April is usually when Dubai begins to get warm. But the weather is mild and moderate, which means April is still an amazing time to discover Dubai, along with its outdoors and other amazing attractions. In fact, visiting Dubai in April is really great for those who want to avoid peak cooler months or extreme hotter months. Yes, it offers an immaculate medium between the winter and summer months in Dubai. But if you don’t know how to make the most of your Arabian vacation this month, just check out this detailed guide that enlightens you on all you should know about your Dubai visit in April.

Is April a good time to visit Dubai

Ideal Pool Weather: With bearable warm daytime and pleasant evenings, April boasts of the cool tan weather, making it the most ideal time to dive into the sea and pools in Dubai. So, slather on your sunblock lotion and get ready to hit the water.

Last month to visit Seasonal Attractions: From the fantastic Global Village and the breathtaking Dubai Miracle Garden to the wondrous Dubai Garden Glow, your Dubai trip in April allows you to catch up with the region’s most iconic seasonal attractions before they close for the season.

Ramadan in Dubai: Ramadan began on March 11, 2024 and it will last till April 8 or 9, 2024. For those unaware, Ramadan is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar, when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk. Not to mention, this devout month brings with it a whole bunch of inspiring fairs and festivities enriched by lavish Iftar feasts and exclusive night souks, among others.

Eid in Dubai: What follows Ramadan, or the month of fasting, are the grand Eid festivities. They range from special events and shows to immersive activities across the city, allowing visitors to embrace the unrivaled joyous spirit.

Incredible Price-Cuts: As April conveniently falls between Dubai’s peak and off-peak season, there is no doubt that it lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you want to visit the top theme parks in Dubai or looking to check out the region’s legendary landmarks, you’ll be able to enjoy the region’s otherwise-packed attractions in its thinned-out version. And this comes with the added perks of low-cost accommodations, airfares etc.

Weather in Dubai in April


In April, Dubai experiences an average low temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius whereas the average higher day temperature is about 29 to 30 degree Celsius and night temperature around 28 degree Celsius. There will be overall sunshine hours of 10 hours. It may also experience 10mm of rainfall throughout the month.

  • Temperature: Low: 20 degrees Celsius, High: 30 degrees Celsius
  • Humidity: 66%
  • Chance of Rain (%): 6%
  • Day light (hrs.): 10 hours
  • Sunrise: 5:56 am
  • Sunset: 6:40 pm

Things to do in Dubai in April

Discover Dubai on a Sightseeing Tour:

Big Bus tour

This is a particularly must for those traveling to Dubai for the first time. Take your pick from our comprehensive Dubai city tour or opt for a Hop on Hop off Bus, City Sightseeing Tour, or a more luxurious Limo Ride Dubai tour. All these tour options are guaranteed to give you a detailed overview of Dubai’s mix of prime attractions, hidden gems, and striking neighborhoods. This ranges from the classic Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Grand Mosque to Downtown Dubai, Dubai Museum, and Sheik Zayed Road.

Get Wild at Aventura Park:

Aventura Park Dubai

Dubai is never away from nature and adventure. Get a taste of both at one spot with Aventura Park tickets. With over 80 terrific challenges arranged in its five circuits, this park inside Mushrif Park is ideal for all age groups. So, let your little ones join you as take to the rope bridges, trees, zipline courses, etc.

Venture out for a Desert Safari Experience:

Desert Safari Experience

This is another must-try for those who wish to break away from the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary fun and thrill. You can expect to be surrounded by seas of serene desert sands as you arrive here. The real adventure begins with an electrifying 4×4 ride over the high and low dunes. Along with this, enjoy a camel ride and try henna tattooing, Shisha smoking, etc. BBQ dining plus traditional entertainment (such as Tanura and belly dance) is included in evening and overnight desert safaris.

