Ain Dubai
Ain Dubai has finally opened! Got excited or can’t wait to know what all this hype is about? Don’t miss this read which covers everything that you should know about this newest Dubai attraction. Located at Bluewaters Island,

Ain Dubai

is the world’s largest observation wheel. The 250-meter high Ain Dubai is all set to offers the scintillating 360-degree views of Dubai’s magnificent skyline. You’ll get an eyeful of the famous Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Marina in their entire glittering splendour. By the way, in case you didn’t know, ‘Ayn’ is the sixteenth letter of the Arabic alphabet, and it literally translates to ‘eye’. The Eye of Dubai, with a view that will be far superior to the one you’ll get from the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck, and that’s saying something!
Ain Dubai 2021

Ain Dubai – A Sky-High Marvel

Ain Dubai stands tall above the waterfront neighbourhood of Bluewaters Island, which is located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach. It sits alongside two hotels, a few high-end restaurants, residential apartments, and a retail Souk, all in the final stages of construction.

A bridge connects Bluewaters Island from Sheikh Zayed Road; you can take a taxi or grab the Monorail to reach the island. And once you’re there – the fabulous facilities on Bluewaters Island await you where the giant observation wheel in Dubai is ready to take you to the skies.

Popular Predecessors Of Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai is inspired by The London Eye, built in the year 2000. At an altitude of 135 meters, it remained the largest of its kind in the world until superseded by the 160-meter-high Nanchang Star in 2006. Both the London Eye and the Nanchang Star were superseded by the Singapore Flyer, built in 2008, standing at 165 meters. In 2014, this title was taken over by the High Roller in Las Vegas. All these wheels have now been safely placed into the list of has-beens by the magnificent Ain Dubai, standing at a height of 250 meters.

Fascinating Things To Know About Ain Dubai

  • Ain Dubai is twice the size of the London Eye and a little over 80 meters higher than Las Vegas’ High Roller observation wheel.
  • It is adjacent to some of the world renowned attractions such as Madame Tussauds Museum, Caesars Palace Dubai and Rotunda Dubai to name a few.
  • To enjoy the ride, you can choose from three types of cabins: observation cabins, social cabins and private cabins. Social cabins offer access to VIP Lounge, along with a bar, while private cabins are ideal to host special occasions such as birthdays, corporate events etc.
  • There are several F&B outlets within the premise. This further allows for the breathtaking in-flight dining experience.
  • A standard cabin can accommodate up to 40 guests. However, its capacity is now limited to seven to ten guests, in line with the region’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Ain Dubai Observation Wheel – Timing & Location

Ain Dubai Timings

12:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs Daily

Ain Dubai Location 

Bluewaters Island – Dubai

Ain Dubai Price

Ain Dubai Standard Ticket: AED 175

Ain Dubai Premium Experience: AED 235

Ain Dubai ticket is temporarily closed due to the ongoing enhancement works.

Amazing Ain Dubai Features

Ain Dubai weighs more tons than one could imagine. The hub and spindle of the giant observation wheel were manufactured externally and put together in the UAE. Both sit firmly on the Ain Dubai’s 126-meter-high legs, forming a stretch of 40 meters, with a height of 20 meters. 192 spoke cables have been used to connect the wheel’s hub to the rim.

48 seat capsules come with a collective capacity, to hold up to 1,750 visitors at a time. Two of the world’s largest cranes have been deputized to put Ain Dubai together. Each crane is equipped with a 180-meter-long boom, and can lift an unbelievable 3,000 tons! That’s like lifting 11 Airbus A380s at a single time! It took four weeks to weld the spindle frames to the four legs of the structure, and it was the two cranes that held up the weight of the entire unit during this time!

The 6.25-meter-wide spindle is made of the kind of steel that is used at nuclear plants. They are rolled and welded so skillfully that you can be assured of their absolute safety during the ride. Rigorously supervised by independent third party engineers, Ain Dubai’s structural soundness and safety are beyond reproach. A million complex calculations lie behind every aspect of load balancing, even if the observation wheel is not fully loaded with people.

Ain Dubai - Largest Ferris Wheel

What It’s Like To Take A Ride Aboard Ain Dubai?

Observation wheels have always fascinated people, ever since they were first seen several hundred years ago. Ain Dubai is a class apart. Beyond an observation wheel, it is also the most advanced piece of architecture you’ll ever see or experience. When you get into a seat capsule and belt yourself securely, Ain Dubai will start up with a gentle whirr.

You’ll then experience the gentle thrill of being lifted up in smooth strong arms, the weight of the structure delicately balanced on the nuclear-steel hub, legs, and spindle. Ain Dubai takes all of 38 minutes to make a full rotation – 38 minutes of utter heart-pounding excitement that await you.

Apart from these, the major draw is the views that you get to admire during the spin. As it rides you up and around, see the whole of Bluewaters Island, JBR and Dubai Marina, among others.

Important Things That You Should Know Before You Visit Ain Dubai

  • Wear modest and comfortable clothing when you visit Ain Dubai.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed for this experience.
  • While small bags are permissible, make sure that you avoid large boxes, suitcases etc inside Ain Dubai.
  • Pets are not allowed and further don’t carry any sharp weapons or items such as fireworks, flammable liquids, illegal substances etc.
  • As it spins at a slow-moving walking pace, Ain Dubai is an attraction that is ideal for all. That said, it is recommended to refrain from it if you have any serious medical issues.
  • All cabins of Ain Dubai are fitted with the most advanced safety measures including rescue equipment, fire extinguishers etc.
  • Make sure that you wear masks throughout and adhere to other COVID-19 guidelines such as maintaining social distance of two meters from others.


As we can all agree, Dubai is an extravagant city, always coming up with staggering surprises to mute the world. It started with a 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Then it was the man-made island, ‘The Palm’, and a manmade world map archipelago. That wasn’t enough for Dubai, and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa was born. A long list of magnificent marvels continued, and now the mega marvel of Ain Dubai is born. Ain Dubai towers high above Dubai’s skyline, with dimensions that far exceed other tall structures. The observation wheel opens up 360-degree views of the stunning city of Dubai and its famous landmarks and skyline. All the more reason to head to Dubai right away, we think!

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