If you are thinking of taking a vacation to Italy in April, you are going in a month that has perfect weather, low crowds, lip-smacking seasonal delicacies, and some of the best festivals and events. Therefore, if you are still contemplating, the following information will give you a clear picture of all the amazing things that are awaiting you in Italy in the month of April.

Is April a Good Time to Visit Italy?

Italy is a geographically blessed country with mountainous terrain on one side and seas on the other side. Therefore, with the onset of April, the weather has a positive impact overall, creating excellent touring opportunities for all regions of Italy. Though it is still not the peak tourism season, it is the season when everything from the seasonal foods to the weather, all start falling into place. So, yes, it can be argued that April is the best time to visit Italy.

Weather in Italy in April


Italy weather in April is one of the biggest draws of touring the country this month because the biting cold is leaving and the pleasant springtime is approaching.

  • Temp: Low – 12°C, High – 20°C
  • Humidity: 69%
  • Chance of Rain: 51%
  • Daylight: 12.5 to 14 hours
  • Sunrise: 6:30 am
  • Sunset: 8:00 pm

Things to do in Italy in April

There are many things to do in Italy in April that will let you get the full extent of enjoyment owing to the off-season for tourism. So, indulge in them to get the best out of your vacation.

Enjoy the Coast

Enjoy the Coast

Italy has one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. The country borders many seas and has many gulfs that result in some of the most stunning beaches. So, first head to the Amalfi Coast in the southern region and enjoy a variety of beach activities, including gorging on delicious seafood. Italy also has an equally beautiful coast on the northern side. Called Cinque Terre, this region has a rocky coastline, so you can indulge in activities like hiking. Whatever side you choose, you are going to have a great time on the coasts.

Have a Free Reign at Historical Sites

Historical Sites Italy

One of the biggest reasons people come to Italy is to see the relics of the Roman Empire. But this results in a lot of overcrowding. But not in the month of April. You can check out sites like the massive Colosseum or the absolutely stunning Sistine Chapel without having to be pushed around like cattle. You can take your time, learn about the site, and take great pictures, including the typical touristy ones at the Leaning Tower of Pisa where it looks like you are holding the tower.

Shop Till You Drop


It is highly recommended that you do not carry too many clothes but bring an empty suitcase just to fill it with clothes that you will find here. Italy is known for fashion with Milan being one of the host cities of the world-famous Fashion Week. So, you must do some clothes shopping here. Though there aren’t any discounts happening in the month of April, you are bound to find some excellent clothes. Italy also has many authentic tailors who can create bespoke designer clothes for you. You just have to find the right clots and materials. You can have a separate ‘one day in Milan itinerary’ that covers all the best shopping avenues.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Eat Italian food

Italian food is considered by many to be the tastiest cuisine in the world. In April, many seasonal vegetables and fruits make it to the kitchen which results in tasty seasonal dishes that you can enjoy only during this season. So, prepare your taste buds for some amazing foods like artichokes, arugulas, and asparagus, and taste awesome dishes like Italian stuffed artichokes, arugula salad, or parmesan roasted asparagus and enjoy Italian dishes that aren’t available anywhere else.

Hike Your Way to Health

Hikking in italy

The hiking season starts in the month of April, and Italy’s northern region is home to many picturesque yet hikable hills and mountains that start seeing traffic of hikers from around the world. Lake Garda is one such region that sees hikers thanks to the stunning hills and valleys. Here, there are some hiking trails of varying difficulty that you should try. Dolomites is another one of the famous landmarks in Europe that you have to hike through. These mountains are the most picturesque and have fun and engaging trails that will take you through the mountains and many villages. Other noteworthy hikes are the Tuscany countryside and Mont Blanc.

Places to see in Italy in April

The following recommended best places to visit in Italy in April are a must. Everything great about Italy can be found and enjoyed in these places so make sure they are in your itinerary:


Rome Italy

The capital city Rome is so full of historical sites that it will take you a whole vacation just to see them all. However, you can catch some stunning attractions that will leave you mesmerised and full of knowledge. The Colosseum is an absolute must as it is the perfect symbol of Roman architectural brilliance. The Trevi Fountain is another place that is just too beautiful to be missed. The Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica are other must-see attractions, and you should also make some time for the Vatican City and spend some time admiring all the wonderful items on display in the Vatican Museums. April is the best time to visit Rome as the city isn’t that crowded and you can walk around most places.