Spend a day at AquaFun Dubai (Alternatives Included):


If you’re looking to hit Dubai’s water accompanied by a generous bout of fun and thrill, this park at JBR Beach is your go-to place in Dubai. But don’t expect this to be any normal water park; it’s massive, unique, and, of course, the world’s largest inflatable water park. So, there is no better way to let loose your crazy side than with a visit to this park, which is completely set outdoors with some incredible water obstacles, rides, swings, etc. There are many alternatives, such as Atlantis Aquaventure and Wild Wadi Water Park to enjoy a splash fun day in Dubai with your friends and family.

Dhow Cruise:

Dhow Cruise Dubai

This quintessential Dubai activity allows you to see the breathtaking city skyline from water. It takes you along the shores of Dubai’s main attractions, allowing you to admire them up close. Buffet-style dinners and traditional shows like Tanura performances make it even more endearing and unforgettable. Fancy a celebrity-style cruise experience in Dubai? Consider a whole day on Dubai’s water with the Yacht Rental Dubai experience.

Visit Dubai’s Theme Parks:

Theme Parks

Dubai is considered the Middle East’s theme park capital. So, what’s a Dubai trip without checking out its theme park? From the snow-themed Ski Dubai Mall of Emirates and the biggest of its kind IMG Worlds of Adventure to the massive three-in-one Dubai Parks and Resorts and Atlantis Water Park, all we can say is that theme park lovers are spoilt for choice once in Dubai.

Plan a Cool Urban Adventure:

Urban Adventure

Want to try an urban adventure that soars you to heights, filled with loads of amusing and thrilling moments? Take to the longest and swiftest urban zipline with XLine Dubai or sign up for an exciting session of XDubai Slingshot, which is the world’s fastest human slingshot. Looking to experience heights on an epic scale? You can’t go wrong with our Sky Diving tours; it promises you the adrenaline rush of a lifetime while guaranteeing you the most unobstructed standpoint over the palm-tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah.

Don’t Miss Lavish Iftar Meals:

Iftar Meals Dubai

When your Dubai visit coincides with Ramadan festivities, make sure that you make the most of the Iftar parties arranged by the city’s top hotels and iconic landmarks. Visit the Asateer Tent at Atlantis, The Palm, or devour the scrumptious Arabic specialties available at the Majlis within Dubai World Trade Centre. For authentic Emirati fare, it is worth making a trip to Al Hadheerah Restaurant (at Bab Al Shams Resort). Now if you wish to enjoy Iftar with a twist, you can do it aboard the legendary ship Queen Elizabeth 2. For those who don’t know, Iftar is the staple meal or feast with which Muslims culminate their long hours of Ramadan fast.

Places to See Dubai in April

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa

It’s the world’s tallest building and, of course, Dubai’s perennial favorite. It’s located in the stylish Downtown Dubai, where it stands tall at an altitude of 828 meters. An entry here is possible; just pre-book the right ticket that offers access to its ‘At the Top’ observation deck on 124th, 148th, or both. You can further pair this experience with a lavish culinary session at one of its choicest dining venues.

The Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall

The world’s biggest mall literally needs no introduction. More than 1200 outlets, over 200 dining choices (ideal for all budgets), and a vast array of leisure and edutainment attractions make it worth a trip. You’ll get to admire one of the world’s largest indoor underwater attractions with Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo tickets. You can further enjoy ice skating at Dubai Ice Rink, and make the most of its thrilling attractions, such as Ekart Zabeel, Hysteria Haunted Attractions, and the one-of-a-kind Play DXB (previously known as VR Park).

Global Village:

global village dubai

This seasonal attraction is probably the only place where you’ll get to experience the diverse cultures, cuisines and core specialties of different parts of the world. But did you know that it has planned some special programs and events to enrich the festive season? Topping this list is Ramadan Nights in Global Village, offering plenty of shopping, entertainment and dining options for every age group. Another must-experience here during Ramadan is Majlis of the World, where you can spend the entire evening and even wait here till Suhoor time. You can refer to our exclusive Global Village guide to make the most of your visit here.

