indoor skydiving dubai
Fancy a skydiving experience that doesn’t include any jump from high altitude and can be enjoyed even by your little ones? Just head over to

iFly Dubai!

This allows you to feel all excitement and exhilaration of free fall and skydiving in a thoroughly safe environment which is absolutely indoors. Yes, it’s almost like the real skydiving, but the difference is that there is no aircraft or parachute involved in this activity. So wonder how it works to promise you a genuine flying experience? This is with the help of a double vertical wind tunnel! Keep reading the post to know more about this

indoor Skydiving Dubai

adventure, along with its timing, location, safety tips, etc.

Interesting Things To Know about Ifly Dubai

  • iFly Dubai is the region’s first facility to offer an indoor skydiving experience.
  • It features a double vertical wind tunnel which is the first of its kind in the world.
  • It employs the most advanced patented technology in order to ensure its safety.
  • It’s ideal for both adults and kids above three years.

All About Ifly Dubai

ifly dubai

Ifly Dubai Timing

  • Sunday to Thursday: 12:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
  • Friday & Saturday: 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs

Ifly Dubai Duration

Subject to your chosen iFly package which covers two one-minute or two two-minute flights, the duration (precisely flying time) is about two to four minutes. However, the whole experience covering pre-flight instructions and training would require about 45 minutes to one hour.

Ifly Dubai Location

It’s inside the Mirdif City Centre’s Playnation Level. Attractions such as Magic Planet, Soccer Circus Dubai, and Yalla! Bowling is nearby.

Best Time to Go Ifly Dubai

It’s an indoor activity which can be enjoyed during any part of the year, no matter it’s summer or winter months.

How to Reach Ifly Dubai?

One of the best ways to reach here is to hire a taxi or book a private transfer. Another convenient yet affordable method is via the metro. With the closest metro station being Rashidiya Metro Station on the red line, you can further take the bus number F10 in order to cover the distance between the metro station and City Centre Mirdif.

Ifly Dubai Price & Tickets


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What to Expect from Your Indoor Skydiving Experience?

indoor sky diving in dubai

As soon as you enter the facility: Once you arrive at the spot at least an hour before the activity begins, you’ll be directed to the training room where your certified flight instructor will instruct you on how to maintain a stable body position during the indoor skydiving flight. You’ll also get to watch a brief video on appropriate body positions that allow for an incredible flying experience. Most of all, you’ll be given lessons on how to enter/exit the flight chamber plus significant hand signals, as they are the only way to communicate inside the tunnel which will be extremely noisy. This step, on the whole, won’t take more than 30 minutes.

Put on Safety Gear: As you’re now well aware of the hand signals, body positions, etc, the next step is to get outfitted for your once in the lifetime flight experience. So go ahead and wear the flight jumpsuit, goggles, helmet and earplugs which you’ve received from the facility’s gear up section.

Once inside the Chamber: This 10-meter high vertical wind tunnel (enclosed by acrylic glass walls) is where the actual experience takes place. It’s powered by two massive fans of 400 horsepower each, which results in blowing air up to an astonishing speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This generates a wall-to-wall stream of airflow, thus allowing you to safely soar high above the floor and fly or (literally) float in the air.

The Grand Finale: Feel your heart thumping as you enter the wind tunnel by leaning forward onto the powerful air. Although you’ll find it extremely difficult in the beginning, you’ll soon start to enjoy the experience with your expert flight instructor by your side. As the powerful airflow will suspend you high above the floor, this alternatively gives you the chance to take in all fun and thrill of freefall and skydiving in an exceptionally safe environment. There is also a tunnel operator to ensure that the speed of the wind is in sync with your body weight as well as skill levels. Whether you’re a pro skydiver or not, your instructor will help you to perform a variety of daring aerial maneuvers with lots of twists and turns (however based on your interests only).

Views: The views from the tunnel may not be as compelling or widespread as that of a real skydiving adventure, but it’s still amazing as it lets you enjoy the panoramic views of Magic Planet and beyond.

Photos & Videos: As the tunnel comprises a high-end photo/video system, this allows you to take home the finest quality souvenir images of your iFly flight experience. But, this is not included in your ticket price and hence additional charges apply for the same.

Safety Tips

  • Try to reach the facility at least an hour prior to your flight experience begins.
  • While no experience or specific skill is required to try this activity, be sure to carefully pay attention to the pre-flight tips, hand signals, and safety instructions given by your flight instructor.
  • It may be a low-risk activity. But, for your

    iFly Dubai Indoor skydiving

    experience, make sure that:
    • You’re not pregnant
    • You don’t have any neck or heart-related ailments
    • Your shoulder is not dislocated
    • You’ve not worn any plaster cast
  • Your height should be below 180 centimeters and weight shouldn’t exceed 105 kilograms.
  • If you’ve any ailment or physical issues, be sure to inform your flight instructor prior to the experience begins.
  • For the kids below 18 years to enjoy this activity, it’s vital for the parents or guardian to sign the consent form.
  • Flight suits and helmets are provided.
  • Choose comfortable clothing which further makes it easier for you to wear a safety flight suit on top of it.
  • Equally important is to wear perfect-fit shoes or sneakers.
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry or watch during the experience.
  • Know that the wind tunnel is incredibly windy and noisy. Once you’re inside it, you may find it difficult to breathe as the air blow here in its entire force. But, you’ll be alright soon; just wide open your mouth and breathe in and out.
  • To try this indoor adventure, you should not be in a state of intoxication as a result of drug or alcohol consumption.


There’s nothing quite like the experience of flying or floating in the air. And this indoor skydive Dubai attraction is a great fun activity for all including kids above three years as well as anyone with a fear of heights or those who don’t want to jump out of the aircraft or freefall in the sky.

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