Pompeii Italy

Now take a day trip from Rome to Naples because this is where Pompeii is located. There is no place like Pompeii in the world, and this statement is in the literal sense. This town is the site near where Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and most of the town got covered in hot ash, perfectly preserving it in pumice and time. So, despite being a town of such widespread death, it is also an archaeological marvel that lets us look back in time. Many buildings in this UNESCO World Heritage Site have been excavated, but 1/3rd of the city still remains buried in ash. You can also see plaster casts of victims of the eruption who were unable to flee. It is highly recommended that you take a guided tour of this place as there is much to see and learn.


Tuscany Italy

Arguably the most beautiful region in Italy, Tuscany is the place from where the Italian Renaissance emerged. Siena and Florence are the cities that get credit for the art and you can visit the cities’ many art schools, museums, and galleries that are home to stunning paintings. Something else worth exploring in Tuscany is the villages. They look like art come to life. You won’t get tired of taking pictures and enjoying the delicious food and wine served in these villages. Tuscany is diverse and amazing and can elevate your Italian vacation to a new level.


Venice Italy

No Italian vacation can be whole without a stop in Venice, especially in April as the perfect weather becomes your perfect companion. Also, take advantage of the low crowds and visit Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica. The Basilica in particular is something to be admired thanks to its unique combination of Goth-Italo-Byzantine architecture. If you like Leonardo da Vinci, visit the Museo Leonardo da Vinci because the museum holds many of his inventions and creations where his brilliance was on full display. With your remaining time, explore the rest of Venice on foot or through exciting gondola rides.

Lake Como

Lake Como Italy

You must have heard about how awesome the Lake Como region is owing to many celebrities buying homes in this region or hosting their wedding receptions here. And despite so much praise, it all still falls short of how stunning Lake Como truly is. The first thing to do here is take a ride aboard the Como-Brunate Funicular Railway. This single-track train is designed to climb the hilly region and take passengers to and from Brunate village. Apart from the ride, you also enjoy mesmerising hillside views. Next, you can book stays in the iconic resorts of the lake or simply drink coffee or have a meal in the lakeside cafes and restaurants. History buffs should check out Forte Montecchio Nord and check out the French-installed 149-mm guns used in WWI and WWII. Lake Como is a marvellous place that’s an absolute must-visit.

Italy Festivals and Events in April 2024

It is highly recommended that you also take part in the events & festivals in Italy in April to further enhance your experience of Italy because many of these events cover traditions, culture, and some completely different aspects of Italy that you won’t see anywhere else.

April Festivals in Italy

Enjoy another side of Italy by being a part of the following festivals in Italy in April. Your vacation will be elevated to another level.

Easter Monday (Pasquetta)

PasquettaImage Credit:

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, also known as Pasqua and Pasquetta, is celebrated in a huge manner in Italy. Pasquetta (Easter Monday) is a public holiday, and this has been a tradition for a long time. On this day, many people go out with their families. They travel to their favourite tourist places or go out for picnics. This is a day dedicated to the families, and most places are open. So, you, as a tourist can enjoy this day and the great atmosphere.

When: 1st of April

Location: All Over Italy

Vinitaly 2024

Do you love wine? If yes, then you cannot afford to miss Vinitaly. This is one of the top April festivals around the world where winemakers from more than 140 countries participate and showcase their best products. This 4-day festival is attended by many wine connoisseurs as apart from the great wine and spirits, many new developments and innovations are also put on display that can change the wine industry. This is quite a unique and fun fair that’s worth a visit.

When: 14th to 17th April

Location: Verona

Chiusure Artichoke Festival

April is the month when Italy’s Chiusure region produces some amazing artichokes, and this huge harvest is celebrated through the Artichoke Festival. Many people descend to the town to taste the festival’s delicious artichoke which is prepared in various ways. There’s also music and entertainment that makes the festival even livelier. So, if you are a fan of the healthy and humble artichoke, check out the Chiusure Artichoke Festival.

