“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

The quotes mentioned above sum up the essence of travel – and activity as essential as your job! Traveling for leisure or recreation may seem like a non-productive act but we end up learning the most important life lessons on our travels when we witness different cultures and norms. There is an abundance of natural and architectural beauty on our planet Earth, and to pick up the best travel destinations becomes quite a task. In this article, however, we’ll try to create a list of 15 countries to be prioritized for backpackers and tourists planning to travel in 2023.

Best Countries to Travel

1. Italy

Colosseum Italy

The Colosseum in Rome and the Leaning Tower in Pisa are one of the most recognized man-made structures in the world. There are numerous reasons to travel to Italy – food, wine, beaches, historical buildings, and the list goes on. Italy has the most number of sites inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Cities like Naples, Rome, and Milan are favorites with the tourists visiting this beautiful country full of aestheticism.

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2. China

The Great Wall of China

The fusion of history with modernity is what draws the international tourists in this vast nation which welcomed more than 60 million guests from other nations in 2020. China is a mixed bag of culture and tradition with modernity at its peak in Shenzhen and Shanghai while the Great Wall reminds you of the many battles fought in history. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the rural beauty of Yunnan draw the maximum number of tourists in this country of infinite travel opportunities.

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3. Spain Sagrada Familia Spain

The world wants to party in Ibiza! Well, it is not the only happening place in this country of party, history and Mediterranean life. Spain has a total of 45 World Heritage sites as of 2020 with 13 of its cities declared as World Heritage Cities for their architectural, cultural and natural heritage. Barcelona and Madrid are the biggest cities and garner the maximum attention of visiting tourists.

4. France

Eiffel Tower France

An evening in Paris will give you a lifetime of memories. Paris is considered to be the most romantic city in the world with people proposing marriage under the Eiffel Tower from all around the world. Other famous locations in this nation of history and tradition include Toulouse, Marseille with its beaches, Bordeaux and Strasbourg. The French countryside is also a revered world over for its scenery and serenity.

5. Germany

neuschwanstein castle germany

Berlin is often referred to as an artist’s paradise as even the sewage system of the city is aesthetic in nature with a vibrant colored pipeline system. Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt, and Hamburg are the other tourist’s favorite. Modern architectural marvels boast of the quality of engineering in Germany while the historical buildings in old city areas are reminiscent of the days gone by!

6. India

Taj Mahal India

India is a land of forests, beaches, and the mighty Himalayas. The coastline of India is quite vast as it is surrounded by sea from three sides. The Himalayan exploration can be done in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. The jungles of Madhya Pradesh and Kerala offer scenes one is bound to remember for life. A total of 35 World Heritage sites inclusive of the hill forts of Rajasthan place India among the best places to travel in the world.

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7. Mexico

Chichen Itza Mexico

Best Time to visit Mexico is during the months of December and January when there are a lot of festivals and carnivals. Mexico has a mixed culture of European and Meso-American norms which makes it unique. Cancun, Mexico City, and Guanajuato are the favorite of tourists. The beaches and natural heritage of Mexico make it a top travel destination with backpackers.

8. United Kingdom


London is referred to as the cultural capital of the world and it is for no lame reason. The city boasts of many institutions that have contributed to the development of the modern world as we know it. The iconic distribution of the capital of England over the Thames is one of the most painted pieces of art. Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Manchester are the top traveled destinations in this land of history and art. The islands which are a major part of the UK like the Isle of Man are scenic and perfect for romantic as well as adventurous excursions.

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9. Russia

Saint Basils Cathedral

There are many ethnic cultures in Russia which make it an interesting place to visit as people witness different cultures in different regions, each completely distinct from the other. Russian food is full of flavors and international tourism revolves a lot around the interest in its cuisine. Most visited spots include the capital region in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal in Siberia and a group of monuments at Vladivostok.

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10. USA

Las Vegas Boulevard USA

Disney Park, Las Vegas Strip, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, and the list is endless. The USA is perhaps the most popular destination with international tourists with record intercontinental tourism. People are crazy to witness the buildings and architectural wonders they often see in movies and television around the world. New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami are the top cities on the list of visitors. The USA generates maximum revenue from tourism in the world!

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11. Japan


The land of the Samurai has a lot to offer to the visitors looking to enjoy a mix of modern and traditional. Tokyo is the busiest city of the world and to cross the street on the busy squares is an experience paralleled by none other. Kyoto is an ancient city with thousands of years of history and the land of Geisha. Mt. Fuji on the backdrop of Tokyo makes for a breath-taking site early morning if you’re staying at a place that offers the view. Osaka has a huge footfall of foreign visitors as well.

12. Australia

Twelve Apostoles Australia

Australia is a compulsive occupant of all lists of best countries to visit in 2021 for many reasons. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Besides Sydney, other places of interest include Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane with its beaches with Cairns being the entry point for visiting the Great Barrier Reef.


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13. Greece

Santorini Greece

Greece is a dream of every traveler, particularly for its historical value. The cities – Santorini and Athens are full of sites which are bound to appeal to the human eye for their aesthetics. Mount Olympus draws a lot of crowd from Europe as well as other regions each year. The historical monuments in Greece are bound to leave the visitors spellbound with the history that goes behind them.

14. New Zealand

New Zealand

Tourism in New Zealand is witnessing an explosive growth with the readers of The Telegraph, a popular English daily voting for it as their favorite holiday destination. This is not the only major survey where NZ has topped as the favorite among travel enthusiasts. Most frequented tourist spots in the nation including the capital Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown with adventure excursions in Milford Sound, Tasman National Park, and the Tongariro National Park.

15. South Africa

kruger national park South Africa

Cape Town with its beaches and chic pubs has become a favored destination for young tourists looking for revelry. Johannesburg and Durban are the other two cities that are on the itinerary of each traveler in this nation with a long colonial history. The Kruger National Park is considered to be one of the best game reserves in the world. Food in South Africa is special with a variety of seafood and local delicacies on the offer.

Travel Enthusiasts are requested to follow the news and current affairs before traveling to any destination to check for any social or political turmoil which might affect their safety!

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