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Ever since the very first man dropped off a hot air balloon hanging on to a crude silk parachute, the world has been mesmerized with skydiving. It took André-Jacques Garnerin a lot of courage, a little silk and a hydrogen balloon flying 3,200 feet above Paris to experience the ultimate freedom. Skydiving is one of those sought after extreme sports which are loved by thousands upon thousands of fans. Be it the Jebel Jais world’s longest zipline or the hot air balloon rides over the desert, these Dubai attractions define the love for height. Millions of jumps are made around the world every year, and more people are lining up to experience skydiving.

Skydive Dubai

has grown in popularity, given the world-class facilities, picturesque skydive locations, and the best instructors. Dubai is veritably one of the most popular skydiving destinations in the world.

All about Skydive Dubai


Best Time for Skydiving in Dubai

Although Sky Diving is listed in one of the best things to do in Dubai, the experience is totally dependent on weather conditions. Moreover, since it is an outdoor sport, the winter months are the best time to go skydiving. This is the time when the weather is pleasant.

What if you want to feel the adrenaline rush of skydiving in summer months? Easy! Head to the indoor skydiving Dubai venue – iFly Dubai!

Skydive Dubai Timings

  • Outdoor Skydive Dubai

At the Palm, Dubai: Daily from 10 am to sunset.

At Desert Campus: Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 am – 4 pm.

Note: All operational timings are dependent on weather conditions.

  • Indoor Skydive Dubai

iFLY Dubai – Sunday to Wednesday: 12 pm – 10 pm, Thursday: 12 pm – 11 pm,

Friday and Saturday: 10 am till 11 pm

Skydive Dubai Locations

Outdoor Skydive Locations

Skydiving in Dubai gives you an adrenaline-rushing experience over the breathtaking sceneries of Dubai.  We offer you two drop zones with amazing vistas.

  • First is the Palm, Al Seyahi St, Mina Seyahi in Dubai, between Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residences. This is the most popular drop zone out of the two.
  • The second drop zone is the Desert Campus located outside of Dubai on E66, Near Margham in Dubai.

Indoor Skydiving Dubai Locations

iFly Dubai – located at Third Floor of Play Nation Area, City Centre Mirdif، Ghoroob, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

How to Reach Skydive Dubai Drop Zones

Skydive Dubai

For Palm Dubai Drop Zone:

  • Within Dubai – Palm Dubai can be easily reached by car or metro services. By Car, it’s a 25 to 30 minutes drive from Bur Dubai and Deira.
  • From Abu Dhabi or Sharjah – Take Exit 32 from E11 (Sheikh Zayed Road) and follow the Skydive Dubai signs to our location

For Desert Campus Drop Zone:

  • Within Dubai – You can take a cab ride to reach the drop zone. It would take 20 to 40 minutes depending upon where you are staying in Dubai.
  • From Abu Dhabi or Sharjah – Travel on E11 (Sheikh Zayed Road). Exit from E11 onto E66. You will travel on E66 for several kilometers. Please be aware that the exit from E66 for the Desert Campus is marked with a Skydive Dubai sign.

Skydive Dubai Tickets & Prices

Pick your choice!

  • Skydive Dubai (30 minutes)
  • iFly Dubai(1 hour)


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Why Skydiving is So Special in Dubai

Dubai has some of the most enviable skydive locations in the world. Fancy free-falling through the skies over the picturesque and very iconic Palm Jumeirah Islands. Imagine floating thousands of feet above the fabulous Arabian Desert, taking in the wadis, the dunes, the oases and the flora and fauna from above. Dubai’s year-round sunshine makes it possible to enjoy skydiving and the pristine views it brings.

Skydive Dubai Types

  • Outdoor Skydiving Dubai

Outdoor or ‘real’ skydiving as some people would put it, is all about jumping off an airplane at a great height. Whether you’re a newbie experiencing tandem skydiving, or an experienced, licensed skydiver going solo, you’ll jump off at some of the most picturesque locations in Dubai.

  • Indoor Skydiving Dubai

iFly Dubai indoor skydiving, on the other hand, simulates the free-fall conditions of outdoor skydiving within a vertical wind tunnel. This type of skydiving does not involve open spaces, the sun, the wind or a picturesque destination to drop down to. It involves a wind tunnel that generates powerful gusts of air that floats you above ground. Indoor skydiving is one of the perfect activities in Dubai that helps you to get used to the concept of skydiving. This is especially true for those who haven’t had their first skydiving experience.

Outdoor Skydiving Dubai Options

  • Tandem Skydive Dubai

tandem skydiving at desertcampus dropzone

If you are new to outdoor skydiving, opt for tandem skydiving, where you will be fastened tightly and securely to an instructor. Don’t be nervous if it is your first time tandem skydiving; you’ll be secure as you jump with your instructor from a height of 13,000 feet on your Dubai adventure.

  • Professional Skydiving


Professional skydivers can explore more advanced options such as solo skydiving from different heights. They can also take advantage of multiple forms of professional skydiving such as freefly, canopy, formation, wingsuit and freeload.

Outdoor Skydiving Experience

  • Beginning Your Dive

Whether you’re flying tandem or advanced, your experience begins with filling out necessary documents. After a brief health check-up where your weight, height, and BMI will be measured, you’ll be off on your Dubai adventure of skydiving.  If you need an instructor, one will be appointed to you, who’ll guide you before your skydive. If you are a tandem skydiver, you will have an instructor who’ll not only brief you, but check your harness and attach his or her harness to yours.

  • Boarding the Plane

After a final gear check-up and a photo opportunity in the boarding area, you’re all ready to board the plane. As your plane flies to the diving altitude, be sure to feast your eyes on the immense views of Dubai. It takes about 20 minutes for the plane to get to diving altitude. Be sure to meditate or do whatever you need to do to settle your nerves in these 20 minutes.

