ice rink of the dubai mall
Dubai is the place where you can bring even the wildest of your imagination to life. So don’t be skeptical if you fancy ice skating in Dubai. Just make your way to

Dubai Ice Rink

inside The Dubai Mall. The best thing about this place is that you don’t have to wait for winters or any specific month to enjoy this activity. This is open all year long means you can take a twirl across the ice anytime you wish; yes, even when the outside temperature is sweltering at over 55 degrees Celsius.
Measuring 60 meters X 30 meters, the

Dubai Mall Ice Rink

is Olympic-sized and spans over an area of about 1,500 square meters. Apart from its oval-shaped ice floor covered with real ice, it’s noteworthy for its happening location within the world’s biggest mall, along with a wide spectrum of attractions in the vicinity (find the list below). Surely, all these make it one of the region’s most magical places to experience winter fun and thrill in a safe environment. If you’re looking to know more about this wondrous leisure destination, read on our all-inclusive ice skating Dubai guide.

All About Dubai Ice Rink

ice rink of the dubai mall

Dubai Ice Rink Timings

It’s open on all days from 10:00 hrs to 24:00 hrs.

Dubai Ice Rink Duration

From Public Session and Snowfall Skating to Ice Golf or Hockey and Disco sessions, there are several ice skating sessions to choose from. They last from 90 minutes to 105 minutes.

Dubai Ice Rink Location

On the ground level of The Dubai Mall, near Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai

Best Time to Visit Dubai Ice Rink

It’s an indoor attraction and is open all throughout the year. While you can visit here whenever you wish (regardless of summer or winter months), it also makes a great attraction to escape Dubai’s summer heat.

How to Reach Dubai Mall Ice Rink

With its convenient location, this attraction is easily accessible via all of Dubai’s public transports. If you choose to arrive here by bus, take one from Deira Gold Souk Station or the Ghubaiba Bus Station.

Alternatively, the metro riders can get off at the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Station; a quick stroll or a feeder bus ride will lead you to the mall.

Now if you’re a first-timer or want to avoid all hassles, you can choose RTA’s taxi service or book a private transfer with driver to reach here. Moreover, there are vast parking spaces available for those who travel to the spot on their own. Cinema Parking is the nearest parking area.

Dubai Ice Rink Price & Tickets


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What to Look Forward to on Your Visit to Dubai Ice Rink?

Ice Skating Sessions

  • Public Session: As indicative of its name, it’s open to the general public. No matter you want to hone your ice skating skills or just looking to take in the fun and thrill of ice skating, this 105-minute session makes a great choice.
  • Freestyle Skating: Made up of intricate spins, jumps, foot movements, etc, it’s exclusively designed for pro ice skaters who wish to enhance their figure skating skills.
  • DJ Night Disco: In this approximately two-hour session, you’ll see the ice rink turning into a super energetic disco floor with a resident DJ entertaining you throughout. Yes, this gives you the amazing opportunity to show off your sleek dance moves on the ice rink.
  • Dubai Snowfall: With the falling snowflakes in the background, this recreates an authentic environment for your ice skating session. 
  • Family DJ Party: Let your friends or family members including little ones join you in this fun-filled family DJ session. This allows you to skate or glide across the ice in accompaniment to some exciting tunes.

Ice Skating Lessons

ice skating in dubai

Whether you want to take basic lessons or an advanced figure skating or ice hockey course, the Dubai Ice Rink Skating Academy (DIRSA) offers ideal skating programs to improve or perfect your skating skills. What’s more? You can even enroll your little ones above four years for ice skating programs. Just select from group lessons (with up to 10 people per class), private (only for you) or semi-private lesson (with not more than three people). With the most expert coaches, the course lasts for seven weeks with a 30-minute class once, twice or thrice a week. Certificates will be issued upon the successful completion of the program or level. The academy also provides international certification from ISIA (Ice Skating Institute Asia) for an additional charge.

