Cruise holidays have become quite popular in recent times. There is something glamorous as well as fun about the idea of visiting exotic locations while having the time of your lives on luxurious cruises. But before you venture out on a cruise holiday, it is important to know what you need to expect when it comes to prices. Most cruises offer different packages. The inclusions and exclusions are likely to differ from package to package and even cruise to cruise. But there are some things that are common for all packages as well as cruises. Here is a list of things that are commonly a part of inclusions and exclusions of all cruise holidays.

Cruise Holiday: Inclusions


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Cruise packages are usually divided as per choice of rooms. A cruise has different types of state rooms which are also priced differently. There are private and family rooms with an ocean view and inside rooms that do not offer views. You also have the option of booking luxurious suites and even shared rooms with bunk beds. You can choose the room as per your budget and needs. Most rooms come with facilities like ensuite bathrooms, television, towels, etc. A cabin steward will also be assigned to your room. You will also get access to housekeeping services, which will ensure that your room remains neat and tidy while you are cruising.



Meals are generally included in all cruise packages, unless mentioned otherwise. But whatever cruise package you choose, you will get to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner without paying any extra money. Most of these inclusive meals will be served at the main dining hall or at some of the buffet restaurants. In most cases, specialty restaurants may not be included in the package. On the other hand, cruise lines may offer special discounts or deals to passengers for their specialty restaurants. It is important to enquire about the same before you book your cruise package.

Onboarding Entertainment and Activities

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One of the reasons why people love cruises is because of the plethora of activities onboard. On days when the ship does not dock on land, you can grab the opportunity to explore the numerous activities and entertainment programs. Swimming pools, gymnasiums, pool games, and other indoor sports are all inclusive in the packages. You will also get to attend dance performances, musical shows, plays (Broadway shows), etc., onboard without paying anything extra. You will also have free access to nightclubs, bars, and lounges onboard. Sometimes, cruises have special shows by celebrities, which may or may not be inclusive. Most family cruises also offer kids clubs and kids activities without charging anything extra.

Cruise Holiday: Exclusions

Beverages and Drinks


While meals are free on cruises, you cannot say the same about beverages and drinks. You will have to pay extra if you are ordering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some cruises may offer you a drinks package that may include pre-fixed number of drinks or even unlimited drinks. This will add to your total cruise package, but this way you would not have to keep a tab on the number of drinks you are ordering onboard.

Shore Excursions

Shore Excursions

Shore excursions are also usually not part of regular cruise packages. Shore excursions are usually handled by local third parties. The cruise liners are likely to help passengers to get in touch with these third parties, who will have their own tours and itineraries. You may also get some good deals and discounts on some of the shore excursion packages. Alternatively, you can also plan to explore the port or city on your own if you do not want to spend money on the available tour packages.


Wi-Fi is one of the most expensive things on a cruise. It is mostly not included in cruise packages. If you are someone who needs to be connected all the time, you must get ready to spend a substantial amount of money. Some cruises may offer Wi-Fi packages, where you pay for a fixed amount of Wi-Fi data. Or else, you can take this chance to take a break from browsing and scrolling and enjoy all the amenities and activities the cruise offers.

Spa Treatments


Almost all cruises have an in-house spa where you can enjoy some beauty and pampering sessions. But the spa treatments are not usually included in your cruise package. So, if you want to get a manicure, pedicure, facial, or a body massage, you will have to shell out money separately. Some cruises may give you a discount coupon for certain spa treatments.


Cruises may look like shopping malls with a variety of retail stores, selling clothes, accessories, and handicrafts. Shopping is not included in cruise packages. In fact, shopping onboard is quite expensive due to the overhead charges. Certain cruises may offer discount coupons for shopping in certain stores onboard. But this is rare. So, shop carefully while you are on the cruise.


It is best to pack enough clothes to last your entire trip. Cruises do offer laundry services, but they are not included in the package. You will have to pay extra if you want to avail laundry services onboard.

The inclusions and exclusions mentioned here may not be the same for all cruises. Some cruise lines also offer an all-inclusive package where they cover the costs of all services and amenities. This will be a premium package and will have a higher price. Whichever package you choose, you must always double-check with the cruise company or travel agent to know what is included and what is not in your cruise package.

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