Places to visit in Georgia

Straddling Europe and Asia, Georgia is a raw, unflawed country. It has a culture that is varied and walls that breathe thousands of year old history. Its streets are lined with a myriad of museums and architectural wonders, while the countryside is dotted with rustic mountain villages and the capital city sits in a lush valley.

Tucked amidst the Caucasus Mountains, the region is surrounded by the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan on their respective sides. With a mere population of 3.7 million people, it is one of the most unpretentious and awe-inspiring tourist destinations in the world.

To help ease your travel, here is the bucket list of Georgia. Scroll to read the best things to do in this beautiful country in Europe.

Best Time to Visit Georgia Country

Although the European country entices its travelers all year round, the best time to visit Georgia is in May and June (spring), September and October (autumn). While spring is the ideal time to visit Georgia for hikers due to the peaceful weather, autumn sees a lot of events, and the country gets covered in fall colors. The winter season, November to April, is the low season in Georgia.

Amazing Places in Georgia

1. Tbilisi Old Town


Once a Silk Road capital, Tbilisi Old Town is petite and packed with action. You can spend the day in Old Town getting the best view from Narikala Fortress or hitting the museums. Hop on the cable car, check out the sky-high gold-accentuated pillar at Freedom Square, and dance away the night in easygoing cafes. It is as eclectic as charming. Recently its Kala district, touted as the heart of Old Tbilisi, underwent a makeover — featuring pastel-hued homes and verandas made out of woods. And if nothing, you can go aimlessly wandering around in this historic city.


Ushguli town

One of the most beautiful places in Georgia is the highest inhabited village in Europe, Ushguli. Claimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are dozens of trekking trails that will take you to otherworldly escapes. Tucked at 7,000 feet, this pristine and flawless city is a heaven on Earth. Hike up the Shkhara Glacier through the most scenic routes, visit the centuries-old Lamaria Church and go for a friendly horse ride. The place not only takes you closer to nature but also reminds you of the traditional lifestyle when people farmed with plow and harvested potatoes. You can later stretch your trip to Mestia, which is 45 km away from Ushguli.

3. Kazbegi

Kazbegi Georgia

Heard about the iconic 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia? It is located in Kazbegi, a compact mountain village, also called Stepantsminda. Besides climbing up to the church, there are numerous exciting things to do in Kazbegi, Georgia. You can book a hotel or eat at a restaurant that overlooks the stunning Mount Kazbek. The landscape of this hamlet is vivid; be it lush mountainous views lapped in clouds or the eye-catching Geveleti waterfalls in winter. Perched on the Russian border is the Dariali Monastery Complex, home to several churches.

4. Mtskheta

Mtskheta Georgia

One of the oldest provinces and best cities to travel in Georgia, Mtskheta is an address of 8,000 people. This UNESCO site is interestingly situated at the conflux of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. An abundance of items has been unearthed, from perfume bottles to metalwork and jewelry, that are now restored in the museums. While historians enjoy a whirl around this old city, casual tourists can gawk at the architectural marvels built hundreds of years ago. Some of the famous sites of Mtskheta, Georgia are Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, and Bebris Tsikhe. Also, partake in a wine tour.


Akhaltsikhe Georgia

A walk around this southern riverside city will introduce you to medieval fortresses, religious edifices, leafy grounds, and beautiful waves of water bodies. While you are here, check out the majestic Rabati Castle, soak in the views from St Marine Church, look over the city from Surb Nshan Armenian Church, and hog on the cheese pie and crispy shallots. The undersized caves at Vanis Kvabebi also deserve your attention. Do visit the Khertvisi Fortress on your visit here.

6. Batumi


The second largest city in the country, Batumi is an upscale and emerging tourist destination in Georgia, located on the Black Sea shoreline. While it holds Roman ruins, the city is home to lofty skyscrapers, dancing fountains, and cable cars. Meander through the verdant landscape of Batumi Botanical Garden, spread on a 108-hectare area with exotic flora. Another top-rated attraction in this city of Georgia is Batumi Boulevard, which is a waterfront park to stroll and unwind in the fresh air. Do not skip watching the giant man & woman sculpture called Ali & Nino Statue.

7. Kakheti

Kakheti Georgia

From waterfalls to wineries, Kakheti owns the most impressive array of things to do in Georgia. One of the most popular places to visit in Kakheti is David Gareja Monastery, which is a large complex housing chapel, churches, quarters, and frescoes. Take the Kakheti Wine Route to understand the scale of the wine industry of Georgia — as it is responsible for 70% of wine production in the homeland. Since you are here, take Instagrammable pictures in Georgia’s prettiest town Sighnaghi or whiz through the picturesque Telavi.

8. Gori

A city on the eastern side, Gori is one of the best places to visit in Georgia. Gori’s main attraction is Stalin Museum, dedicated to the Soviet leader, where you can take a guided tour to delve deeper. There are always some fun elements about the small cities — you can plan quick getaways, escape from the chaos, and put your feet up to incredible views. You can choose a walking tour for more relaxed sightseeing.


Georgia is a splendid, laid-back country that slowly grows on you. There are copious places to see in Georgia, whether you are an adventurer or a wanderer. A vacation in Georgia is definite to leave you with a long-lasting impression. So, whenever you are planning your next holiday, do add this place to your bucket list.

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