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Europe offers uncounted temptations. You’ll want to visit every city, every great landmark, every historical moment in time. After all, Europe is our world’s most diverse continent, offering diverse experiences as you travel from city to city. The historical city of London vies with the equally historical, fashion capital Paris. The ancient beauty of Rome vies with the landscapes of Germany. Let’s talk about food in Europe. Every city has an incredible gastronomical contribution to make. So instead of getting lost, we’ve listed our top preferences in Europe which are a must-visit.

Best European Countries


dublin ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the modern world. It’s the country that gave us the famous Guinness beer, which you can savor in its original setting at one of Dublin’s nightclubs. This lovely emerald island with its incredible vistas of green as far as the eye can see is too lovely to miss out. Ireland’s cost of living is a bit high, but it’s a lovely place to study and work. The lilting Irish music, the magic of the leprechauns and the green shamrocks will soon win you over.

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2. Austria

mirabell garden, austria

Visit Europe to explore Austria’s snow-capped Alps, rolling hills and beautiful crystal clear lakes. Some of the most famous western music composers were born or lived here – Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and Schubert among others. Austria has several well-preserved medieval palaces, art, and architecture. Though the country suffered sad losses during WWII, it has recouped to reclaim its position as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

3. Germany

hamburg germany

One of the prime European destinations to visit, Germany is a beautiful, pristine nation with immense forests and great natural beauty. Germany is famous for its beer, just as France is famous for its wines. Germany is also famous for its contribution to classical music. Bach and Beethoven’s hits are played regularly by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Germany also has a fabulous history and a rich legacy of art and architecture. Visit Germany in October and participate in the Oktoberfest with the nation’s sturdy cuisine and great draft beers. Cruise along the Rhine and explore the scenery and be sure to explore the Black Forest region and the fairy-tale castles.

4. Belgium

mont des arts gardens, brussels, belgium

When you think of Belgium you’ll have to think of chocolates as they go hand in hand. The ubiquitous French Fries were actually a Belgian creation, believe it or not. Belgium is charming, with cobblestoned streets and fairy-tale castles. You’ll find some sparkling churches and examples of medieval architecture in the university town of Ghent. Belgium is noted for its incredible architecture so keep your camera busy. Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe.

5. Netherlands

amsterdam netherlands

The Netherlands is home to some truly beautiful natural landscapes. Fabulous beaches, pristine canals, and the world-famous Tulip Gardens at Keukenhof are some examples. Check out the incredible cities of Rotterdam, Leiden, Delft, and be sure to take one of Amsterdam tours for a bonafide Dutch experience. Go on an exclusive culinary tour which lets you relish authentic Dutch food and beer. Try on the famous Dutch wooden shoes. The famous painters Van Gogh and Rembrandt were from here. Don’t miss seeing the miniature city of Madurodam. Be sure to include the Netherlands into your Europe tour packages.

6. Switzerland

river lake switzerland

Switzerland with its incredible lakes, majestic surrounding Alps, castles, museums, quaint villages, and shopping, chocolates, and cosmopolitan cities will leave you gasping. Each town is home to medieval architecture and fabulous works of art. When you’re there, be sure to buy some Swiss watches, Swiss knives, and cutlery and chocolates and cheeses. Be sure to allocate plenty of time in Switzerland on your Europe trip.

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7. Vatican

vatican rome

The most famous and the most secure smallest country in the world, the Vatican is home only to 770 people. This country is the home of the Pope since the 14th century. It’s the spiritual nerve of Roman Catholics around the world and is therefore always crowded. Be sure to explore Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum and Trevi’s fountain. Exclaim over the artworks of famous artists such as Bellini, Bernini, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo.

8. Italy

venice italy

Italy is a country of indescribable beauty, incredible wines, and cuisine. It is a country that has inspired many famous works of art and literature. The whole country is a fascinating adventure in cuisine, architecture, high fashion, and arts. Don’t miss Rome with its historic medieval monuments. Take a gondola ride on the canals of Venice and exclaim over the Amalfi Coast and the art of Florence. Be sure to visit the Isle of Capri to see the incredible Blue Grotto. You can spend several months in Italy if you obtain a Schengen tourist visa.

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9. Czech Republic

prague, czech republic

The Czech Republic is a paradise of gardens and parks, tiny towns and many picturesque villages. Explore the historic cities of Karlovy with their curative springs and many medicinal spas. Brno in Moravia is famous for lovely castles and chateaux and friendly people. Explore the breweries of Plzeň (Pilsen) and České, some of Europe’s finest. Don’t miss a visit to the city of Prague, which is a veritable hub of art, culture, and music. You can further visit Terezin Monument, Cesky Krumlovand and take a Karlstejn Castle Tour.

10. Spain

city mozajka park guell barcelona spain

Spain beats hot to its own drum. It’s a city of passion, of great food, of dance and music that will make your blood throb. It’s an otherworldly metropolis where passion makes everything happen. Be sure to explore the incredible coasts of Catalonia, Barcelona. The entire coast is lined with living statues. Barcelona is known for its museums, cabarets, nightlife, and music. Spain’s wineries are some of the finest. Join in the street parades and random passionate dances that happen all over the country.

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11. France

eiffel tower paris france

France is home to some truly incredible and dramatic landscapes. There are lovely beaches along the French Rivera, dotted with picturesque chateaus. The Louvre in Paris is a definite must-visit, as is the Eiffel Tower. France has some great wildlife parks that you must visit. The Champagne region with its rolling countryside and the winding roads of the Chamonix Valley will give you a taste for the French countryside. Be sure to taste some great wines and explore your culinary side while in France while on your European vacation.

12. United Kingdom

london uk

Explore all of the UK, all the way from England’s cities and countrysides, to Scotland via Wales. Explore the incredible historic city of London, the picturesque Lake District and the many other quaint little towns in between. Don’t miss checking out the university towns of Cambridge and Oxford. Scotland is home to untouched vistas of natural landscapes and incredible medieval castles. Wales is rich in mountains and scenery, so be sure to take your camera with you. The UK is rich in history, in art, in music, and in natural beauty; it is one of the best European countries to visit.

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Europe was the center of the old world and is still the center of the modern world. Europe’s vast diversity in terms of culture, languages, food, drink, and landscapes make it the most-visited of all continents even today. Don’t forget to pack your camera when you travel to Europe. You’ll find a number of reasons for using it!

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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