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Attention all adrenaline junkies! Here’s Dubai back again with an exciting attraction which lets you indulge in intense adventure, fun, and thrill. Launched on October 26, 2018,

XDubai Slingshot

is an experience like no other and is, of course, one of the region’s latest attractions. So brace yourself up for one of the most pulse-pounding rides accompanied by a super exciting liftoff and an epic swinging experience. Got excited and want to collect as much info as possible on this human catapult ride?

In this read, you’ll find everything you would like to know about XDubai Slingshot, right from what actually it’s to its main highlights, location and ticket information to the top tips on how to enjoy this attraction to the fullest.

All about XDubai Slingshot and What makes it Special?

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XDubai Slingshot is one of the most jaw-dropping adventure activities you could experience during your Dubai trip. Imagine this experience as a reverse bungee ride wherein you’ll fit into a harness with the help of a friendly and energetic team. This will keep you securely attached to two durable bouncy cords. And there is a large Y-shaped frame with two spikes to keep these cords in place. Well, that’s the first step and just how the whole thing looks like.

Speaking of the experience, the operator will elevate you four meters off the ground (once you’re ready and safely attached to the cord) and then horizontally pull you in reverse, somewhat 50 meters back. Upon the 3-2-1 launch, you can expect to be shot forward with an unbelievable force of up to 4G (allowing you to experience a force that is equivalent to four times your weight) and whose speed goes up to a whopping 100 kilometers per hour in less than a second. Precisely, this will release you into the air, reaching up to a height of 120 meters.

Prior to the whole experience comes to an end, you’ll exhilaratingly swing back and forth above the sands and water of Kite Beach for a few minutes.

XDubai Slingshot Location and Operating Hours

slingshot ride dubai

The new attraction is easily accessible at Dubai’s Kite Beach. It’s open three days a week from Thursday through Saturday. The current timing (which is subject to change) is from 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs and 14:00 hrs to 18:30 hrs.

XDubai Slingshot Ticket Information

Tickets are offered on the first-come-first-serve basis and you can get it directly from their website ( or by getting in touch with their representatives on +971 50 513 9782 or via If tickets are not available, you can opt to include your name on a waiting list which sometimes gives you the chance to try it on the same day itself. The pricing is AED 280 per rider or AED 299 per rider depending on your ticket choice.

What’s included in the ticket price?

Besides the ride, your standard ticket covers a complimentary XDubai cap plus a voucher worth AED 50 which you can redeem at one of the three XDubai Shops (in the XDubai Skatepark Kite Beach, XPark Jr or Dubai Marina Mall) or can be even used to try the XLine Dubai Marina. Alternatively, if you choose to upgrade your tickets with GoPro video, you’ll be able to return home with the high-quality video of your unforgettable slingshot ride experience.

XDubai Slingshot: Top Features and Highlights

  • It’s the fastest human slingshot in the region.
  • Interestingly, it somewhat shares the same concept as that of the real sling weapon which is used to fling stone or other related objects long distances.
  • On the whole, this experience is like an extreme swing that is certain to give you the rush of a lifetime.
  • As you’ll remain in harness and wear safety helmets throughout this activity, you needn’t have to worry about getting injured or plummeting into the sea during the experience.
  • The entire thing from the frameset and cables to harness are not only made from high-quality materials but also operated and maintained by an exceptionally trained and certified team, thus ensuring its utmost safety.

Important Things to Know About XDubai Slingshot

  • Anyone aged between 16 years and 65 years can enjoy this slingshot ride. Under 18’s will need the consent of parents for this experience.
  • To try this activity, your weight must be between 45 kg and 90 kg with a height of over 140 centimeters but not more than 200 centimeters.
  • Don’t attempt to swing if you’re not physically or mentally well or have any kind of ailments or conditions (like pregnancy, heart diseases, neck/spine injuries, etc.) that make you unfit for this activity.
  • You’ll not be allowed to swing if you’re in a state of alcohol intoxication or under the influence of any narcotic drug or related substance.
  • Be sure to put on comfortable modest clothing which however shouldn’t be a skirt or any kind of loose apparel. Pair it with enclosed shoes, and of course, say a no to footwear like flip flops. Moreover, tie your hair back and skip wearing any accessories including loose bracelets, earrings, etc.
  • You’re not supposed to carry any such items like phones, cameras or selfie stick during the slingshot ride.
  • This is a single rider attraction and the whole experience lasts for about 15 minutes. That said, you can definitely be joined by your friends or family members and they can catch the views of this thrilling activity from the permitted area of XDubai Slingshot.

So if you’re an adventurist with a penchant for spine-tingling activities, make sure that you add this relatively new Dubai experience on your adventure bucket list. Surely, you won’t be disappointed a bit trying out this slingshot attraction that is thrilling and safe at the same time

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    1. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hi Rezmin, since you researched so much about this place, I wanted to know if I can do an advance booking for my friends as a part of birthday celebrations?

    2. Avatar for Rezmin

      I have done this and had the best time. The whole thing was quite a rush. Can you suggest anything else that is similar in nature?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        If you loved this, you can try Xline Dubai, which is the longest urban zipline. It’s located in the Dubai Marina region.

    3. Avatar for Rezmin

      Hi. I wanted to know about the days they are operational. I had gone there on a Saturday but I think I had gone on a public holiday and they were unavailable.

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        They are operational from Thursday to Saturday, but they can be closed on public holidays or for maintenance work on the slings.

    4. Avatar for Rezmin

      My kids have been pestering me to take them here (both are over 16). I wanted to know how safe the place is and what measures are in place?

      • Avatar for Rezmin

        XDubai Slingshot follows all international safety measures. Riders get safety helmets and harnesses. There are also height and weight restrictions in place. The whole experience is quite safe.

    5. Avatar for Rezmin

      This seems like a lot of fun. I am interested in going here but I have a few friends who won’t fit into the weight restriction. Is this rule strict?

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