Skating Aids

Dubai Ice Rink is for ice skating enthusiasts of all levels. But, wonder how smaller kids or people without any prior experience keep their first steps on the ice floor? That’s where the purpose of skating aids such as Penguin Pals, Bob States, Snowman, etc, comes in. Penguin pals and bob skates are specially designed for smaller kids below 100 centimeters in height, while snowman and seal aids are suitable for people above 12 years.

Dubai Ice Rink: Tops Tips, Dress Code, Facilities & Safety Measures

Top Tips

  • Pregnant ladies are advised to refrain from ice skating.
  • With an array of ice skating sessions at your disposal, pick the one that goes with your preferences or skill level. For instance, if you’re not comfortable with strobe lighting, you would definitely don’t want to sign up for the Disco Ice Skating session.
  • Avoid carrying babies or toddlers on to the ice floor.
  • Prior to taking a spin on the ice floor, make sure that you’ve taken all safety measures and also fastened your skates properly.
  • To enjoy skating to the fullest, don’t carry your bags, phones, and other personal belongings during the ride.
  • Once you start skating, do it in an anti-clockwise direction.

Dress Code

  • Given its super chilly ambiance, be sure to wear comfortable warm clothing on your ice skating Dubai Mall experience.
  • You can pair your clothing with gloves, thick socks, completely covered sports shoes, etc. These are particularly a must for your little ones.
  • Put on perfect-fit pant (not loose though) if your skating session involves an IceByke / eByke ride.
  • Not to mention, say a big no to apparel including skirts, long coats, scarves, etc.

Facilities & Safety Measures

  • While you can bring your own skates, protective equipment etc, you can also hire or even purchase them from the in-house shop. The skate shop also sells thick socks and other accessories essential for ice skating.
  • Kids below one meter can use safety helmets for free.
  • There are lockers available to keep your personal belongings safely. However, a nominal charge of AED 15 (per session) is applicable.
  • First-aid room plus the services of on-site nurses and ice marshals are made available.
  • Besides the use of cutting-edge technology to maintain the facility’s high-end quality standards, it employs machines like Zamboni to retain the consistency of ice.
  • There are dining options including cafes.

Rules And Regulations

  • Kids below five years should be throughout accompanied by a paying adult in the rink.
  • You’re not permitted to eat or drink during the experience.
  • Don’t attempt to ice skate when you’re in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.
  • Don’t carry any sharp objects to the rink.
  • The minimum height requirement for the use of IceByke / eByke is 120 centimeters.
  • Listen to the safety instructions by marshals.
  • Keep yourself away from climbing or sitting on the barriers.
  • Don’t indulge in activities like throwing, spraying or digging/creating holes in the ice.
  • Avoid skating at extreme speeds.
  • Should you fall, protect your head.
  • Clench your fingers into the balls to protect them from injuries.
  • Be careful while skating; don’t jump or push the fellow skaters and of course be kind to less able skaters.
  • Tag games, whip-changes, etc are not permitted.
  • The facility reserves the complete right to remove skaters from the rink or the premise itself if they don’t adhere to any of the above rules or guidelines.

Top Attractions Nearby

With so much to experience both within Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai, don’t just limit your fun outing to Dubai Ice Rink.If you are looking for more attractions or things you must do inside Dubai Mall, there are:

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • KidZania Dubai
  • Play DXB
  • Hysteria
  • Reel Cinemas
  • Dubai Dino
  • Souk Al Bahar
  • Burj Khalifa At the Top Experience
  • The Dubai Fountain

So, go ahead and add more amusement and adventure by choosing a combo package with Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania, and Aquarium Dubai Mall tickets.


Dubai Ice Rink’s unrivaled frosty environment boasts of everything to spend some quality or magical moments in Dubai. But that’s not all; its convenient location with tons of attractions and experiences around further allows you for an unforgettable family day out during your Dubai holidays.

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