Whether you are a footie fan or not, Barcelona invites all kinds of travelers. Nestled on Spain’s northeastern coast, Barcelona basks in the Mediterranean sun, hemmed in by the Besós and Llobregat rivers. From Gothic charm to modern architecture, the city offers a captivating blend of history, art, and cuisine. With over 300 days of sunshine and agreeable weather, Barcelona is one of the best places to visit in Spain. But what’s the

best time to visit Barcelona

? Let’s take a look at the city’s seasonal breakdown.

Four Seasons of Barcelona

Shoulder Season: Spring (April to June)

Average Temperatures: 9°C to 21°C


One of the best times to visit Barcelona is the spring, which has mild, balmy, and pleasant weather. The bouquet of festivals, such as Primavera Sound, Sónar, and Sant Joan, is held in late spring. Explore the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell bathed in warm sunshine without the summer throngs.

High Season: Summer (July to August)

Average Temperatures: 22°C-30°C summer-season

It is the peak season in Barcelona, with a flurry of festivals, high temperatures and longer days. Locals generally move out of the city and explore other countries, while tourists rush to Barcelona during this time of the year. Although you can catch Barcelona matches any time of the year, except during the Christmas holidays, they usually start during July and August.

Shoulder Season: Fall (September to October)

Average Temperatures: 15°C-21°C

Fall Season

As the summer heat subsides, autumn offers a golden opportunity to explore Barcelona. The crowds thin out, flight and accommodation deals become more attractive, and the comfortable temperatures are perfect for outdoor adventures. Some of the best places to visit in Barcelona in the fall are Casa Mila, Barri Gotic and Casa Batllo.

Low Season: Winter (November to March)

Average Temperatures: 9°C-12°C


Winter is the off-season in Barcelona when the temperatures drop, not below freezing point. You can expect fewer crowds and shorter queues at popular attractions. Bundle up and explore the city’s magnificent museums and architectural gems without the masses. It is the ideal time for budget travelers as the prices plummet for flights, accommodations, and attractions.

When to Go Barcelona?


Here is a quick overview of the best time to visit Barcelona as per preferences:

  • Beach Bum: June to August offers the hottest weather for taking a dip in waters.
  • Festival Enthusiast: Summer boasts the most vibrant festivals, but spring and autumn also have interesting cultural celebrations.
  • History Buff: Shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) provide comfortable weather for extensive sightseeing with manageable crowds.
  • Budget Traveler: Winter offers the best flight and accommodation deals, but be prepared for cooler weather.

A Month-By-Month Guide to Barcelona

Month-By-Month Guide to Barcelona

1. January

The coldest month in Barcelona, January, has an average temperature of about 9°C. Take advantage of the quieter streets to explore Barcelona’s renowned museums and art galleries, such as the Picasso Museum or the Joan Miró Foundation. Don’t miss out on the start of winter sales throughout Spain. Also, experience the best event of the year, Three Kings Day.

Sunshine: 5.5 hrs/day

Rain: 37mm

2. February

With temperatures around 11°C, February is a great time to discover hidden gems and wander through the beautiful streets without elbowing through crowds. Enjoy a romantic stroll along the beach or indulge in a candlelit dinner at one of Barcelona’s many charming cafes. Participate in the extravaganza of Carnival, hosting parades, costumes, and street parties.

Sunshine: 6 hrs/ day

Rain: 29 mm

3. March

Temperatures rise around 12°C, and the city bursts into colors. It is the arrival of spring, an excellent time to venture outdoors and explore the city’s parks, such as Park Güell or Montjuïc. Locals come out of hibernation and wake up to the zest of spring. You can enjoy some of the best things to do in Barcelona: go for wine tasting, join the colorful candy-throwing parade in the Gràcia, and watch the first flowers on trees.

Sunshine: 6.5 hrs/day

Rain: 37 mm

4. April

With temperatures around 14°C, spring explodes in April, while occasional showers let you get a sigh of relief. It is the perfect season to pack a picnic in outdoors or soak in the celebrations of Easter. Semanta Santa and Sant Jordi are some of the popular events of the year celebrated around this time. The most festive time is around the 23rd of April, St. George’s Day, with colorful stalls, flower markets, and street dances.

Sunshine: 7 hrs/day

Rain: 47 mm

5. May

May heralds the honeymoon season in Barcelona. The month offers pleasant and comfortable temperatures at 17°C. It is wonderful to take a walk outdoors across the picturesque streets, enjoy rooftop dining, dance to the soothing tunes at the music festival, and cheer for the race at Circuit de Catalunya. Prices of hotels and attractions see a steep rise.

