Canada Visa from Dubai
Planning a trip to Canada? Then it is time to set your Canadian visa formalities in place. You need a valid visitor’s visa to enter Canada unless you belong to one of the following countries: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, US, Barbados, Belgium, and the UK. In order to apply for the Canadian visa, you will need the following documents in place. If you’re trying to apply for

Canada Visa from Dubai,

begin by reading the complete information provided in the IRCC website. Get your information right and contact your Rayna representatives if you have any doubts about any of the processes. Once you have all your clarifications, follow the list of instructions given in this blog post to apply for a Canadian Visa.

Canada visa from Dubai

Steps To Apply For a Canada Visa from Dubai

  1. Download the application form for Canada Visa in Dubai from the official IRCC website
  2. Download the checklist for Canada Visa support documents also from the same site
  3. Print the application form on bond quality, non-glossy white paper. You are recommended to use a good quality laser printer so that the ink does not smudge. Smudged or blurry applications will be delayed or rejected, as will applications that are printed out on inferior paper that could tear any minute.
  4. Make sure that the barcodes appear only on the last page of your visa application form. Ensure that the barcodes appear clear and free of smudges if any. If the barcodes are not clear, this may slow down your application process considerably. Keep the barcoded sheet on top of all your application forms and supporting documents. Your barcode is your visa application form’s computer identity.

Canada Visa from Dubai – Requirements as Per IRCC Website

  1. Two recent passport-size photographs in color. Your passport photos can be of either matte or semi-matte finish. A white background is mandatory with 80% assured face coverage. The size required for a Canadian visa is 35mm x 45mm. Make sure that the photograph is no older than 3 months and is a good representation of what you look like at the time of visa application.
  2. Your passport must be valid for at least three months from the date you arrive in Canada
  3. Ensure that at least 2 pages are blank in your passport for visa stamping.
  4. The Canadian government requires a No Objection letter from your employer, in original, stating your salary, designation, joining date, and travel purpose.
  5. If you’re not working anywhere, then be sure to attach your income records, bank statements and tax documents along with your Canadian visa application form set.
  6. If you’re in business, please carry a Valid Trade License copy, and a letter introducing yourself, indicating your monthly income, partner details and their passport numbers and so on.
  7. You’ll also need a detailed Canadian itinerary and a return ticket.
  8. If you have a letter from a local sponsor, it’s an advantage, though it’s not mandatory. It just makes your case stronger to have a local sponsor within Canada. This local sponsor can be a native Canadian or an immigrant who’s working in Canada and paying annual taxes.

Note: If for any reason, you are unable to provide the documents listed in the official IRCC website, sign the waiver form which you can find on the website and submit it along with your application form. Failure to provide this signed waiver might result in further delay in your application for a Canadian visa. Also, inform your Rayna representative of the failure to submit any of the required supporting documents.

Canada’s Biometrics

Along with submitting your visa application form, it has become mandatory to provide your biometrics at the visa application center (since July 31′ 2018). Biometrics for Canada visa includes fingerprints and photos. You can walk-in to the center without a prior appointment for providing your biometrics. However, in this case, you cannot anticipate the amount of time you would have to wait for the entire process to be completed. On the other hand, if you take a prior appointment, the service would be faster and you would be able to complete the process quickly.

Things to Know Before Applying for Canada Visa from Dubai

  • You’re advised to read the privacy policy on the IRCC site and make sure you don’t do anything that goes against the policy.
  • The fee for the Canadian visa is as stipulated in the IRCC visa fee list. Pay the fees as per the instructions provided in the visa application form.
  • You can submit the completed application form to your local Rayna representative. Your Rayna representative will validate the documents you’ve submitted against the visa documents checklist and work with you if you need to obtain further documents.
  • You will need to submit your biometrics at the Canadian Embassy. Your Rayna representative will help you with this at the time of submitting your application.

Obtaining a visa to Canada from Dubai is relatively simple if you follow all the rules on the IRCC site. If for some reason you’re not fully cognizant of the rules, or if you need any help getting your documents ready, you can always call upon your Rayna representatives and they’ll help you with your need. With professionals like Rayna ready and available to validate your application minutely, there’s no reason for your application to be rejected.

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