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Vacations offer a much-needed break from our routine lives. They help in indulging in fun activities, seeing new places, trying different foods, meeting new people, resting, and simply relaxing. There are different ways of vacationing, and one that has been gaining popularity in the last few years is cruises. Ships were a means of transport in earlier times. The popularity of ships diminished with the introduction of airplanes, as they are quicker. Today, ships have been transformed into luxury vessels that do more than transport travelers from one place to another. In fact, many claim that cruises are the best way of holidaying. Here we present to you some of the

reasons why you must go for a cruise holiday rather than any other kind of vacation


Takes Out the Boredom from Traveling

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Exploring new places is exciting. But the part where you have to board multiple airplanes, sit on long hours of flights in uncomfortable seats, and deal with pesky co-passengers can be a major let-down. You can avoid all these while on a cruise. Although you will have to spend entire days in the middle of the ocean, there is no dull moment on the cruise. Most luxury cruises are filled with amenities, activities, and entertainment programs. The best thing is that there is something for everyone here.

Unpack Just Once

Unpack Clothes Just Once

If you are visiting more than one city or country, imagine the number of times you need to pack and unpack. Sounds exhausting, right? What is the point of a holiday if you need to de-stress even after coming home from one? Cruises eliminate this problem completely. Once you unpack on the cruise, pack your bags only at the end of your cruise holiday. Most cruises stop at a city or a port for just a day, giving you the opportunity to explore the place without the need to check-in into different hotels or unpack and pack your clothes more than once.

Choose Among Myriads of Activities

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The luxury cruises of today are thriving with activities that cater to people of all ages. Swimming pools, gaming arcades, theaters, play areas, etc., can be found on most cruises. Some cruise liners also have water parks complete with water slides and other adventurous amenities. Cruises also have fully functional gymnasiums for fitness enthusiasts. Many cruises have daycares and kids’ clubs where a dedicated team is present to entertain and take care of them while parents enjoy some fun time of their own. Apart from the activities mentioned above, cruises also have casinos, nightclubs, and Broadway theaters, etc., for the entertainment of adult guests.

See Multiple Places

While you can have immense fun on the ship, the cruise holiday also gives you the chance to explore new places almost every day. When the ship docks on a port, you are free to explore the place. You have the freedom to do it on your own. Alternatively, cruise lines also have their own tour packages with a dedicated local guide who will take you around. Choosing these guided excursions will ensure that you will get to see the important places in the city and return to the cruise before the time of departure.

Try Different Cuisines without Spending Too Much


Food is one of the main reasons people love going on cruises. Most cruises have multiple restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. You can try something different from the same cuisine during every single meal. The best part about dining on a cruise is that all meals are inclusive. In other words, you do not have to pay extra for any meal. Your cruise price includes all the meals and not just breakfast, which is the norm for hotels and resorts. From buffet to fine dining, you can enjoy different dining experiences on a cruise. It is also your chance to try dishes that are usually expensive in a restaurant.

Soak in the Beauty of Nature

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We are not talking only about the places you will visit. Rather, you can experience the beauty of nature right on the cruise. You may be cruising on the ocean for days. If you are a beach person, you will find it calming to watch the waves while relaxing on a sunbed on the deck. Nighttime on the cruise is equally magical. Lie down on your back on the deck to stare up at a brightly lit night sky. Certain cruises may also offer stargazing experience to those interested. Even if they don’t, take this chance to enjoy this calming activity on your own.

Get More at Lesser Price

Cruise holidays may look expensive, especially the all-inclusive ones. But when you compare it with the expenses of a regular holiday, you will know that it is much cheaper. Most cruises cover transportation, food, accommodation, activities, and entertainment under one cost. However, for a regular vacation, you must pay separately for accommodation, flights, attractions you want to visit, and activities you want to do. In short, cruise holidays give you value for money.

Cruise holidays may seem daunting to many, especially as you will be in the middle of the sea for days. But this is an experience like no other, where you get the chance to cut off from the world, while still enjoying its luxuries and comforts. So, what are you waiting for? Book your cruise holiday today!

A content writer by profession, Deepa has been writing for the travel nice for more than a decade. While she has a bucket list for the places she wants to visit, she also loves the idea of curling up on the couch with a good book. She believes that nothing can lift up your mood better than a good holiday, a great book, and your favorite dish.

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