  • The Actual Skydive!

Once the plane reaches 13,000 feet, you can drop off by yourself, or drop off with your tandem instructor attached to you. After an adrenalin-jerking freefall of nearly 60 seconds, you’ll be clocking speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. At 6,000 feet, your parachute will deploy.

  • Your Descent

Within the next 5 minutes, you will descend to earth, gently, while feasting your eyes on the spectacular views of the desert, or Palm Jumeirah, or the World Map Islands around you. Your outdoor skydiving experience comes to an end after your touchdown and post-jump interview. Be sure to collect your jump’s video to show off to your friends!

  • Skydive Videos!

You can even have your dive documented by a camera flyer who will accompany you on your jump. The accompanying camera person will also interview you briefly before your jump, and record it your posterity. Remember to smile, for this is the video you’ll be sharing with your friends all over social media soon!

The skyline of Dubai is beautiful from the bird-eye. You can also check out its glory by hopping on the fabulous ferry. Do read the Dubai Ferry guide to know more.

Indoor Skydiving Dubai

Indoor Skydive

If you opt for an indoor skydiving experience, here’s how it works:

  • After a few regulatory health check-ups, you will be signed up for the indoor skydiving experience. You may have to wait your turn, as a lot of people queue up for indoor skydiving.
  • After suiting up, you will enter a vertical wind tunnel that has fans at the top. These fans pull in air through the flight chamber and push the air back down the sides through what’s called the Return Air Towers (RATs).
  • An inlet contractor turns the air from the RATs into the bottom of the tunnel, and from there back up toward the flight chamber.
  • Before the air enters the flight chamber again, the inlet contractor compresses and speeds up the air by reducing the space it occupies. This results in a smooth column of air that enables you to literally fly.

Indoor Skydiving offers you all the excitement of skydiving without any of the risks involved. It’s the best of both worlds, as you get to enjoy skydiving in a safe, controlled environment. Plus, indoor skydiving is a lot cheaper than outdoor skydiving. If you’re short on time and don’t want to spend time on skydiving instruction, indoor skydiving is the way to go. This sport is relatively safer than outdoor skydiving, so it takes very little time to gear up and get going. Also, even kids older than 2 can experience indoor skydiving, which opens up this sport to kids. iFly Dubai has the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel, where you can experience the feeling of weightlessness with sheer adrenaline rushing through your body.

Skydive Dubai Safety Tips

Some things to keep in mind while going outdoor skydiving Dubai:

  • There is zero tolerance regarding drugs and alcohol. Customers should not be under the influence of alcohol 24 hours prior to skydiving session.
  • Customers are required to have a reasonable weight and height. Women:  Weight: 90.0 kg / 198.0 lbs or less,  BMI: maximum 27.5
  • Men:  Weight: 100.0 kg / 220.5 lbs or less, BMI: maximum 30.0
  • If customers cross the weight limit, they will not be allowed to skydive.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older on the day of your skydive.
  • Those who are 70 years old or more can opt for a skydiving session provided they get a doctor’s certificate rendering them fit prior to arrival.
  • A doctor’s certificate is mandatory for those who have any of the medical conditions from the following :
    • Epilepsy,  Fits, Severe head injury, Recurrent blackouts or giddiness, Disease of the brain or nervous system, High blood pressure, heart or lung disease, Dislocated shoulder, Recurrent weakness or dislocation of any limb, Diabetes, Replaced joints, Back surgery, Mental illness.
    • Pregnant women are not allowed to skydive.
    • You will need to sign a waiver prior to skydiving.

Essential Tips to follow during Indoor Skydiving Dubai

  • There are height and weight requirements to fly at iFly Dubai
  • Kids should be over 3 years old and must be able to comfortably wear helmets
  • Pregnant women cannot do indoor skydiving.
  • You should not have previously dislocated your shoulders.
  • Alcohol or non-prescribed drugs are a total no-no!
  • You should not be wearing a plaster cast.
  • You should get signed permission from a parent or guardian if under the age of 18.
  • You need to sign Rayna’s waiver form.
  • Whether you’re attempting indoor or outdoor skydiving, be sure to eat a moderate and healthy meal beforehand. Don’t overeat. It’s no fun to skydive on either an empty or a full stomach. Keep your body light and well-nourished before your dive. If possible, sleep well the night before. These things will help you enjoy your skydive all the more.
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Skydiving is one activity that you ought to do if you’re an adventure enthusiast and if you get to do in Dubai, nothing like it for Dubai gives you the best of vistas possible. With so much of precautionary measures taken, rest assured, with Rayna your skydiving experience will be a memorable one. Go for it today!


Q1. When is the perfect time for skydiving in Dubai?

The perfect time for skydiving in Dubai is during winter, October to April when the climate is pleasant.

Q2. Is it safe?

Sky Dive Dubai has a strong safety record and follows strict safety protocols. All instructors are highly trained and experienced, and the equipment is regularly inspected and maintained.

Q3. What is SkyDive Dubai?

Sky Dive Dubai is a company that offers skydiving experiences in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They provide tandem skydiving, solo jumps, and training for those who want to become licensed skydivers.

Q4. What are the requirements for Skydive?

For tandem skydiving, you must be at least 18 years old and weigh less than 100 kg (220 lbs). You must also be in good physical health and not have any medical conditions that could affect your ability to skydive. For solo skydiving, you must have a valid skydiving license.

Q5. Can I bring a camera on my skydive?

You may bring a small camera, such as a GoPro, on your tandem skydive, but you must check with the instructor first and follow their guidelines for safe use. For solo skydiving, there are more specific rules around the use of cameras and recording equipment.

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