Open Fire Food Festival
Abu Dhabi, a city that offers a smorgasbord of cultures and flavors, is all set to host the

world’s first Open Fire Food Festival

(OFFF). Led by the ever-charismatic and witty American anchor Steve Harvey, the event is a celebration of culinary skills and delicacies. Boasting a star-studded lineup of celebrity chefs, the food festival is ready to transform the UAE’s capital food scene with barbecue flavors and smoky aromas. This 2-day festival is scheduled for 24th-25th February 2024 at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Organized by MELT Middle East, this is a joint event by OWS Capital and Steve Harvey Global.

Steve Harvey, the inventive wheel behind the event, shared his views, “Abu Dhabi’s inaugural Open Fire Food Festival will ignite not only the senses but also the spirit of togetherness, fostering an atmosphere of shared enjoyment and cultural appreciation.”

Guests can expect to be treated to a wide range of flavors and techniques, with each dish crafted with precision and passion by talented chefs from across the region.

Who Will Attend the Open Fire Food Festival in Abu Dhabi?

Open Fire Food Festival Abu Dhabi

OFFF Abu Dhabi 2024 has a stellar cast of masterchefs. Here are the top culinary icons that have signed up for this season:

The seven-time world barbecue champion Melissa Cookston is the most acclaimed pitmaster and the first female to shoot to such huge stardom. She has been conferred a place in the Barbecue Hall of Fame. She operates restaurants, runs cookery shows, and has even authored a couple of books.

A self-taught American BBQ expert, Moe Cason has a dynamic cooking journey, as he has participated and judged in over 260 contests. You would have watched him in World of Flavour With Big Moe Cason, Pitmaster’s, and SMOKED. When asked about his venture with OFFF, he exclaimed with joy, “I’m so excited for this one as we are making history with the world’s first-ever Open Fire Food Festival, and I’m delighted to be joining Steve Harvey for an amazing event.”

Called Grillmaster of the Galaxy” by the New York Times, Steven Raichlen is known for his global grilling expertise, award-winning books, and TV presentations. Some of his best-selling books are ‘The Barbecue Bible’ and ‘How to Grill’.

The festival is expected to be a storm with these trailblazers on the list. Beyond the celebrity chefs, the festival platform provides a stage for local culinary talents to shine. Amongst the many alliances you will witness under this roof, one of the iconic partnerships is between the Open Fire Food Festival and ICCA. This event opens new doors for promoting young talent through culinary schools. It will provide valuable hands-on experience as the students are tasked to collaborate with renowned chefs and participate in cooking demonstrations.

What to Expect at the Open Fire Food Festival Abu Dhabi?

Open Fire Food Festival Abu Dhabi

The Open Fire Food Festival is a culinary adventure for gourmands. Attendees are going to soak in the food coma bliss, as the event features cooking workshops, BBQ demonstrations, food-making competitions, and masterclasses by connoisseurs. The live food stations will inject a new level of excitement as the renowned chefs prepare the dish with a unique twist. You will watch a delicious feast whip up right in front of your eyes. Savour a hearty meal from a truckload of mouthwatering dishes.

Competitions fuel the fiery spirit of the event — when the chefs and culinary gurus from different streams participate, showcase their expertise, and vie for their coveted titles. The aroma of sizzling food, the anticipation in the air, and the insightful feedback made these competitions a highlight for many attendees.

From culinary competitions to thought-provoking panel discussions, the festival is a feast for the senses. The atmosphere turns lively and vibrant with the live music and entertainment. Get ready as some of the biggest DJs are in attendance.

Open Fire Food Festival Abu Dhabi Highlights

Open Fire Food Festival


24th-25th February 2024


Abu Dhabi Hill, Yas Marina Circuit

Musical Concerts

DJ Dean Curtis, DJ Natalie Brogan, Hot Rodney, Nuvo Soul, Claudia Patrice, Girl from the North Country and Yvonne Park

Demos & Workshops

Masterclass ICCA, Steak, Spicy Wings and Burger Competition, Mystery Box Competition, Hot Dog Eating Competition, Lamb and Brisket Masterclass, and Chicken Workshop

Open Fire Food Festival Abu Dhabi Tickets

Grillin’ Tickets:

The standard ticket for OFFF is available at AED 75, which allows general admission to the festival ground, including access to live music and vendors.

Flames Tickets:

These tickets are available at AED 150, which offers a double food voucher besides all the facilities of Grillin’ tickets.

VIP Flavor Tickets:

The VIP tickets cost AED 180. With this entry, you get exclusive access to the VIP experience area with comfortable seating, private bars, and catered food options. You might get to rub shoulders with the cooking sensations.

Children under 12 can get free entrance.

So, grab your tickets and dive into a taste of heaven. Follow this space for more exciting food festival updates.

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