When: 24th to 28th April

Location: Chiusure

April Events in Italy

Celebrate how Italians do by taking part in the following events in Italy in April and have the best time:

Birthday of Rome

Birthday of Rome ItalyImage Credit:

Ever heard of the birthday of a city being celebrated? But this happens in Italy! An ancient festival throughout the years morphed into the celebration of Rome’s establishment. Today, the event is celebrated with much hype and fervour. A huge parade is held in honour of the city, fireworks are fired from Aventine Hill, and gladiator battles are recreated at the Circo Massimo. This is an event like no other!

When: 21st April

Location: Rome

Liberation Day

Liberation Day ItalyImage Credit:

Surely you have heard of the famous “Bella Ciao” protest song. Well, you will hear this song everywhere in Italy on Liberation Day as this song became an anthem of resistance during the 2nd World War. Liberation Day is celebrated in honour of the brave souls that died fighting the Nazis and got Italy their liberation. All over, there are huge celebrations, parties, parades, and fireworks. The atmosphere is just amazing and the people are happy. Tourists can also join in the celebrations.

When: 25th of April

Location: All Over Italy

Travel Tips to Visit Italy in April

  • You have to get an Italian visa to travel to Italy, however, a Schengen visa also works because Italy is a part of the Schengen countries.
  • The fashion in Italy is just at another level so, instead of getting too many clothes, just buy amazing, fashionable clothes in Italy.
  • Carry your umbrella with you because there is some chance of rain during April.
  • Since April is not tourist season, there can be a few deals and offers ongoing, so do your research and find great offers.
  • When coming to Italy, a universal charger is a good thing to have for your phone and laptop because the electrical sockets might be different from your country’s.

Things to Know Before You Visit Italy in April

What to pack for Italy in April?

Though the cold weather is subsiding, it is still a good idea to have some warm clothes and accessories like mufflers and gloves. You should also pack your favourite brand of toiletries and your medicines as they might be available in Italy.

What to wear in Italy in April?

Wear something that will keep you warm but not make you feel hot. Your wardrobe choices can change based on whether you are headed to the colder northern region or the warmer southern region. Comfortable shoes are a must as you have to walk a lot at the attractions.

Getting Around Italy in April

As mentioned earlier, people in Italy walk a lot, so it is also expected from the tourists. But for longer distances, trains and buses are a great option. Get all the information you can on their routes through the internet or download relevant applications on your phone.

Where to Stay in Italy in April?

Whatever budget you have, Italy has excellent accommodation for that budget. If you feel like splurging, get a room in a starred hotel. Want a charming stay? Go for an Airbnb homestay. Some hostels and lodges are ideal for budget travellers. Staying in Italy is never an issue.

What to Eat in Italy in April?

Italy is the capital of hearty, delicious food, so you can eat anything and it is guaranteed to be fresh and tasty. However, pizzas and calzones are a must as they are quite authentic and different from the ones you might have in your country. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are also recommended, and finish all your meals with sweets like tiramisu, cannoli, and gelato.

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FAQs about Italy in April

Here are the most popular FAQs about Italy in April that tourists tend to ask. These questions show a rising trend of people wanting to go to Italy in the off-season and enjoying the country minus the crowds and high prices.

1. Is the April weather good in Italy?

Compared to the colder months of winter, yes April weather is much better. It is chill but nothing that can be handled by some layers. The weather varies in different regions, so you can head to your region of preference.

2. Are there any festivals worth attending in April in Italy?

Yes, there are many festivals and events in Italy in April. There’s a wine festival called Vinitaly and there’s also an artichoke festival. Plus, Liberation Day and Rome’s birthday also fall in the month of April.

3. Are guides available at tourist destinations in April?

Yes, you will find any guide to visiting the Tower of Pisa or any other such tourist destination. You can also find online guides with a lot of information that can help you.

4. What’s the difference between visiting Italy in April as opposed to other months?

June to August is considered a tourist season owing to the warm weather. Though April temperatures are not that high, Italy is much less crowded and some awesome festivals make April a great month for seeing Italy.

5. What currency to use in Italy?

Italy now officially uses the Euro and Lira is used as a subunit of the Euro. so, get your currency exchanged into Euros before embarking on your trip.

Italy is one of the best must-visit European Countries, and with so many advantages you can get as a tourist in the month of April, now is the right time to come and have a great time in this wonderful country. The above-given guide will help you plan the perfect vacation, so use the information and start planning. See you in Italy!

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