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Dubai is more than its architectural landmarks. In fact, this city has much more to offer than its tons of indoor leisure and entertainment attractions. So if you think that Dubai’s malls are packed and its theme parks are not thrilling enough to satiate the adventurist in you, don’t worry; Dubai offers countless options to get you outside and explore its amazing outdoors. And one of the latest to join this extensive list is

XLine Dubai Marina

which is also the world’s longest zipline experience. I got excited and want to know more about this experience? This post is all about this exciting activity which is certain to take both your Dubai sightseeing experience and love for adventure to greater heights.

All about Xline Dubai Marina – Timing, Location, Duration, How To Reach & Ticket Info

xline experience in dubai
  • Xline Dubai Marina Timings

It’s open every day except for Wednesdays from 10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs.

  • Xline Dubai Marina Location

It’s located in Dubai Marina which is one of Dubai’s most modern neighborhoods, known for its Venetian-style canal and uber-stylish structures. Your zipline experience kicks off from Amwaj Tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and culminates at Dubai Marina Mall.

  • Xline Dubai Marina Duration

While the actual experience may not last for one minute, the whole experience including its registration at the XLine Booth (on the Level P of Dubai Marina Mall), safety instructions, wearing gear, etc may take more than an hour. So, come prepared to spend about 90 minutes as part of your Dubai urban zipline adventure.

  • How to Reach Xline Dubai Marina?

With ample parking space available in the facility, you can drive your own or alternatively choose to arrive at the spot via cab, metro, tram or bus. If you opt to reach here via the metro, get off at JLT (Jumeirah Lake Towers) Metro Station and walk or board the shuttle bus available from the metro station to the mall. In case you take a bus, get into bus number 8 and make your stop at Marina Promenade, from where the mall is at a walkable distance of about 10 minutes. Now if you reach here by tram, the nearest station to the mall is Dubai Marina Mall Station.

  • Xline Dubai Marina Ticket

You can choose from Solo Ride or Double Trouble packages. While Solo Ride is priced at AED 650, Double Ride’s rate is AED 1200 and is ideal for those looking to fly along with their spouse or friend.


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Xline Dubai Marina Experience

xline dubai marina zipline adventure

Your XLine adventure is not all about fun and adventure. So know in detail what to look forward to in your first-of-its-kind urban adventure.

  • Fly like Superman: Yes, you guessed it right as you don a superman harness for this activity! Once the experience begins, you’ll go down the sturdy cable line in a head-first position. With your belly down, this allows you to fly like a superhero over the Dubai Marina’s super dazzling urban landscape.
  • Experience the world’s swiftest, steepest and of course, the longest zipline adventure: At a height of over 170 meters from the ground level, it measures almost one kilometer in length. It comes with an inclination of 16 degrees and further moves you across the cable at an astonishing average speed of about 80 kilometers per hour. Rightly so, XLine Dubai is considered one of the world’s extreme zipline experiences, as it boasts of everything to get your adrenaline spike and heart racing.
  • Admire Dubai’s City Skyline from an Extraordinary Vantage Point: This not only promises you an utmost thrill but also gives you the chance to take in breathtaking modern sights from an unrivaled perspective. It may take hours to a whole day or two to explore the Dubai Marina’s stunning sights. But, your zipline adventure will let you admire them in a couple of seconds. See opulent yachts, glitzy structures, and gleaming waters all from a bird’s eye view on your epic flying session.
  • Bring your dear one or friend along: Two concurrent cable lines set side by side make it a great activity to try it along with your spouse, sibling, colleague, or friend.
  • Get expert help all throughout: The team behind XLine Dubai is well experienced and trained in this field. Apparently, you can expect to be guided in every step, right from the time you sign the registration form and put on the gear and harness to take off and finally touch down safely.
  • Return with Photos and Videos of your XLine Experience: You can make the most of your ride without ever stressing over taking pictures or videos during the ride. After all, your helmet inclusive of a GoPro camera allows you to see all the crazy and fun moments of this adventure as and when you want. And the best part is that your ticket price is inclusive of images and video footage of your exhilarating adventure.

