Whether you’ve never been to Dubai or have already traveled to the place, Dubai deserves a permanent position on your travel bucket list. After all, this wonderful city welcomes over 16 million visitors from all over the world per year for all the right reasons. It packs a mighty punch, ensuring something for every preference. So for those who have still not experienced this Middle Eastern gem, read this post before you visit Dubai;  it not only puts together some of the top reasons to visit Dubai but also gives you an incredible glimpse of this wonderful global city, along with its top attractions, amazing experiences, and ideal time to visit.

Reasons to Visit Dubai

1. Breathtaking Art and Architecture

Historical Landmark Dubai

Dubai is unrivaled for its abundance of striking architectural landmarks which are futuristic and functional at the same time. See Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Infinity Tower, Atlantis, The Palm Resort, Princess Tower, etc, which all are truly emblematic to Dubai’s city skyline. That’s not all; the place is equally striking for its historic neighborhoods which immaculately preserve its old-world charm. Take a walking tour across the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood that is filled with old structures dating back to 19th century or make a stop at Dubai Museum (housed inside the region’s oldest fort – Al Fahidi Fort) where its age-old art and artifacts give you a fascinating slice of the region’s bygone era.

2. Multicultural Environment

This is probably the greatest of reasons that make Dubai universally appealing! It may be a part of the Islamic nation with its culture and heritage intensely embedded in religious roots, but that doesn’t stop it from respecting other religions, races, and traditions. Unsurprisingly, Dubai is home to people from over 150 countries. And this gives you the unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures, amazing attractions, and most importantly, different types of cuisines inspired by several cultures and locations across the world – all in a safe, friendly environment.

3. The World’s Tallest Man-Made Structure

Burj Khalifa Dubai

Dubai sightseeing is incomplete without catching a glimpse of the tallest of its kind Burj Khalifa! While this colossal structure of over 828 meters has become almost ubiquitous via images on Instagram and other social media platforms, don’t miss to see it in real, up-close. For the most panoramic, bird’s eye view of the Dubai city skyline, choose the right Dubai Burj Khalifa tickets that offer access to its observation deck on the 124th or 148th level. Swiftest ever elevator ride and a fascinating multimedia presentation on Dubai’s past as well as the diverse phases of this building’s construction are some of the added perks of visiting this structure.

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4. Stunning Man-Made Islands

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

“Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place.” And one of the many attractions that will justify this quote by the Dubai’s ruler (HH Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum), is the city’s gorgeous man-made islands, mainly the palm-tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah and World Islands. They are true engineering marvels which stand as a symbol of Dubai’s unmatched capability and determination to make the impossible happen.

5. The City of Most Extraordinary Attractions

Ski Dubai attractions

Once you’re in Dubai, it’s difficult to believe that you’re right in the center of a desert city. This is because of its mix of incredible, unbelievable and implausible attractions spread all over the city. From Skiing in Ski Dubai Mall of Emirates and taking a spin across the Dubai Ice Rink’s ice floors to watching over 33000 marine creatures at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo to admiring the biggest of its kind Dubai Fountain show to enjoying utmost theme park fun and entertainment at Dubai Parks and Resorts, the place doesn’t have any limit when it comes to its larger than life attractions and experiences.

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6. New and up and coming Attractions

Aladdin City

If you’ve already visited Dubai and think that you’ve seen all of the above attractions, then the reality is that you still have so many brand-new places to visit Dubai, no matter you traveled to the place a decade ago or even a year or a few months before. With some of the most impressive projects in works, you can look forward to seeing such avant-garde sights as Ain Dubai (Bluewater Islands), Aladdin City, The Tower and Museum of the Future on your upcoming trip to Dubai.

7. The Untouched Desert

Desert Safari

Any list of things to do in Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari. Just 45 minutes’ drive away from the Dubai city center, the miles and miles of pristine desert sands in Al Awir are a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you decide to make it as action-packed and thrilling as possible (with dune bash, sandboard, quad biking, etc) or simply a low-key escape that mainly highlights the Bedouin culture and heritage, a Dubai desert safari is an authentic Arabian experience which you shouldn’t miss during your Dubai holidays.

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8. Food for all: From affordable street foods to extravagant dining

Dubai is a foodies’ city that literally lets you take a quick culinary trip across the world. Thanks to the city’s unrivaled dining scene which features almost all culinary delights one could imagine, from traditional Arabic cuisines to authentic American, Mexican, Italian and French specialties to flavorsome Asian cuisines. But that’s not all; it also caters to all types of food enthusiasts. No matter you want to dine within a posh ambiance or just want to grab a bite on the go, Dubai’s blend of celebrity-chef-owned dining venues, mid-range restaurants/cafes, extensive food courts within malls, and super cost-effective street foods make sure that there is something for every budget and preference.

9. Fabulous shopping scene with both world-class malls and traditional souks

souks in Dubai

Shopping is more than a pastime activity in the city. It, apparently, is touted as one of the top Dubai tourist attractions. As we insist you check out Dubai’s shopping scene even if you don’t have plans for shopping, it goes without saying that Dubai is the ultimate paradise for shopaholics with over 70 shopping malls. Visit the world’s biggest mall at the Dubai Mall which alone has over 1200 outlets, allowing for endless and shopping entertainment. For high-end shopping, you can also head to Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta Mall, Deira City Centre, etc. But, if you’re looking for unique gifts, striking souvenirs or extremely affordable bric-a-brac, the souks or traditional Arabian bazaars should be your first port of call. What’s more; there is a souk entirely dedicated to gold jewelry and even a festival dedicated to shopping and leisure by way of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF).

10. World-class Accommodations including the Seven-Star Hotel

burj al arab

Apart from it is over the top sights, Dubai also has to its credit some of the region’s best hotels. From the world’s only seven-star hotel (Burj Al Arab) to the palatial style Atlantis, The Palm Hotel to the grandiose ever JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Dubai’s hotels is a real treat to your senses. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to splurge on your Dubai accommodations. The city has accommodation for every budget means you’ll find plenty of extremely affordable options too.

Best Time to Visit Dubai

The weather gets extremely hot in Dubai. The temperature may soar up to 55 degrees Celsius during the summer months (from May to September). But, this doesn’t stop those in the know from traveling to the place. Yes, the city has an overwhelming collection of indoor attractions like shopping malls, theme parks, escape room games, all-inclusive resorts, etc; all are air-conditioned and equipped with the finest of leisure, shopping, dining and entertainment options. On the other hand, the weather is milder and incredibly pleasant in winter (from October to April), making it the best time to experience the region’s awe-inspiring outdoors.


With all of the above reasons and beyond, Dubai boasts of everything to be right on any travel bucket list. Whether you want to participate in the most unbelievable experiences or go on a shopping spree or just looking to savor exotic food, the city is definite to gift you the most treasured moments.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

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