Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Peninsula’s largest country, was long untouched by tourism and developments until recent years. But not anymore; besides being the heart of the Islamic culture and religion, its doors are now open for tourism. Yes, curious explorers can now tread this so-far-unchartered territory and experience the legendary history, inspiring culture, and alluring landscape, all in real. One of the first places you must visit here is Jeddah. And this exclusive post covers everything, from the

best things to do in Jeddah

to where it’s located, accommodation information, and the ideal time to visit.

Where Is Jeddah Located?

Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Jeddah is the Kingdom’s second-largest and oldest city, located on its west coast, in Makkah Province. It is also called the Red Sea’s bride, being the largest city on its coast and due to its location on its eastern shore. As the entry point to Makkah, it also serves as the gateway to one of the world’s holiest places. Jeddah is about 900 kilometers away from the country’s capital and largest city, Riyadh, and about 680 kilometers from the historical city of Al Ula.

The Best Time To Visit Jeddah


As with other desert cities on the peninsula, Jeddah experiences sweltering summers and pleasant winters. June to September will be unbearably hot (up to 50 degrees Celsius), while January (18 degrees Celsius) will be the coolest. If you don’t want to experience extreme temperatures, the best time to visit Jeddah is between October (35 degrees Celsius) and December (22 degrees Celsius) or February (23 degrees Celsius) and April (30 degrees Celsius). That said, visiting here in any season has its perks: experience budget-friendly activities and stays on your summer visits, or immerse yourself in its refreshing weather, exciting events, etc., on your spring and winter visits.


Don’t know where to stay in Jeddah? Qasr Al Sharq, Rosewood Jeddah, the Ritz-Carlton Jeddah, Swissotel Living Jeddah, etc., are some of the surefire for those seeking high-end accommodation with plush comforts. Mid-range options include Mövenpick Hotel Jeddah, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Continental Hotel. Looking for a comfortable stay that won’t set you back a fortune? You can count on exceptionally budget-friendly picks like Ibis Jeddah City Center, Level Nine Hotel, and Warwick Jeddah Hotel.

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Top Things To Do In Jeddah

1. Discover the Historic Al Balad

Al-BaladImage Credit:

It is one of the first stops to add to your Jeddah travel program. As the region’s oldest district and once flourishing heart, it’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its immaculately maintained ancient architectural treasures, quaint streets, bustling traditional bazaars, and flavorsome culinary scene. See the 12th-century Al Shafi’i Mosque (the city’s oldest mosque) and revisit the past at the Baeshan House, among others.

2. Visit the Nassif House Museum

Nassif-House-MuseumImage Credit:

Be sure to pause at this classic museum on your Al Balad trip. Beyond its enlightening exhibits, it stands out for its well-preserved architecture reflecting the Ottoman style. Located within a 19th-century structure, it is particularly striking for the neem tree in its square. Each of its segments promises a compelling narrative of the region’s past as you marvel at the unique artworks and the stunning Arabic calligraphy (crafted by Ottoman Turks) and elegant carvings that grace its corridor, entrance, and doors.

3. Stop at Bab Makkah


Translated as the Gate to Makkah, this timeless structure with three archways is in the heart of the old Jeddah. Built during the Mamalik phase, its main purpose was to safeguard the region from the Portuguese attack. The streets and traditional souks surrounding Bab Makkah present a trove of experiences, making it a must-visit on your Jeddah holiday.

4. Shop at Souk Al Alawi

The sights that encompass the Balad area has its own specialty and significance, and Al Alawi is no exception. It’s the city’s oldest souk, where you can haggle to take home unique souvenirs, heavenly ouds, aromatic spices, and local delights at the best rates.

5. Step into the Red Sea Mall

red-sea-mallImage Credit:

Spanning over 240,000 square meters, it is a haven for shopping, leisure, and entertainment in Jeddah. As one of the Middle East’s biggest malls, it boasts over 600 outlets (featuring high-end brands), over 80 dining options, luxurious accommodations, and fun-and-thrill-packed zones like In10SO (indoor karting facility), Tech Zone, the kid-exclusive Adventura Arena, etc.

6. Hang Out at the Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah-CornicheImage Credit:

Along the iconic Red Sea, this waterfront promenade stretches for over 30 kilometers and is packed with many shopping, dining, and beach activities. All these make it an adored hangout spot by locals and visitors alike. Enjoy breathtaking sea views, relax in its green spaces (at Al Rawda Park), and absorb the refreshing, laid-back vibe.

