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At times, even the greatest of driving enthusiasts would want to sit back and enjoy a relaxed ride. So why don’t do it in the most stylish and utmost comfortable manner? While Dubai doesn’t have a shortage of transport options that are both affordable and convenient, a limousine ride through the city’s dazzling sights is distinct and uber comfy in its own right. As limos are a symbol of luxury and elegance, they are further ideal to make any special occasion extra special, from weddings, birthdays, prom nights to corporate events. But, if you’re confused about how to select the right

limousine Dubai

or know more about its diverse types and top tips, go ahead and read this post!

All about Limousine Dubai – Timings, Locations, Duration

Limousine Timings

You can choose a limousine city tour with pre-crafted itinerary and fixed timing or hire a limo ride on an hourly basis. As opposed to a city sightseeing that lasts for three to four years, a limo ride on an hourly basis is more flexible and gives you the freedom to decide your own route/itinerary and timing, no matter it’s during day or night.

Limousine Duration

This varies as per your desired limousine ride. Of course, it’s absolutely up to you whether it should last for an hour or two or even for a whole day.

Limousine Locations

This depends on your chosen limousine service Dubai package. It usually covers Dubai’s top attractions and neighborhoods, from Downtown Dubai and Sheik Zayed Road to Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Creek.

Types of Limousine Dubai

A limousine ride Dubai comes in a variety of appealing design, length, and size. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Sedan Limousine

sedan limousine

This premium limousine is relatively smaller as compared to its counterparts and is mostly in demand among business people or executives looking for a stylish hotel pick up or an uber classy ride to the airport or business meetings.

  • Lincoln Limousine

lincoln limousine

It’s an all-time favorite and is the number one choice for occasions where you want to make a first impression or create a unique style statement. With a capacity to seat 8 to 10 people, it is complete with super comfy leather interiors, tinted windows, most advanced lighting systems, and high-end stereo surround system.

  • Classic Stretch Limousine

classic stretch limousine

Be it for prom nights, weddings, graduation parties, birthdays or even business meetings, you can never go wrong by choosing a classic stretch limousine. A climate control system, state of the art strobe lights, and tinted windows are all the specialties of 10 plus seater luxury car.

  • Chrysler Limousine

chrysler limousine

This is one of the ultimate choices for an exclusive luxury trip, thanks to its sophisticated fittings which overall make your Dubai sightseeing an unbelievable experience. After all, its premium interiors are enhanced by features such as climate control systems, hi-tech lightings, and overhead vanity mirrors.

  • Hummer Limousine

hummer limousine

For the hottest ride across Dubai’s stunning boulevards, nothing probably comes closer to this powerful vehicle. Given its mighty design and attention to detail comforts, it’s one of the most favored choices for a men’s day out or a bachelor party.

  • SUV Limousine

suv limo

Comfortable seating area enriched by ample leg space, enhanced safety and exclusive entertainment area (featuring top-notch audio and TV sets) all make this limousine a favorite of people looking for a totally exceptional ride along with the Dubai’s swanky sights and attractions.

  • Executive Limo Van

executive limo van

The top-notch limousines from Mercedes and Ford stand out for its both super luxurious comforts and exceptional safety features. It’s particularly a great choice for bigger groups including business / corporate teams, who are looking to discover the city in style. Not to mention, you can look forward to enjoying the best of comforts aboard, from individual climate control features and deluxe seats to high definition television plus surround sound speakers.

What to Look Forward to in a Limousine Ride?

  • Highly Luxurious Ride

More space complemented by incredible amenities is what makes a limousine set apart from an ordinary or standard vehicle. Not to mention, you can enjoy a super-luxurious ride right from the start to the end of your limousine tour.

  • Services of a Professionally Trained Chauffeur

This is probably the greatest of highlights of your limousine ride. Beyond exclusive luxuries, your limo experience in Dubai becomes a memorable experience, largely due to the presence of an expert chauffeur. After all, the chauffeurs are not only professionally trained and well aware of Dubai’s nooks and crannies but also possess all etiquettes/manners required to appropriately deal with all types of guests.

  • Make any special occasion unforgettable
special occasion on limo

Apart from sightseeing and airport transfers, a limousine service is mostly hired in order to add to the charm and grace of a special event or an occasion. Rightfully so, it promises you a magical experience, making you and friends or loved ones feel like a real celeb for a few hours. Be it for a date night, wedding anniversary, birthday or prom, a limousine tour is definite to create a lasting impression.

  • Extraordinary Features

From plush interiors featuring leather seating and starlit ceilings to the most advanced in the entertainment system and lightings with high-performance stereo systems, and fiber optic lighting, a limousine ride in Dubai is your ticket to take in the pinnacle of high-end vehicle amenities on road.

  • See Dubai’s unrivaled sights from a luxurious, hassle-free perspective

The best thing about sightseeing aboard a chauffeured limousine ride is that it lets you admire Dubai’s unequaled sights including Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Madinat Jumeirah, etc while sinking yourself into its super luxurious interiors. This also indicates that you don’t have to count on a GPS or worry about skipping your favorite attraction or missing the route during the ride.

  • Plenty of Photo Ops
photo ops on limo ride

This is a private tour with you and your group alone means this gives you the ultimate chance to marvel at Dubai’s key points of interest at your own relaxed pace. The bonus is that it allows you to captivate tons of pictures against stunning backdrops.

Things to Note for Your Limousine Dubai Tour

  • For prompt, efficient service, make sure that you book your limousine ride in advance, at least a week before your desired ride day.
  • What’s most vital is to check for your preferred service provider’s experience and expertise in arranging limo tours. Always opt for a company that is licensed by the Dubai government and also boasts of a proven track record in the industry.
  • Before you confirm your limo booking and make a payment, it’s important to ensure that your service provider is capable of arranging what you’re looking for in a limo ride. Take time to look at the vehicles included in its limo fleet, along with its amenities, facilities, entertainment options, etc.
  • Don’t forget to ask about things included in your package, such as refreshments. Also, clearly communicate about your exact requirements if you prefer a customized limo package.
  • If you’re traveling in a group, opt for a limousine that could accommodate all. You’ll find everything from six-passenger and 10-passenger limos to spacious limo vans that can seat 20 plus guests.
  • Equally significant is to ensure that your chauffeur on duty is not only reliable and competent but also knowledgeable enough to professionally guide you on your Dubai sightseeing.
  • A limo is all about a super-luxurious ride, so you can expect your chauffeur to help you while entering and exiting the limo.
  • Smoking and alcohol intake is not allowed during a limo ride.
  • With the best of entertainment systems onboard, it’s highly recommended to create your own music playlist (with your favorite tracks) to enjoy as part of your exotic drive.
  • In order to avoid any confusion, communicate with your service provider regarding pick up location, arrival time, duration, attractions covered, etc.
  • Look for coupon deals, discount promotions, etc to bag maximum deals on your limo experience in Dubai.


Now that you’re aware of the different types of limousines, along with its amenities and top tips, all that is left for you is to book this experience and take in a luxurious ride across Dubai’s awe-inspiring sights. So if you want to try this amazing ride, Rayna Tours has some incredible options on offer. Check them out here!!!

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