities for business, travel, entertainment, and studies. Traveling to the UK is an adventure of sorts, as it opens the doors to global engagement. We wish you the best of luck!

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