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Visiting a nude beach? Well, the thought of walking naked itself is taboo in many places. While the world has numerous nude beaches, the idea of a naked outing is still associated with many stigmas. In fact, most countries strictly practice the prohibition, which even comes with public indecency charges. However, you don’t have to be concerned unless you are in such a prohibited country, as the world gives you what you ask for! Not all, but at least the best nude beaches. Tossing your clothes aside and peacefully tanning your body on a sunny day is not taboo anymore when you’re on these beaches. The best nude beaches around the world not only offer you cloth-free resorts but also let you tan, dine, shop, and party in the nude.

So, what does it feel like to be on these unique beaches in the world? It will undoubtedly be shy and coy for first-time beachgoers, and do not expect all nude beaches to be the same. It is rather hard to find your general vibe. Take your time, do the research, and find a nude beach that fits your expectations. Do you just want to go for a weekend of sunbathing? Or do you want to explore the feelings? Do all beaches accept people of all sexual orientations? Of course, these are the common insect queries wandering in your head. So, let us tell you that, like any beach, nude beaches also come in different genres. Choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Below are

the world’s best nude beaches

, perfect for an au naturel day.

Black’s Beach, California

Black Beach

In addition to housing the University of California, San Diego, La Jolla has one of the best nude beaches in the world. Black’s Beach is a stunning shoreline set beneath the 100-meter-high cliffs and has been the state’s favorite place for all-over tans for 50+ years. It was once the only legal nude beach in the entire United States.

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Location: Black’s Beach, Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, San Diego, CA 92037

Little Beach, Hawaii

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Hawaii? The tropical vibes, hula dances, and, of course, the long, sandy beaches! Little Beach is a scenic hotspot with pristine waters shaded by hillside trees. It is flanked by a volcanic cinder cone and ancient lava flows, and it is super cool even if you choose not to reveal it at all. While not sunbathing, visit the state park marine sanctuary, a safe abode for whales, tropical fish, sea turtles, and dolphins.

Location: Little Beach, Makena State Park, Makena Rd., Kihei, HI 96753, USA

Red Beach, Greece

Red Beach

This compact, secluded nude beach is an alluring hub for sunbathing in Greece, featuring a perfect island life. Named after its unique rust-colored sands and cliffs, you can easily reach Matala via a 20-minute hike or short boat ride from the village of Matala. After you are done sunbathing, explore the ancient caves and ruins and enjoy an islander’s life by filling up on javas and suds. Now that you need a recharge, the beach is also home to Yiannis, a funky little bar renowned for its mojitos.

Location: Red Beach, Matala, Crete 702 00, Greece

Platja Des Cavallet, Spain

Located in Ibiza, the city has the reputation of being the quintessential party island of the Mediterranean. It also offers an official nudist beach that is split into areas for naturists, beach partygoers, and the LGBT community. However, nude beachgoers aren’t always guests at this beautiful beach. Those pink divas called flamingos also like to enjoy the shallow saline.

Location: Platja Des Cavallet, Spain

Cap d’Agde, France

Dubbed the Naked City, Cap d’Agde is one of the most amazing nude beaches in Europe. It is also one of the world’s largest clothing-optional beach resorts, attracting over 40,000 visitors on any given day during peak seasons. Enjoy your nude day wandering wherever you want—into stores, banks, post offices, restaurants, sailing their boat, or lying on the public beach. For an overnight stay, you can opt for a naturist hotel, rental unit, or campground. If you want privacy, head to Plage de la Grande Conque, a black-sand volcanic beach surrounded by two stacks of beautiful cliffs.

Location: Cap d’Agde Naturist Village, Rond-Point du Bagnas, 34300 Agde, France

Haulover Beach, Florida

The most popular nude beach in the United States, Haulover Beach draws millions of bare people to the soothing tropical climate each year. Go for the beautiful white sands, warm waters, and, of course, the tan! It’s surprisingly one of the best family beaches in Florida. Check for the clothing-optional area, marked at either end, that offers rental beach umbrellas, chairs, and lifeguards.

Location: Haulover Beach Park, 10800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

Wreck Beach, Canada

Wreck Beach has a perfect laid-back vibe, and it is no surprise that being on one of the best nudist beaches in the world puts you in the best mood. It is also known as one of the longest nudist beaches in the world, stretching for 7.8 kilometers. With the University of British Columbia just across the street, you can find many students and teachers casting their clothes on Wreck Beach and enjoying a good day.

Location: Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia;

Lady Bay Beach, Australia

Lady Bay Beach

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Though you can find several clothing-optional beaches in Australia, this compact, official nude beach is something to enjoy. Lady Bay is a small and narrow beach featuring a compact environment backed by steep forest cliffs, perfect for a private all-over tan day. You can also use the rocky ledges around South Head for nude sunbathing.

Location: Lady Bay Beach, Watson’s Bay, Sydney, Australia

Playa Zipolite, Mexico

Did you know that public nudity was considered illegal in Mexico until 2016? Since then, Playa Zipolite and Playa del Amor have been legal nude beaches and are the only naturist destinations that allow visitors to go naked. Playa Zipolite is a great nudist beach, home to surfers, with plenty of good food options and a calming atmosphere. Here, you can simply lie down, relax, and rejuvenate.

Location: Playa Zipolite, San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mai Khao, Thailand

Mai Kha, one of the longest nude beaches in the world, stretches for over seven miles. You will never have to worry about having enough space to spread out. The beach is pretty unspoiled, except for a few restaurants. Calmness and peace are the draws here. So, if you are looking for a beach party vibe, this is not the place for you. Despite the lack of crows, the beach boasts stunning shorelines in natural surroundings. It’s no wonder that Phuket is the only place in Thailand where turtles lay their eggs.

Location: Mai Khao Beach, Phuket, 83110, Thailand

What should I avoid when visiting nudist beaches?

Do not keep your expectations high. Accept that diversity exists-people come in all shapes and sizes and are just regular people. Avoid staring at your fellow beachgoers. Do not point at, laugh at, or body shame others. Be respectful, mature, and polite. Also, nudity does not mean you have consent to take pictures of other people. Many nude beaches have photography-prohibited policies. So be sure to comply with such rules.

From the surreal and unspoiled beaches in Maldives and Mauritius to the fantastic beaches in Dubai, there is no dearth of beaches across the world. But it is rare to find nude beaches; even there is no nude beach in Goa, despite its reputation for wild beach parties and nightlife. Although optional clothing is still stigmatized in most places, the world has numerous beaches where it’s perfectly legal to enjoy your all-over tan without thinking too much. Whether you are looking for a fun naturist getaway or a chance to challenge your own nature, you can pick from these ideal seaside destinations to enjoy your fear of judgment to the fullest. Don’t wait; just go for it!

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