Dubai has added a distinctly exotic dining and entertainment venue,

Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai

(QE2). It may not be brand-new, but it’s definitely historically backed by a royal legacy. Rightly so, this ocean liner once had a splendid career but has now retired, securing a permanent location in Dubai. Sounds interesting, right? That’s why this week we have brought you an exclusive read on this recently refurbished transatlantic liner that is now one of the top attractions in Dubai; it encompasses everything from its impressive history and eventful journey to the amazing facts and its newfound status as a premium floating hotel Dubai.

Queen Elizabeth 2 History

queen elizabeth dubai

Queen Elizabeth 2 boasts a glowing history dating back to over 50 years. It was originally built for the Cunard Line, the prestigious British-American cruise line operated by Carnival UK. Developed as the third Cunard Queen, it became the successor of the Queen Mary (1934) and Queen Elizabeth (1938) ships. Its unveiling was done by Queen Elizabeth II on September 20th, 1967, in the presence of other British royal elites, including Prince Philip. And the queen herself named the ship.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth 2 was launched at a point when aircrafts had begun to dominate the voyage industry. It was sleeker and smaller as opposed to its previous versions, thus serving as a perfect answer for those interested in luxury cruising. As it embarked on its maiden voyage in 1969, it was then Cunard’s flagship ocean liner and was also a groundbreaking vessel that redefined elegance and cruise comforts, with its glossy body inspired by British designs. It somewhat became a cruise icon of an era as it completed about 40 years as a transatlantic liner that operated between Southampton (UK) and New York.

With its final voyage in 2008, Queen Elizabeth 2 got its permanent home in Dubai’s Mina Rashid Port after an investment firm owned by Dubai World purchased it for $100 million. A decade later, this was extensively refurbished and opened as a luxury floating hotel, thanks to the efforts of PCFC Hotels, which operates under Dubai Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Corporation. It is now one of the luxury things to do in Dubai.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Facts

  • QE2 had nine diesel-electric engines, which made it the swiftest and mightiest of its kind back then.
  • Its narrow hull made it easy for the vessel to navigate through the Panama and Suez Canals.
  • It sailed at an average speed of about 29 knots.
  • The transatlantic voyages onboard QE2 took no more than five days.
  • It cruised across the Atlantic 812 times.
  • QE2 had successfully undertaken 1400 voyages and covered around six million nautical miles in its lifespan as an ocean liner.
  • It entertained over 2.5 million passengers as it completed 25 tours across the world.
  • It served as a troopship during the Falkland War (1982).
  • Some of the QE2’s world-famous patrons are Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Taylor, and David Bowie.
  • It took over 2.7 million man-hours to reinstate the majesty of Queen Elizabeth Dubai and transform it into its current state.
  • This 13-deck hotel is the first floating hotel in the Middle East and has 1300 rooms, 13 restaurants, and a museum.

All About Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai – Location, How To Reach

queen elizabeth 2 dubai

Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai Location

It’s moored at the Port Rashid Marina and is placed off Al Khaleej Road. Dubai International Airport is 12 kilometers away.

How to Reach Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai?

The most ideal way to reach here is via car or metro. Al Ghubaiba on the green line is the closest metro station. Once you get off at the station, take a taxi to arrive at the spot.

Things to Do Aboard Queen Elizabeth Dubai

Queen Elizabeth 2 Heritage Tour

If you don’t have plans to stay in the hotel, this is one of the best ways to experience the royal grandeur of this legendary cruise liner. It not only enlightens you about the diverse tales and phases of its splendid past but also gives you a wonderful overview of its luxurious accommodation, dining, and most of all, significant features like the Queen’s Room, the Bridge, and the Cabin. To begin the tour, you’ve to head to the QE2 Heritage Exhibition section. The ticket rate is AED 170 and is also inclusive of a voucher worth AED 100, which you can redeem at the hotel’s dining venues.

Grand Stay

For those considering a stay onboard on this
Elizabeth cruise Dubai
can choose from guest rooms and luxurious suites. Guest rooms include Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Captain’s Club Rooms with or without a balcony. All rooms offer stunning views and are replete with comforts such as king, twin, single beds, complimentary Wi-Fi access, tea and coffee making facilities, coolers, etc. Moreover, there are sea-facing porthole windows, which make you feel that you’re in the midst of the water. When it comes to suites, they are super luxurious and ideal for anyone with a penchant for extravagance and smart style.

