Turkey in April

Are you interested in visiting Turkey while also wanting to avoid the summer rush? Consider planning your trip to Turkey in April! During this time, you can enjoy pleasant weather, colourful spring flowers, and possibly lower travel costs. Come and discover the beauty of Turkey in April, from lively markets to stunning scenery. so, keep reading as we share some tips to help you plan the perfect adventure

Is April a Good Time to Visit Turkey?

Absolutely! April is one of the best times to visit Turkey because, as already mentioned, the weather is nice, there aren’t too many tourists, and things are more affordable. It’s a perfect time to explore the country’s ancient ruins, big cities, and beautiful nature without having to deal with the summer heat or long lines. If you go to Istanbul in April, you’ll see lots of colourful tulips, but there might be some occasional rain. Visiting in April will give you a more laid-back experience and let you see some beautiful landscapes.

Weather in Turkey in April

Turkey Weather

In Turkey, the month of April is a wonderful time when the cold winter weather starts to fade away and the warm summer season begins. People start getting out to enjoy Turkey’s many attractions:

  • Temperature: Low – 10°C, High – 20 °C
  • Humidity: 70%
  • Chance of Rain: 40%
  • Daylight: 12 hours
  • Sunrise: 6:30 AM
  • Sunset: 6:30 PM

Things to do in Turkey in April

Do the following things to do in Turkey in April to truly enjoy your vacation:

Explore Istanbul’s History and Culture


You can easily spend quite some time exploring the wonderful city of Istanbul. The city has been one of the most culturally and historically significant places from ancient times when it was known as Constantinople. Today, the city is packed with amazing attractions like the marvellous Hagia Sophia. This structure perfectly represents Istanbul as it has architectural influences from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. It’s can’t-miss attraction. Other places of note worth seeing are Topkapi Palace Museum, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and Grand Bazaar.

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia’s Skies


Blue skies ahead and surreal fairy chimneys below, this is what you will get to see in the hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia. This activity is done early in the morning, so you have the most expansive views. Carry your camera as you are bound to capture some stunning imagery. Your friends on social media will be jealous.

Relive History in Ancient Ruins of Ephesus, Hierapolis, and Pamukkale

Hierapolis Turkey

Tour the ancient ruins of Ephesus to get a feel of what the ancient times were like. The city was once home to some of the most significant places in history, and you can still see the ruins to gauge their grandeur. Nearby is Pamukkale where you can dip in naturally-formed hot springs. These have been around for ages, and the Romans even built Hierapolis nearby which was like a spa city for them. These will be a lot of fun to explore.

Beaches of the Turkish Riviera

Beaches Turkey

Turkey’s beaches have to be one of the best-kept secrets in the world. they don’t get the fame and attention they deserve, but this only works out in your favour as there will be fewer crowds in April. From the magnificent Antalya to the fascinating Kaş to the quiet Çalış, you can choose any beach to your liking and have a great time as each beach is just great

Try local Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine

You might have had some Turkish food in your country, but honestly, it is not as good as what you will taste here. The Turks have always loved food and have created some amazing dishes that have the most robust flavours. Therefore, you have to eat locally when you are in Turkey. The people are so friendly that they won’t let you leave without a bite.

Places to See Turkey in April

Your vacation won’t be the same without seeing the following best places to visit in Turkey in April:

Emirgan National Park

As mentioned earlier, April is the month when the weather is taking a turn for the better, and what better way to enjoy spring than to see Emirgan National Park. The many species of tulips in the park are in full bloom, making the whole place look like God’s canvas. To celebrate this, even the Tulip Festival is held here in the same month. But apart from the festival, there’s a lot to enjoy in the park, so indulge in other activities as well.


Patara Turkey

If you want to have a quiet beach vacation, head to the quaint, coastal town of Patara, home to Turkey’s longest beach. Catch a place on a beach chair or lay down beach towels, you are going to get a chance to enjoy the great weather. The more adventurous ones can indulge in water sports, and when everyone has had their fun and are hungry, Patara also has some restaurants and cafes serving tasty yet affordable food. Not many visit this beach town so you definitely should.


Marmaris Turkey

Many people love resort vacations. So, if you are one of those people, check out Marmaris. Blessed with unique geographical features, Marmais has waterfront promenades, pebble beaches, and even forests and water bodies. Like any great resort town, Marmaris has wonderfully curated nightlife, so if you love partying, Marmaris has you covered. This is a city you will have a hard time leaving.


