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Christmas is the most joyful time of the year! It’s the start of the festive spirit, which is extended into the celebration of the oncoming New Year. With the festive air and Christmas spirit in full swing, this time of year is a popular phase for keen travelers to plan a short getaway. Continue reading if you are looking for destinations for Christmas break that celebrate the real essence of the season. Discover merry experiences during the most wonderful time of the year with our list of the best places to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Break Destinations

1. Lapland, Finland

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Have a genuine Christmas vacation, as told in fairytales, with a trip to Rovaniemi in Lapland. It’s a land covered in snow and is perfect for a white Christmas, along with a chance to meet Santa at Santa Claus village, see reindeer, and enjoy impressively decorated Christmas trees plus snowmen and magical northern lights at every corner. Rovaniemi is also known as the hometown of Santa Claus, a small town near the Arctic Circle wrapped in blankets of snow. Here, you will feel as if you have left your world behind and stepped into a Christmas tale. The town radiates the true Christmas spirit in all its elements, and there is always something fun to do here that you could seldom experience elsewhere, such as a reindeer sled ride, a snowmobile trip, and a thrilling dogsled ride, for instance.

2. Rome, Italy

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No other place probably comes closer to the Italian capital city when it comes to Christmas festivities steeped in intriguing traditions. It’s where you’ll enjoy the best Christmas shopping (courtesy of the exclusive Roman Christmas markets), admire ancient streets elegantly illumed with Christmas lights, and watch Christmas concerts. That’s not all; it’s the only place where you can be part of the special Vatican Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica and even directly seek the blessings of the Pope.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland


One of the best places to celebrate Christmas is at Reykjavik in Iceland. The wintry wonderland transforms into a spectacle of glittering lights and ornate Christmas trees. Come and experience the famous Icelandic Christmas traditions of Yule lads and other customs, savor delectable Icelandic Christmas specialties, and explore nature’s splendid landscapes of glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers.

4. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

This destination in South America is second to none for Christmas celebrations, accompanied by stunning vistas, great weather, and extraordinary experiences. Apart from being part of unique Christmas traditions such as the Novena de Aguinaldos and lavish Christmas feasts complete with special drinks, you can immerse yourself in its mindblowing natural surroundings, which stand out for their rich biodiversity. This makes it ideal for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

5. Nuremberg, Germany

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Soak up the festive ambiance at Nuremberg and explore the medieval traditions in the old town, where the castles and houses are lit up in magnificent lights. You can experience the centuries-old history and the traditional markets that make this place a remarkable Christmas town worth visiting. A trip to the Christkindlesmarkt is a must-do; it is a vibrant Christmas market with stalls showcasing toys, handmade ornaments, and Christmas delights such as gingerbread treats, mulled wine, and much more.

6. New York City, United States of America

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The Big Apple of America bursts with festive exuberance and makes Christmas a magnanimous occasion, thanks to its mix of a bustling winter shopping scene, the grand Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, and the breathtaking city-wide flamboyance of lights that illuminate the skyscrapers. Take advantage of the snowy weather, join the fun with winter activities at Central Park, splurge on the massive shopping outlets, and dig into fantastic options for the finest Christmas dining.

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Though an Arabic city, Dubai celebrates the spirit of the Christian festival and displays the magic of Christmas with aplomb and extravaganza. If you don’t know what to do in Dubai during Christmas, the city skylines glittering with Christmas lights, shops overflowing with irresistible goodies, and restaurants with festive delicacies of gourmet breakfasts and traditional festive dinners are a real treat enough to make you loosen your belt a few notches. Known for its grand festival events, the city hosts the Dubai Winter Festival, which has everything you love about Christmas in one place; you can meet Santa and take part in festive activities. For couples visiting Dubai at Christmas, they can head to Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina for a romantic dinner on a dhow cruise. It treats you to a starry Christmas evening filled with melodic music and delectable cuisine complemented by festive specialties as you cruise down, taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

8. Quebec City, Canada

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Adorned with thousands of twinkling lights and embellishments, the quaint city of Quebec transforms into a magical Christmas landscape during the festive season. Here, you can experience a Europe-like Christmas with open-air German markets serving German mulled wine, toys, and succulent treats. Be enthralled by amazing performances along with traditional Christmas entertainment like choir singing and jingles.

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9. Paris, France

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The city of lights enlivens a level up during the festive times, and the Eiffel Tower illuminates twofold more than before. The city shimmers and glows in twinkly lights, and its streets and shops are bejeweled with Christmas decorations. The festive season spells an extravagant affair of food, shopping, events, and entertainment. Pamper your holiday appetite at the restaurants and cafes that stock up on lip-smacking Christmas specialties, shop at the amazing assortment of shops and boutiques with festive goodies, and further visit some of its most iconic landmarks, such as Paris Conciergerie, Paris Louvre Museum, Sainte Chapelle, and Paris Arc de Triomphe.

10. Zurich, Switzerland

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The city hub of Switzerland transforms into an enchanting winter wonderland with picture-postcard-like vistas, creating a charming ambiance for a delightful white Christmas. Before Christmas, Zurich’s famous shopping street of Bahnhofstrasse gets illuminated by strings of Lucy’s lights, and come December, the whole city gets filled with lights, joyous entertainment, and various Christmas markets that spring up all over Zurich. Don’t forget to join in the festive spirit under the Singing Christmas Tree, a vertical podium made to resemble a Christmas tree. Each level has various choir singers from the region, all singing carols and Christmas tunes.

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11. Prague, Czech Republic

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The idyllic essence of Prague’s charm is accentuated and enhanced with the onset of Christmas when the festive fever grips the city. Get drawn into the festive spirit with a Prague Grand City Tour; it allows you to see how this medieval town fuses its old-world charm with an illuminating ambiance topped off by delicious culinary specialties and plenty of colorful markets, making it a spellbinding destination for a festive vacation.

12. Walt Disney World in Florida, Orlando


Enjoy the merriment of Christmas in the magical land of Disney. The fantasyland of imagination turns into an incredible, enchanting vision of lights, sound, and entertainment, making it the best Christmas party you may have ever experienced. Walt Disney World Resort blends holiday bliss with Disney magic throughout the season, making it an entirely different experience. The whole park celebrates the Christmas spirit and transforms into hues of wintry shimmer and bursts of color. Every attraction is themed on Christmas, making it a festive winter carnival of live entertainment, delectable treats, spectacular fireworks, and an enthralling holiday parade with your favorite Disney and fairytale characters.

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Christmas time is definitely the best time for a quick vacation, with plentiful opportunities for dining, shopping, and merrymaking. But for your Christmas break, make sure that you choose a destination that is engrossed in jolly celebrations. It not only allows you to experience the unique culture and tradition of that place during festive times but also helps you to make it the most memorable Christmas ever with exotic experiences and treasured moments.

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