Luxury Dining

There are a total of 13 dining venues, including restaurants, cafes, and bars. This includes:

    • The Pavilion: You’ll find this alfresco dining venue on Queen Elizabeth 2 ship’s lower deck. It serves Aegean cuisines and also provides an extensive drinks menu covering, cocktails and mocktails.
      • Opening hours: 12:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
    • The Golden Lion: This is touted as the oldest of its kind in Dubai. With its traditional British style pub ambiance, it’s also a great place to watch live sports, indulge in the game of darts, and of course, relish an extensive array of draught beers.
      • Opening hours: 12:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs
    • Q Café: Its location close to the hotel lobby makes it a convenient, relaxed spot to enjoy some quick bites or catch up with your friends. Among its specialties are salads, sandwiches, homemade cakes, pastries, pizzas, teas, and coffee.
      • Opening hours: 07:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
    • Lido: Placed on the ship’s Quarter, it features an international buffet menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from this, it’s noteworthy for its brunch, especially the special QE2 Friday Brunch.
      • Breakfast: 6:30 hrs to 10:30 hrs
      • Lunch: 12:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs
      • Dinner: 19:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs
      • Friday Brunch: 13:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
    • The Chart Room: It’s a great place to sip on fine wine and beers, along with classic delicacies such as fish and chips, salads, and burgers. It’s also popular for its afternoon tea which is available only from Thursday to Friday (15:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs).
      • Sunday to Thursday: 15:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs
      • Fridays & Saturdays: 12:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs
    • Yacht Club: This represents the ship’s real Yacht Club that has been reinstated to its original state, along with its bar. One of its imposing features is a balcony that treats you to the most stunning views over the cityscape.
      • Sunday to Wednesday: 16:00 hrs to 1:00 hrs (next day)
      • Thursdays: 16:00 hrs to 3:00 hrs (next day)
      • Fridays & Saturdays: 12:00 hrs to 3:00 hrs (next day)
    • The Grand Lounge: Right in the center of the ship’s upper deck is the Grand Lounge. It allows for an exotic dining experience, thanks to cabaret-style décor enhanced by a stage and dance floor.

Leisure Attractions

This floating hotel’s specialties go beyond high-end accommodation and dining options. You can make the most of the hotel’s facilities including:

  • Theatre by QE2: With a bar (Crystal Bar) attached to it, this is Dubai’s only licensed theater where you can sip on a drink while enjoying the movie within its superbly appointed comforts. It can seat up to 515 guests and is also ideal for hosting private events.
  • Dubai Duty-Free Shopping Arcade: This is the ship’s dedicated retail space on the boat deck, which allows you to shop everything from distinct QE2 inspired souvenirs to electronics, jewelry, cosmetics, confectionaries, etc.
  • QE2 Pool & Gym: This features a highly sophisticated sports zone complete with high-end TechnoGym® equipment. Its highlights also include the ship’s original indoor swimming pool, which has been immaculately restored.
  • QE2 Spa: There is no better way to pamper yourself than with an indulgent spa or facial treatment at this wellness center.
  • Compass Rose: You’ll find this Italian boutique in the main terminal building of QE2. It boasts a vast selection of gents and ladies’ apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories.

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Travel Tips

  • You can book a stay or other experiences at the hotel via the QE2 website.
  • The prices vary depending on your chosen room or suite package.
  • Be sure to check the website’s exclusive ‘Offers’ page to bag the best deals.
  • QE2 also hosts several themed dining experiences from time to time. The QE2 Halloween Brunch and Winter Wonderland Weekend are just a few of the upcoming events.


1. What is Queen Elizabeth 2 Dubai?

Queen Elizabeth 2 is the region’s only floating hotel. More than that, this ocean liner-turned-four-star-hotel is a historic attraction with a legacy of serving the cruise industry for about 40 years.

2. Where is Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel located?

It is centrally located in Dubai’s Port Rashid.

3. Does the Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel navigate through Dubai’s water?

No, it remains anchored at its current permanent location in Port Rashid.

4. How much does it cost to stay for a night at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel 2?

With various accommodations available, the rates vary depending on your choice. You can expect to pay an average of AED 145 for a night’s stay here.

5. Are the hotel’s facilities available for special events?

Yes, they are available for all kinds of events, including birthday parties, corporate events, and business meetings, to name a few.

6. Is the hotel ideal for families and little ones?

Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel boasts extensive amenities and facilities to cater to every interest, making it ideal for adults and kids alike.

7. What are the alternatives for Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel?

Queen Elizabeth is unmatched for its accommodation, dining, and leisure choices. But if you are looking for more options for an outing on the region’s water, you are spoilt for choice. You can find the best dhow cruise in Dubai or sign up for a luxury yachting adventure.


Whether you’re looking to take a break from the usual Dubai attractions or just want to enjoy an exotic stay during your Dubai vacation, Queen Elizabeth 2 won’t disappoint you, with its amazing mix of exceptional accommodation choices, unbeatable settings, intimate dining venues, and extraordinary leisure attractions.

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