Dubai Miracle Garden:


This is another spellbinding sight that you should see on your April visit before it ends for the season. This is so vast and mesmeric that it’s the world’s largest natural flower garden, with millions of flowers displayed in a spectrum of designs, patterns, and shapes. You can see it all with the right Dubai Miracle Garden tickets.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood:


We’ve added this beautifully conserved 19th-century quarter, especially for our culture vultures, as visiting here is one of the top things to do in Old Dubai. A walk through its quiet streets will introduce you to a different side of Dubai that is untouched by time and any development. See ancient Emirati structures with wooden courtyards plus wind towers, visit museums, and discover cultural landmarks like the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU).

Dubai Festivals and Events in April

April Festivals in Dubai

Ramadan Iftars

Ramadan Iftar

Iftar in Dubai is all about fascinating cultural feasts once the sun sets. Be ready to explore lavish buffets, and traditional Emirati dishes-the most delicious dishes you will ever taste. Every restaurant tries to outdo the other with their Iftar spreads, so you are spoilt for choice. There are plenty of spots all around Dubai where you can sample some of the most sumptuous Arabic cuisine, right from street food stalls and Global Village Dubai to exquisite Ramadan dinners at chic hotels and restaurants like Bab Al Sham, Terra Solis, Madinat Jumeirah, and Queen Elizabeth 2, to name a few.

When: Ongoing till 9th April 2024

Location: Multiple places in Dubai

Eid Al Fitr

After Ramadan comes Eid Al Fitr, the grand finale of the holy fasting period. If you are in Dubai during Eid Al Fitr, then you will feel like the entire city is inviting you to a grand feast! You will find everything from succulent lamb ouzi and mouth-watering kebabs to the sweetest Kunafa. Eid Al Fitr is a celebration where food is the star, but that’s not all. The city dazzles with cultural festivities, and Dubai certainly knows how to put on a grand show teeming with fireworks, illuminations, raffles, live events, and more!

When: 10th – 12th April 2024

Location: Throughout Dubai

April Events in Dubai

Dubai Comedy Festival 2024

It’s time to laugh aloud and, occasionally, get caught up in a fit of laughter as you witness comedians from around the globe impress you with their wit and comical talent. If you love a good laughter dose, book in advance your favorite stand-up comedian’s show and show up in Dubai from the 12th to the 21st of April!

When: 12th – 21st April 2024

Location: Dubai Opera, Roxy Cinemas, Dubai Hills Mall, and Coca-Cola Arena

Ramadan Street Food Festival

Ramadan Street Food Festival DubaiImage Credit:

Although many people consider Ramadan to be a non-tourist season, the final few days of the month-long fast and the spectacular Eid Al Fitr celebration in April are the ideal times to gain insight into the essence of the rich culture and enjoy the culinary extravaganza. The Ramadan Street Food Festival is a must-visit that is ongoing till 7th April at Karama after the sun sets and the day’s fast ends. A selection of restaurants put forth a flavorsome menu that serves everything from traditional Emirati dishes to authentic Middle Eastern sweet delicacies.

When: Ongoing till 7th April 2024

Location: Sheikh Hamdan Colony – Karama

Arijit Singh Live in Dubai

Arijit Singh live Dubai

Experience the heartfelt, warm voice of Indian singing sensation Arijit Singh, who will have you singing along to some of his greatest Bollywood hits. Make your reservations in advance to ensure you don’t pass up this chance to spend a beautiful, melodious evening.

When: 27th April 2024

Location: Coca-Cola Arena

Ravi Coltrane Live in Dubai

Watch renowned saxophonist Ravi Coltrane carry on the legacy of his dad, as he graces the stage for a melodious performance to honor Jazz Day in Dubai. This 90-minute show is sure to set a calming mood for you at the Dubai Opera.

When: 30th April 2024

Location: Dubai Opera

Boyz II Men

The legendary vocal harmony group of the 1980’s is here to take you back on a nostalgic trip! Watch them perform their best ballads, cappella songs, and some of their top R&B hits this April in Dubai.

