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Dubai is best recognized for its showstopping blend of glitzy skyscrapers, out of the world leisure choices and mostly, the record-breaking sights. But, if you wish to go beyond it and know what lies beneath the city’s shiny façade, you should definitely visit Al Shindagha Museum. It is where you get to discover all things Dubai or the UAE, from the painstakingly preserved 21 houses or pavilions to a smorgasbord of displays and immersive experiences outlining the modest yet deep-rooted Emirati history, culture and traditions. Looking to visit here or want to know more about this historical museum in Dubai? This exclusive Al Shindagha Museum guide will prove helpful for you.

Fascinating Al Shindagha Museum Facts

  • Al Shindagha Museum is the largest heritage museum in Dubai.
  • It is an open-air museum whose main highlight is a collection of 21 curated houses that occupy Al Shindagha Historic District, close to the timeless Dubai Creek.
  • The museum’s setting, doused in the old world Arabian appeal of the Shindagha region, is itself one of its major draws.
  • The museum attractions are split into three unique themes such as Governance and Society, Living off the Sea and Land, and Creativity and Well Being.
  • Know about the emirate’s ruling family and past rulers, discover in detail the region’s pearl farming heritage, learn about the Emirati perfumes, and explore the maritime history, among others, as you wander around its diverse houses or themed segments.
  • The museum boasts of an outstanding repertoire of exhibitions and displays, backed by the most cutting-edge technologies and installations.
  • All these allow you to experience the journey of Dubai from a quaint village to an acclaimed trade and tourism hub in the most interactive way while gaining an in-depth awareness of the tangible and intangible Emirati cultural heritage.
  • Most of all, enjoy a slice of the celebrated Emirati hospitality, thanks to the presence of the local and multilingual cultural guides in the museum.

Al Shindagha Museum: Ticket Information, Timing, Location, And How To Reach

Ticket Fee

Al Shindagha entry ticket price starts from AED 50.


The museum is open on all days from 10:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs, with the last entry at 19:00 hrs.


This heritage attraction in Dubai is located close to the historical Dubai Creek at Al Shindagha Historic District.

How to Reach?

By Metro: Al Ghubaiba Metro Station on the Green Line is the nearest metro station.

By Bus: With Ghubaiba Bus Station in the vicinity, you can easily reach here via RTA (Road and Transport Authority) public bus. To know the bus route that leads you here, you can check it on the RTA website or app; all you have to do is enter your location that you are traveling from to Ghubaiba. It will guide you with the exact route details, along with the bus number.

By Ferry: The museum is placed at a walkable distance from Al Ghubaiba Marine Transport Station, making it super convenient for those who prefer to reach here via a RTA ferry ride.

By Dubai Taxi: It is probably the most effortless way to arrive at the museum. You can book your taxi to the museum by pre-booking your ride through Dubai Careem or Dubai Taxi app.

Things to see Museum

Things To See And Do At Al Shindagha Museum

When listing down the best places to visit in Dubai, this one is highly recommendable. It includes a vast spectrum of attractions and experiences across its houses or pavilions that explore the region’s history and culture. They are categorized into Governance and Society, Creativity and Well-Being, Living off the Sea and Land and Children’s Pavilion. The following are some of the unmissable among them.

1. Welcome Centre: You will find this elegant structure right at the museum’s entrance. It is where you get all information about the museum, along with a brief orientation on top experiences and current events / programs that you can look forward to here. Overall, it ensures a perfect start to your Shindagha Museum exploration.

2. Al Maktoum Residence: It is the former residence of Dubai’s ruling dynasty, Al Maktoum Family. Built in 1896, it is now one of the museum’s inevitable segments, packed with arts and artefacts that shed light on Dubai’s past rulers as well as their astounding accomplishments. Apart from these, it is definite to blow you away with its humble yet expansive stature enriched by wind towers, spacious courtyards and rooms.

3. Dubai Creek: Birth of a City: Dubai’s prominence as a trading hub is largely attributed to the presence of the historic Khor or Dubai Creek. This house narrates the role of Dubai Creek as well as the past generations in shaping and transforming Dubai’s future with the help of a high-end multimedia presentation.

4. People and Faith House: Dubai may be an ultra-modern city but its real forte is undoubtedly its cultural and traditional values that are entrenched in their religious (Islamic) faith. And this house is all about how this faith has helped the Emiratis to build a strong, tolerant community that accept, respect and empower others. There is also a dedicated room that displays all important aspects of the region, such as Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah.

