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Wrapped in the glitz and glam of the modern world, it is hard to believe that Dubai was once a fishing village. Boasting an array of sky-piercing architecture, a fleet of luxurious vehicles, a man-made island, Michelin-star kitchens, sumptuous hotels and gold-plated coffee, there is another side to the city that is painstakingly restored. The emirate beautifully balances its both futuristic and ancient sides, and offers a visual treat for tourists from around the world.

If you are searching for a destination that will help you discover the different facets of Dubai’s history, its souks, arts and food, we recommend visiting the Heritage Village. It is one of the best attractions in Dubai to explore its untold past.

Here is a guide to Heritage Village Dubai that will take you back in time.

About Heritage Village

Established in 1997, Heritage Village Dubai is a testament to the region’s older times. It is a living museum where the traditional community of pearl divers resides. The rural landscape is dotted with a cluster of old homes, a pristine canal, cafes, armoury, and bazaars selling heritage collections. The town harks back to thousands of years ago, featuring Bait Al Wali, one of the largest houses, where the ruler used to reside.

It is a town, more like a village oasis, where the visitors can find the artisans creating rare crafts of potters and weavers. Besides pottery, keep your eyes out for the metalwork, copper mining and spinning yarn. A visit here will feel like a walk down the lanes of Bedouin culture and the rich history of the UAE. With all these handicrafts, tents and old houses, Heritage Village resembles a workshop from the bygone era. You will also be introduced to social customs such as occasional rituals, folklore, and traditional songs here.

In the immediate vicinity is a Diving Village focusing on the maritime past. So, a tour of Heritage and Diving Village offers a panoramic view of the region’s history.

Things to Do at Heritage and Diving Village

 Diving Village Dubai

Did you know that the word camel was derived from the Arabic word which meant beauty? Well, Heritage Village will introduce you to some interesting and eye-opening facts as you meander through the walkways. Visitors keen to venture off the beaten track will find numerous activities in Heritage Village Dubai:

  • Uncover the History of the UAE

From the Wall of Old Dubai to decades-old boats, Heritage Village will throw light on the days before the discovery of oil. Take a journey millennial back to an era of forts, towers, camels and boats. Get familiar with the ancient Emirati life that depended on the cultivation of palm trees and date consumption. Earlier, the palm leaves were entwined into mats and carpets while tents were made out of trunks. There are exhibits and displays around to help you recognise the artifacts and monuments in detail.

  • Admire a range of Skills

Heritage Village Dubai flaunts famous crafts like pottery and weaving. Inheriting it from generations, their artisans are a connoisseur of their skills. The raw and authentic craftsmanship will leave you floored. You can spectate the locals weaving things like carpets, baskets, seats and more.

  • Learn the interesting craft of Pottery

Heritage Village is a family-friendly attraction in Dubai. One of the reasons for it becoming popular is the specialised pottery. It is absolute fun and entertaining experience that doubles up as you get to have your hands dirty too. Kids will have a whale of a time learning to mould clay and play with it. Confirm the timings of these workshops beforehand.

  • Shop authentic Handicrafts and Clothes

It is no wonder that anyone will be fascinated by the crafts around. Here are the brownie points: you can take them with you. To satisfy your retail therapy, tourists can browse and buy from an impressive line-up of shops and stores. From handbags, shawls and outfits to jewellery, utensils, and souvenirs, you might dig into shopping for a long time. Even if you miss out on it, the smell of henna will tempt you to knock on the doors.

  • Capture the Moments

There are umpteen opportunities to take out your camera and click pictures against unique backdrops. From a statue of a camel to a giant fish in the mini-truck, you will discover numerous spots to take a snap.

  • Meet a Flock of Animals residing in their Habitats

From camels and horses to ducks, there is a herd of animals you will get to interact. They are living in their natural habitats, where you can observe them eating, trotting and flapping around. You will be forced to sit on your knees and pamper the four-pawed animal as you bump into a couple of cats strolling around.

  • Watch the Occasional Cultural Programs

The Heritage Village thrives with events and displays on some days while on other days it is calm and abandoned as the moon. So, if you are around during the former time, you can enjoy some cultural performances and folk art. The performers are dressed up in traditional costumes and serenade the audience.

Eating and Drinking Near the Heritage Village

Eating and Drinking Near the Heritage Village

After hours of wandering and exploring the culture, you can take a breather and chow down at the many food stalls and restaurants offering delicious bites. Savour popular dishes in Dubai, such as Hummus, Shawarma and Iranian tea. Since you are in Diving Village, there is bound to be a tub of seafood. The food here is grilled and spiced with local herbs and ingredients, creating a burst of flavours in your mouth.

Heritage Village Dubai Location

Al-Shindagha Rd, Bur Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Sunday to Thursday- 8:00 to 22:00

Friday and Saturday- 3:00 to 22:00


Heritage and Diving Village is a wonderful place to stop by during your trip to Dubai. Plan a weekend around this fascinating village and go on cultural hiking.

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