When: 28th April 2024

Location: Coca-Cola Arena

Dubai Food Festival

The food scene is bursting at the seams this April in Dubai as the city hosts one of the most popular culinary fairs in the world! Take part in a colossal feast from renowned chefs and savor lip-smacking international cuisines, promising a riot of flavorful adventures for food enthusiasts at the Dubai Food Festival from mid-April till mid-May.

When: 19th April 2024 – 12th May 2024

Location: Throughout Dubai

Dubai Esports and Games Festival

Dubai Esports and Games FestivalImage Credit:

Calling all gamers! Dubai is all set to host the most extravagant gaming event with Dubai Esports and Games Festival. This exciting event takes place over 17 days, during which gamers can join the ultimate gaming experience in over 10 Game Expo zones! That’s not all! The event also hosts a myriad of gaming industry experts imparting their wisdom in talks hosted during the Game Expo Summit, followed by cosplay events and live gaming challenges.

When: 19th April 2024 – 5th May 2024

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre


This year, don’t miss the incredible live performance of Nigerian rapper REMA at Afroworld! Enjoy his fantastic hits that transform the frenetic music atmosphere while you groove to his upbeat chartbusters like “Calm Down.”

When: 11th April 2024

Location: Coca-Cola Arena

Travel Tips to Visit Dubai in April

  • Accommodation and airline rates may decline in April, but still don’t overlook the benefits of planning or booking diverse aspects of your Dubai holiday in advance.
  • With its perfect pool weather, come prepared to enjoy swimming and other water activities. However, be sure to adhere to all rules and regulations before you take to Dubai’s waters.
  • Plan your outdoor activities early in the morning (before 11:00 hrs.) or in the evening (after 17:00 hrs.).

Things to Know Before Visit Dubai in April

What to Pack for Dubai in April

  • Plug and Voltage Requirements: Dubai uses Type G plug sockets with 230 volts AC and 50 Hz frequency. Add a Universal Travel Adapter to your packing list for hassle-free device usage.
  • Local SIM Card and Connectivity: It is best to obtain a local SIM card with data upon arrival for communication and internet access. Complimentary prepaid SIM cards are available at Dubai International Airport.
  • First-Aid Kit and Medications: Carry a basic first-aid kit and necessary prescriptions, especially for specific medications.
  • Currency and Payment Methods: The UAE Dirham is the national currency, but US Dollars are also accepted in Dubai. International travel payment cards, credit cards, and debit cards are commonly used for transactions. However, carry some local currency for small purchases and areas where cards may not be accepted.
  • Travel and Health Insurance: A comprehensive policy with coverage for the entire stay to provide financial protection and access to medical assistance in case of unfortunate circumstances and mishaps.
  • Secure Travel Documents: Keep your valuable travel documents organized in a small bag that you can carry with ease along with you during your trip. Add a list of emergency numbers and Dubai helplines to your paperwork as well.
  • Invest in a Nol card to take advantage of the safe, seamless, and efficient transport modes in Dubai.

What to wear in Dubai in April

  • The temperature starts soaring from April onward. It is a straight indication that cool, airy, and comfortable clothing are your best buddies on your Dubai in April trip. Pack your bags with loose, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen attire.
  • Stay away from clothes that are too restricting and make you feel stifled during the daytime heat. Swap your jeans for a pair of loose trousers, culottes, skirts, or long dresses. Follow the same with footwear: choose comfort over fashion and pack a good pair of sneakers or comfy boots over those pencil-sharp heels or flashy footwear.
  • Be aware of cultural considerations while visiting in April as the city observes Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr. In all cases, it is best to dress modestly in public.
  • April’s weather can be unpredictable. While it may be warm during the daytime, evenings can bring a slight chill. So, layering your outfit is key this month. As most indoor attractions and malls are air conditioned, coverups, shrugs, and jackets can come in handy if you feel the chill is a bit too much to resist.
  • April is still a good time to enjoy the warm waters of the Persian Gulf and its pristine beaches. Don’t forget to add swimwear to your packing list.
  • Sunglasses, scarves, and hats are non-negotiable accessories for your Dubai trip at any time of the year.