Konya Turkey

While many cities in Turkey are teeming with history and culture, none more than Konya. Considered by experts as one of the ancient-most cities in the world, Konya has many places where you can explore history. The Mevlana Museum should be your first stop to explore history. Next, you can head to the Alaeddin Mosque. Although you might not get tired of the history, you can catch a break at the gorgeous Japanese Park. So, get off the beaten path and check out Konya.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque Turkey

Turkey is an Islamic country, so you are bound to find gorgeous mosques here. But the best of them all is the Blue Mosque. It is the ideal example of Ottoman architecture’s brilliance. The mosque’s actual name is Sultan Ahmed Mosque but is called Blue Mosque because of the blue-coloured tiles on the exteriors and the interiors. The stained-glass windows are also another great feature. The Blue Mosque is one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

Turkey Festivals & Events in April

There are quite a few events & festivals in Turkey in April that you can be a part of to enjoy your vacation even more.

April Festivals in Turkey

The following festivals in Turkey in April create a great celebratory atmosphere throughout the country:

Ramadan 2024


April happens to be the month when the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. All of Turkey will be celebrating with much fanfare. People visit their loved ones, there are fireworks, and delicious food is served everywhere. So, do partake in the celebrations and have a great time.

When: 10th April, 2024

Location: All over Turkey

The Ankara Music Festival

All the cultural institutes based in Ankara come together in the month of April to create the Ankara International Music Festival. Though it is primarily a jazz music festival, many national and international artists, bands, and orchestras play the festival and make the audiences sway to their tune.

When: 4th to 30th April

Location: Güvenevler, Ankara

Istanbul Tulip Festival


April is the month when the tulip flowers bloom. To celebrate this, the Istanbul Tulip Festival is held in the Emirgan National Park. You can visit the park to take in the amazing views of the multi-coloured tulip flowers and enjoy other offerings of the festival.

When: 1st to 30th April, 2024

Location: Emirgan Park

April Events in Turkey


There are also many events in Turkey in April that you can enjoy as a tourist. Here are those events:

International Film Festival

The best of world cinema comes to Istanbul at the Istanbul International Film Festival. This event takes place in the month of April and many cinephiles eagerly await this festival. Some of the best directors and films are screened during this festival. Some directors also choose to premiere their films. The Istanbul Film Festival is conducted with many events and celebrations, so the atmosphere is just amazing. Attend the festival to learn more about the Turkish film industry.

When: 17th Apr – 28th Apr, 2024

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

On the 23rd of April, the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day is celebrated. It’s a holiday throughout the country to celebrate the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. This day is also used to celebrate the children of the country. There are many parties and celebrations just for kids where they can partake in fun events. This is one of the most important days for all Turkish people as there is an atmosphere of joy and celebration all around.

When: 23rd April 2024

Location: All Over Turkey

Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting Turkey in April

  • As warm and friendly Turkish people are, it is still better to dress modestly, especially in religious places.
  • Learn a few Turkish words to be polite. The locals will be even friendlier.
  • The great weather is ideal for many outdoor attractions and adventures.
  • Turkish people are passionate about food, so do learn some dinner etiquette.
  • Get all the info you need on Turkey visas as they allow citizens of some countries a visa on arrival.

Things to Know Before Visit Turkey in April

What to Pack for Turkey in April?

April allows you to pack light. Your normal clothes, with some additional layers, may be fine. Get an umbrella as there is a small chance of rain. Also, pack everything you might need for a beach trip.

What to wear in Turkey in April?

Since the weather is neither cold nor too hot, wear comfy clothes that you love. Just keep in mind that some places could be warmer and some cooler, so pack accordingly.

Getting Around Turkey in April

The public transportation system of Turkey is trustworthy and pocket-friendly. So, you have a lot of options. But beware of illegal taxis. Take only official taxis.

Where to Stay in Turkey in April?

Turkey has always been a popular tourist destination, so you will find good stay options covering various budgets. You might also find a few deals.

What to eat in Turkey in April?

Turkey is located in such a way that it is influenced by many cuisines. Therefore, you have stunning dishes like Doner, Simit, Manti, Borek, and Lachaman. Turkey is also famed for sweets like Baklava and Turkish Delight, so end your meal on a sweet note.

FAQs About visiting Turkey in April

People have FAQs about Turkey in April, so the following compilation will answer your queries too:

1. What’s Turkey’s weather like in April?

Warm, and comfortable, and occasional rain, April is one of the best times to be in Turkey. You can happily explore the country without worry.

2. Will it rain during my trip?

Yes, it might rain. but it won’t be a crazy downpour. Just some light rain that can be countered with an umbrella.

3. Why Turkey in April compared to other times?

Fewer people, better prices. You can enjoy Turkey at your own leisure without going over budget.

4. What currency should I bring?

Carry Turkish Lira for smaller purchases, but many places also accept credit cards.

So, take the above-given advice, and come to Turkey to have the best April. Turkey is such an underrated tourist destination that deserves to be on the travel bucket list of every true traveller. So, contemplate more and make this vacation happen today!

Harshal has two passions – travelling and writing. Combining the two, he now works as a travel writer, illuminating and guiding others on the best destinations around the world.

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