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Within a decade, Dubai has added the Metro, the Palm Monorail, and the Dubai Tram to the public. The Dubai Ferry is a relatively recent addition to this list, being tweaked and updated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) as we speak. In Dubai, the term ‘ferry’ doesn’t indicate a boat that takes you from point A to point B. It’s more of a tourist attraction, with regular trips that begin from one of the many ferry stations. The

Dubai ferry

tours around areas of local interest, giving visitors an hour to 90 minutes of fun before returning to the same ferry station. Ever since the Dubai Ferry was introduced, more and more visitors are opting to enjoy sightseeing by ferry, aside from using it as a transport option. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the Dubai Ferry.

All About Dubai Ferry

Best Time to Go for Dubai Ferry

Dubai Ferry is open for visitors 7 days a week. However, the best time to take a Dubai ferry ride would be during the cooler months of the year.

Dubai Ferry Timings

Ferry services operate daily and multiple times a day. You can select your time slot either at 3.00 pm or 5.00 pm as per your suitability and availability. The duration of a ferry ride is approximately an hour long.

Dubai Ferry Locations

Dubai Marina Ferry Station or Al Ghubaiba Marine Station, Dubai

How to Reach Dubai Ferry Locations

  • Dubai Marina Ferry Station:

    • From Dubai International Airport: Approximately 30 minutes’ drive
    • From Bur Dubai: Approximately 20 minutes’ drive
    • From Deira Dubai: Approximately 40 minutes’ drive
  • Al Ghubaiba Marine Station, Dubai:

    • From Dubai International Airport: Approximately 20 minutes’ drive
    • From Bur Dubai: Approximately 20 minutes’ drive
    • From Deira Dubai: Approximately 20 minutes’ drive

Where Does The Dubai Ferry Ply?

The Dubai Ferry plies along the Dubai Marina, the Dubai Creek. The Ferry plies on several routes that go from one port to another so that the people on board can enjoy a good view of the attractions on the shorelines. There are Dubai Ferry stations at either end of Dubai. There’s one on the Dubai Marina, and in Al Ghubaiba. The

ferry ride Dubai

operates several times a day from each of its locations. The ferry runs for a duration of 60-90 minutes – both frequency and duration can change depending on the routes.

What is the Dubai Ferry Like?

The Dubai Ferry has been designed mainly for comfort. It’s a stylish, fashionable vessel with all the amenities that passengers might require. The vessels also come with a snack bar and two spots for those in wheelchairs. Just as with the Dubai Metro, passengers can purchase either gold class or silver class tickets. It goes without saying that the gold class comes with a better degree of comfort. Gold Class passengers can enjoy seats towards the front of the boat. Silver class passengers have easy access to the ferry’s open deck. Whichever ticket you purchase, the view you enjoy will be the same. Dubai ferry tickets have to be purchased in person and are valid only for the day and the timing chosen. Plus, children below five years of age can enjoy free passage!


ferry boat Dubai

can take up close to 100 passengers. Although the ferries are scheduled to run at specific times, a minimum of 10 passengers is required for round trips. There are no minimum passenger requirements for one-way trips. The ferry can also be hired for private use on an hourly rental basis, with or without seats. Each vessel is painted blue, white and grey. The design of the ferry vessel is stylish and modern, which adds to its tourist appeal.

The Dubai Ferry – A Great Touring Option!

dubai ferry on dubai creek

The Dubai Ferry allows you to see the entire city from the perspective of the sea. You can enjoy fabulous views of Dubai’s most popular parts, such as the Burj al Arab, the Burj Khalifa, and the Palm Jumeirah. The Dubai Ferry offers an unforgettable experience of the scintillating Dubai skyline, the desert, and the ocean. Plus, you’re away from the bustling road traffic, enjoying the pleasant sea-breezes as you enjoy Dubai’s exciting coastline! The

Dubai Marina Ferry,

while doubling as a transport option, it is a great way to tour the beautiful Marina and enjoy its shoreline.

Dubai Ferry Stations and Routes

There are several ferry terminals but the main ones are Dubai Marina Ferry station and Al Ghubaiba Ferry Station. It all depends on the ticket you buy and the route you choose.

  • Dubai Marina Ferry Station

From the Dubai Marina, one can take ferries that offer a one-way trip to Al Ghubaiba with a stop at Dubai Water Canal. There are also ferries operating that offer circular tourist trip to the Burj al Arab and back and to Hotel Atlantis, which covers the entire Palm Jumeirah and the Burj al Arab circuit.
  • Al Ghubaibah Routes

The Al Ghubaibah route offers a one-way trip to Dubai Marina, stopping at the Dubai Water Canal. The same route also offers a circular tourist trip within the Dubai Creek and a circular trip to Jumeirah Beach and back.

Services Onboard the Dubai Ferry

The Dubai Ferry has a kiosk that serves snacks and drinks and also sells souvenirs to tourists. Plus, there are four large LCD screens for entertainment. There are plenty of restrooms for men and women and people with reduced mobility as well.  Location-triggered educational videos help you understand the point where you’re at, and the landmarks you’re currently seeing. You can learn a lot about the prominent attractions around you through these videos.


The Dubai Ferry is a great sightseeing option to enjoy the glittering City of Gold from the sea. Far away from the bustling crowds and the incessant traffic, it’s a pleasant, breezy way to enjoy Dubai’s main highlights.

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