5. Emerging City: The city’s astounding transformation is something that has grabbed the attention of the world. A walk down the houses in the Emerging City area will enlighten you on the inspiring cultural, historical and economic facets that led to Dubai’s magnanimous development.

6. Traditional Craft House: This part of the museum showcases the indigenous art and craft skills that are integral to the Emirati culture and heritage. You will get the rare opportunity to gain a first-hand understanding of the ingenious works of the early craftsmen who inhabited the region. They all are made using simple traditional items but stand out for its aesthetics and utility aspects.

7. Beauty and Adornment: Know what add to the beauty elements of Emirati men and women as you drop into this interesting house. It introduces you to the incredible techniques, natural ingredients and unique style that go into the making of the region’s traditional beauty products. That apart, you get to know more about the Emirati traditional clothing and other dynamics that form part of its national identity.

8. Traditional Jewellery: Jewelry has been an integral part of the Emirati culture for centuries. This dedicated house or section of the museum not only showcases several different types of traditional jewelry but also lets you admire its distinct creativity and craftsmanship.

9. Perfume House: This aptly named, fragrance packed house is a true delight for your senses. More than that, it allows you to learn the secrets of making ouds, perfumes and scented oils using the centuries old techniques and unique ingredients. If you wish to make your own distinct scent, you can be part of the perfume workshops conducted here.

10. Traditional Healthcare: Discover the interesting aspects of the traditional Emirati healthcare in this house. It offers a glimpse into how traditional healers treated and cured many illnesses and diseases in the ancient times using a concoction of all natural herbs, plants and other ingredients like ginger, nutmeg, saffron etc.

11. Culture of the Sea: Dubai has a rich maritime history that traces back to as early as 7,000 years. Explore its diverse features and milestones as you make your way to this awe. It also edifies on the region’s lively marine life and aquatic ecosystem as a whole.

12. Life of Land: The UAE is especially noteworthy its extensive landscapes that exude contrasting allure. One of the main attractions of this house is an immersive 4D theatre that allows you to experience the diversity and distinct beauty of the region’s desert, mountains and oceans through the eyes of a falcon.

13. Navigation: Emiratis have also excelled when it comes to the traditional celestial and navigation techniques. In the ancient times, they used a unique method that involved the skies, the sun and the stars to navigate the endless desert sands. At the Navigation House, the displays are categorized into three themes such as Marine Navigation, Aeronautical Navigation, and Land Navigation.

14. Traditional Food: Gastronomy is an indispensable segment of any culture and so is the Emirati culture. The Traditional Food House presents a variety of multisensory displays that explore its ingredients, cooking style (passed down from one generation to another), and preservation techniques, together with a brief history about its origin.

15. Children’s Pavilion: This house is one of the must-experiences in the museum for your little ones. There are two illustrated characters, namely Hessa and Hamad, to engross your kids with the thought-provoking tale of the Emirati culture, traditions and heritage in a highly safe and appealing environment.

A few minutes’ walk away from the museum is another traditional attraction, Heritage Village on the shores of the Creek. Extend your trip with this Heritage Village guide and uncover more secrets.

Top Hacks For Visiting Al Shindagha Museum

  • To avoid confusions and hassles, it is highly recommended to pre-purchase your Al Shindagha Museum tickets online.
  • With so much to see and explore, you can seek the assistance of the local cultural guides here or head to the Welcome Centre for more information on the must-experiences here.
  • For utmost convenience, book your tickets that are inclusive of roundtrip hotel transfers. This is especially beneficial for first timers or those with time constraints in Dubai.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or not, Al Shindagha Museum is a trove of experiences that is sure to enlighten and amuse people of all age groups. So, be sure to include this museum the next time you think about what to do in Dubai. There is no doubt that it would delight all members in your group, including your little ones.

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        Yes, this place is kid-friendly and many people bring their kids here. They will learn a lot and be entertained as well.

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      I have to admit, I used to be quite ignorant about Emirati culture, but the Al Shindagha museum showcases it so well. All tourists should see this place.

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        The museum is well-connected by public transport. You can also ask for transfers from your tour operator since Marina is a little far from the museum.

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      The Al Shindagha Museum is quite famous but somehow, I always missed the chance to go there. What’s the best day to go there?

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