Sunshine: 8hrs/day

Rain: 50 mm

6. June

It’s the peak time to visit the Barcelona beaches. Enjoy a dip in the warm sea, sunbathe by the ocean, and do plenty of water activities. Revel in primary events, such as Verbena de Sant Joan and Sonar. Temperatures hover around 21°C. Also, get time to duck into the array of museums like the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Picasso Museum, and Moco Museum.

Sunshine: 9 hrs/day

Rain: 30 mm

7. July

Barcelona swells with tourists, as summers are a great time to grab shopping discounts and deals. With temperatures escalating around 24°C and humidity controlling the environment, July marks the official summer season. Some popular festivals to attend are El Grec, Festa Major del Rava, Festa Major de Poble Sec.

Sunshine: 11hrs/day

Rain: 20 mm

8. August

In August, witness the grand 9-day Festa Mayor de Gracia when the city comes alive with elaborate decorations and live music. Besides this, enjoy Festa Major de Sant Roc and Sants Festival. As the temperature averages around 24°C, it gives you a wonderful opportunity to sink your feet in the golden sands of Barceloneta Beach and Nova Icaria Beach. Beat the heat by spending a day at one of Barcelona’s water parks, such as Illa Fantasia or Aqualeon,

Sunshine: 10 hrs/day

Rain: 62 mm

9. September

Although the tourist season has declined, the honeymoon season is back in Barcelona. Swim in the Mediterranean as the water is decently pleasant. Enjoy the Grape Harvest festival, hike Collseroal Natural Park, and explore landmarks like Sagrada Familia. The weather is warm, around 21°C, but not as hot as summer. If possible, visit during the 4-day Festes de la Merce, which organizes street performances, concerts, parades, and even marathons.

Sunshine: 8 hrs/day

Rain: 85 mm

10. October

The shoulder season in Barcelona continues with a noticeable drop in tourist numbers, making it an ideal time for those seeking a more relaxed pace. The weather remains pleasant, gradually cooling off at 16°C. It’s also a fantastic time to explore Barcelona’s culinary scene and indulge in seasonal delights like chestnuts and panellets.

Sunshine: 6 hrs/day

Rain: 91 mn

11. November

This month brings cooler temperatures in Barcelona (around 13°C ) and a quieter environment. Beaches and streets are isolated, leaving you to wander and explore at your own pace. Enjoy skiing in this cold month. Put your hands up in the air at the famous Barcelona Jazz Festival, which has been celebrated for the past 50 years. Film buffs won’t want to miss this showcase of short films from around the world, featuring screenings.

Sunshine: 6 hrs/day

Rain: 59 mn

12. December

The off-season in Barcelona starts in December with temperatures around 9°C. If winter travel interests you, do visit during Christmas when the twinkling lights and aromatic sweets are the highlights. Christmas markets fill the air with holiday cheer, Tibidabo amusement park creates its own winter magic and hotel prices hit their lowest point. Ring in the New Year with a bang at Plaça d’Espanya, where a dazzling fireworks display lights up the sky, followed by street parties and live music performances.

Sunshine: 5hrs/day

Rain: 46 mn

How to Visit Barcelona: Get a Schengen Tourist Visa

To visit this amazing city in Spain, you will need a visa. Since Barcelona is a part of the Schengen Area, you can enter the city with a Schengen tourist visa. This visa allows visitors from around the world to explore its historic landmarks and soak up the Mediterranean sun. The process typically involves filling out a visa application form, providing a valid passport and photos, proving your nationality, and demonstrating sufficient funds for your trip. Research the specific requirements for your country with a local agent. With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to explore the delights of Barcelona.


1. What is the weather in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a year-round destination. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. Summer (June to August) can be very hot and crowded, while winter (December to February) is cooler and often rainy.

2. What is the cheapest month in Barcelona?

Winter months are the cheapest time in Barcelona.

3. Which are the hot months in Barcelona?

June, July, and August are summer months in Barcelona.

4. What is the best time to go sightseeing in Barcelona?

The best time for sightseeing without crowds in Barcelona is spring (April-May) or fall (September-October).

5. What should I pack for a trip to Barcelona?

Regardless of the season, it’s always a good idea to pack comfortable walking shoes, lightweight clothing, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a reusable water bottle. If you’re visiting in the cooler months, don’t forget to pack a jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.


The best time to visit Barcelona depends on your preferences and activities. Whether you are looking forward to checking out the lively summer atmosphere, the colorful spring festivities, or the winter’s quieter charm, Barcelona offers something special year-round. So, pack your bags and get ready to fall in love with this enchanting city on the shores of the Mediterranean.

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