7. Take in the Floating Mosque

Floating Mosque

Head to the Al Rahmah Mosque to soak up its architectural fineness, finished in white marble and enriched by minarets, an Andalusian-style hall, and a stained-glass roof. It’s exceptional for its traditional and modern Islamic art, striking white minarets, and, mostly, its serene location, being meticulously built on stilts in the waters. Tour this mosque during the high tide, when it appears floating along the Red Sea coast. Both Muslims and non-Muslims can enjoy free entry here.

8. Get Active at Atallah Happy Land Park

It is one of the ultimate destinations for amusement and entertainment in Jeddah. Hit various exciting rides (including the Ferris wheel, space gun pendulum, terminator ride, swinging ship, etc.), take to the bowling center, and watch an incredible 6D cinema. There are also live shows and plenty of dining and shopping options across the facility.

9. Dive into the Underwater Majesty

Underwater MajestyImage Credit:

Jeddah’s dynamic location along the Red Sea also makes it a favorite of underwater enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, a not-to-miss out here is a scuba dive session at Sham Obhur, allowing you to admire the colorful corals and effervescent creatures (like dolphins) that thrive underneath the sea.

10. Tour Jeddah Light

Jeddah Light TourImage Credit:

Towering over 130 meters (435 feet) on the fascinating Jeddah Seaport, it is the world’s tallest lighthouse. Jeddah Light also doubles up as a port control tower and an observation deck, making it an astonishing vantage point to appreciate the sea and panoramic environs.

11. Spend a Day at the Moon Valley

Moon-Valley-JeddahImage Credit:

A quick drive of an hour will head you to Moon Mountain, a favorite of adventurists and thrill seekers. With its rugged settings and unique rock formations, it is a perfect spot for hiking, catching spellbinding sunset views, camel riding, quad biking, and camping, to name a few.

12. Admire Contemporary at Athr Gallery

There is no shortage of attractions and experiences that showcase the region’s quintessential artistic heritage and traditional values. That said, it also promotes contemporary art and culture. Drop into Athr Gallery to delight in the artworks created by emerging and innovative artists, such as Ahmed Mater, Dana Awartani, and Muhannad Shono.

13. Witness the Grandeur of the King Fahd Fountain


It has remained one of Jeddah’s beloved attractions for about four decades. At over 310 meters, it is the world’s tallest fountain. Inspired by Geneva’s Jet d’Eau and designed to resemble a mabkhara (bakhoor or incense burner), it forms a spectacular spectacle in the evening when it’s well-lit with over 500 LED lights.

14. Check Out Al Saif Beach

Beach outings in Jeddah can’t get any better than with a visit to Al Saif. Its tranquil atmosphere is a major draw for families and kids, while its exceptional watersport and party facilities available for BBQ gatherings, swimming, boating, etc. turn it into a paradise for action lovers.

15. Fakieh Aquarium

Fakieh-Aquarium-JeddahImage Credit:

Although this list is not ranked in any specific order, this fantastic Caribbean-inspired center in Jeddah deserves a top spot on your family vacation itinerary. It lets you closely encounter marine species as unique, rare, and lively as pearl grouper, blue tangs, giant clams, giant turtles, jellyfish, sharks, and stone fish. You can also watch amazing dolphin shows.

Top Tips For A Jeddah Holiday

  • Pre-arrange all elements of your holiday, such as accommodations, airport transfers, sightseeing, and activity planning.
  • Pack elegant, comfortable clothing for your Jeddah trip, along with other essentials like sunscreen lotions, hats, shades, regular medications, etc.
  • Wear modest dresses, particularly when visiting religious places of interest like the Al Rahmah Mosque.
  • Be aware of the laws and remain courteous to the region’s culture and heritage.
  • Getting around in Jeddah is hassle-free. Besides a reliable public transport system, you can choose a private transfer or drive yourself with an international driving license.


Jeddah, in short, offers a captivating blend of contrasts, ensuring every moment you spend here is filled with adventure and excitement. Now that you’ve got a comprehensive guide on what to do and look forward to in this wonderful destination, plan your Jeddah getaway by adding some of the above activities and attractions to your to-do list.

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