Facts about Xline Dubai Marina Experience

xline dubai marina zipline
  • The experience was introduced to Dubaiites when Dubai’s crown prince, HH Hamdan Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared video footage of him ziplining over the Downtown Dubai’s awe-inspiring attractions (like Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain) on his Instagram page.
  • XLine above the Dubai Fountain (launched in 2015) was operated only for a limited period. However, its sequel which is now active in Dubai Marina is more impressive and grander, as its length, distance, etc, are two times greater than that of the initial XLine in Downtown Dubai.
  • Precisely, XLine Dubai is perched at a height of about 170 meters and is one kilometer long, which makes it the longest of its kind in the world.
  • With two parallel lines, it allows for tandem zipline experience with your adventure-enthusiast companion.
  • As the experience starts, you’ll hit an exhilarating speed of about 60 kilometers/hour in less than 2.5 seconds.

Things to Know Before You Go on Xline Dubai Marina Experience

  • This exhilarating adventure activity in Dubai is ideal for anyone between 12 and 65 years.
  • Parental consent is required for interested aerialists below the age of 18 years.
  • While your body weight should be between 50 – 100 kilograms, the minimum height should be 130 centimeters.
  • You should be in good health to try this activity. Refrain from it if you’re pregnant, injured, or suffering from any kind of ailments. In fact, you shouldn’t be in a state of intoxication due to alcohol consumption or substance abuse.
  • Wear comfortable clothing (but avoid loose dresses like skirts) and pair it with a comfy pair of closed sports shoes.
  • Tie up your hair and skip wearing obtrusive accessories.
  • Al though lockers with limited storage facilities are available to place your phones, keys, wallets, and smalls bag, it’s advisable not to carry big bags, luggage, etc.
  • Make sure that you eat light before your XLine experience.
  • Pre-book your XLine Dubai tickets online to avoid any kind of hassles.
  • Don’t forget to carry your valid ID (by way of Emirates ID or passport) for this activity.
  • The whole experience takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. So be sure to reach here on time.
  • If you’re joined by your non-participating friends or family members, they can watch your zipline experience from the Dubai Marina Mall terrace (ground floor) or the Marina Promenade.
  • Once the experience comes to an end, the personalized photos and videos of your zipline adventure will be delivered to your registered email ID.


Whether you want to see Dubai from a refreshingly thrilling viewpoint or just want to conquer your fear, this Zipline Dubai experience not only allows you to fly high like a superhero but also promises you fun-filled moments that would last a lifetime.

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    1. Avatar for Rezmin

      I have personally taken this mind-blowing activity and can say that the bird’s eye view of the futuristic city of Dubai I enjoyed from above the ground will be treasured till my last breath. I can never forget the city’s famous horizon I got to see from a different perspective.

    2. Avatar for Rezmin
      Adam Daniel Lovkis Reply

      I appreciate the creators for their thought to come up with something adventure like the XLine in the captivating location of Dubai Marina. The stunning perspectives, the surge of adrenaline, and the feeling of achievement that one enjoys make this ziplining experience a must do.

    3. Avatar for Rezmin

      XLine Dubai Marina seems like the perfect adventure to add something extraordinary to a vacation in the UAE. The interesting details and the eye-cathing photos have left me hankering for more.

    4. Avatar for Rezmin

      Reading this blog about XLine Dubai Marina has made me anxious to give it a shot for myself. I appreciate the security measures for this adrenaline-pumping activity. The staggering views of Dubai’s Skyline is priceless.

    5. Avatar for Rezmin

      Zipline in the middle of city is amazing concepts. Flying with the belly down and soaking in the gorgeous skyline of Dubai can be a lifetime memory. I can nearly feel the adrenaline rush by simply looking the photos.

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