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Cruising has been one of the popular forms of vacationing for several decades. Europe, the Caribbeans, the Americas, and Oceania are the most popular cruising destinations. But Asia is also gaining a lot of interest as a cruising destination lately. One of the cruise companies that offers some amazing cruising experiences in Asian waters is Resorts World Cruises. A part of the global brand ‘Resorts World’, it has properties in eight countries. Resorts World Cruises was launched in 2022 in Singapore and in a matter of two years, the company is running cruises in ten Asian countries. The latest news is that Resorts World Cruises is all set to launch its new cruise itineraries in the Arabian Gulf. You can learn all about it here.

About Resorts World Cruises

All About Resorts World Cruises

Resorts World Cruises is a luxury and dynamic lifestyle cruise that promises a happening and memorable holiday. Apart from a luxurious stay, this cruise strives to offer experiences like no other to its guests. Resorts World Cruises has two flagships: The Genting Dream and Resorts World One. Both these cruises have luxurious staterooms, including The Palace Suites, which take your cruise experience to another level. Apart from accommodation options fit for kings, Resorts World Cruises also offer adventurous and entertaining options like no other. A bunch of gourmet restaurants, trendy bars and lounges, classy boutiques, and chic spas are awaiting you on the Resorts World Cruises. Then there are waterparks, swimming pools, theaters, kids’ clubs, and adventure zones that will keep you engaged and entertained on the cruise.

Resorts World Cruises Swimming Pool

The cruise liner has cruise itineraries for ten Asian countries. You can explore the waters and lands of Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. You will find a variety of itineraries and experiences for each of these destinations. With the aim to broaden its horizons, Resorts World Cruises has announced its new launch, which is the Arabian Gulf cruise itinerary.

The Arabian Gulf Launch Event

Resorts World Cruises announced its new launch with a grand event at The Ballroom at Raffles Dubai on May 13’ 2024. The cruise line is ready to set sails on the Arabian Gulf waters from October 2024. The cruise itineraries will cover all the prominent countries of the Arabian Gulf, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. The cruises will sail from mid-October 2024 to mid-April 2025.

Resorts World One is the flagship cruise that will be used for Middle East sailing. Measuring 268 meters in length and 32 meters in width, this massive ship has 13 decks and can hold 1854 passengers. The vessel has 42 suites and 879 staterooms, including the exclusive Palace suites.

Most of the itineraries are 2-3 days’ round trips, making them the perfect opportunity for a short cruise. All the cruises start from Dubai and end at the same place. You will get to visit Sir Bani Yas Island (Abu Dhabi), Doha, Muscat, and Khasab during these cruises. The Arabian Gulf cruise itineraries offered by Resorts World Cruises include 2 nights Doha cruise, 2 nights Sir Bani Yas weekend cruise, and 3 nights Oman cruise, which includes a visit to Khasab and Muscat. Guests can also combine all these itineraries and enjoy a longer cruise lasting 5-7 days. Apart from visiting these cities, you will also get the chance to enjoy all the offerings of the cruise. This cruise has numerous specialty restaurants, bars, lounges, plays, concerts, and clubs for your enjoyment and entertainment.

Bookings for the cruise have already begun. If you find these cruise itineraries interesting, you can contact Rayna Tours Seacations to know more about them and also to make your reservations. You can know more about the brand-new Arabian cruise itineraries by Resorts World Cruises here.

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