Getting Around Dubai in April

  • Dubai has world-class, efficient, clean, and punctual transport modes and an extensive road and metro network to facilitate fast connectivity and convenient accessibility for its residents and tourists.
  • You can explore Dubai via Dubai Metro, which takes you to landmark attractions and popular spots such as Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Downtown, and the Old Dubai areas.
  • Dubai also has a tramway that gracefully glides along a loop in the Marina and JBR areas.
  • The road connectivity is extensive, and taking a taxi, rental car, or private car transfer is the best option for getting around. Buses are also a punctual and widely used mode of transportation for both locals and tourists in Dubai.

Where to Stay in Dubai in April

Budget Hotels:

Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Safa Park, Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai, Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf, Ibis Al Rigga, and Rove Downtown.

Deluxe, 4 Star Hotels:

Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai, Vida Hotels and Resorts, Novotel Dubai Al Barsha, Aloft Dubai South, Mercure Gold Hotel, Jumeirah, and Ramada by Wyndham Dubai Deira.

Luxury Hotels:

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, Al Habtoor Polo Resort, W Dubai – Mina Seyahi, Banyan Tree Dubai, and Intercontinental Dubai Festival City.

Ultra-Luxury Hotels:

Palazzo Versace, Raffles Dubai, Armani Hotel Dubai, Atlantis The Royal, One&Only One Za’abeel, Bulgari Resort, Dubai

What to eat in Dubai in April

Dubai’s food scene is diverse, extravagant, and constantly evolving. From street food stalls serving up the best shawarma you’ve ever had to sky-high dining experiences, there’s something for every taste, palate, and budget. April’s pretty great weather-wise, so you can also enjoy al fresco dining, and let’s not forget to dive into the cultural food scenes that pop up during Ramadan Iftars and Eid Al Fitr, giving you a taste of local Middle Eastern cuisines. April is also the last leg of Global Village; hence, it is your only chance this year to dive deep into an eclectic medley of global cuisine before this epic seasonal Dubai cultural attraction shuts down and winds up its season. However, from the Arabian cuisine aspect, here’s what you shouldn’t miss sinking your teeth into while in Dubai in April.

Lamb Ouzi: The star dish of the Eid Al Fitr feast, this slow-cooked, tender lamb served over aromatic rice, nuts, and raisins is a feast for the senses.

Mansaf: It is a traditional Bedouin dish of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yoghurt and served with rice or bulgur is a wholesome meal in Ramadan Iftar and Eid Al Fitr meals.

Luqaimat: These little dough balls, deep-fried and then drizzled with date syrup and sesame seeds, can easily satisfy sweet cravings.

Harees: Enjoy a sumptuous comfort food of wheat mixed with meat, cooked to a point where they fuse into one, offering a delicious and flavorful touch to the feast celebrations.

Kunafa: This Arabian cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup is the best way to finish off a grand, wholesome feast.

FAQs about Visiting Dubai in April

1. Does it rain in Dubai in April?

April might have a drizzle here and there, but it’s mostly sunny. If it does rain, it is a brief respite from the summer heat.

2. Is April a good time to visit Dubai for outdoor activities?

April is like the sweet spot for outdoor fun in Dubai. It’s warm but not yet scorching hot, just perfect for hitting the beaches, desert safaris, or outdoor markets and attractions.

3. Can we travel with families on a budget in April to Dubai?

Absolutely! Dubai has a ton of free or budget-friendly activities, like visiting the beaches, exploring the souks, or enjoying the parks. Accommodation and dining can be managed on a budget if you plan, research for good deals, and book ahead.


Dubai is a place that you can visit throughout the year. But for the most moderate weather and coolest of its kind experiences (together with the perks of affordable accommodation and unbelievable travel deals), visit Dubai in April; it is undoubtedly one of the best times for a holiday in Dubai.

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