Looking forward to visit some breathtakingly beautiful destinations this year? Take a look at the list below. We promise you’ll be dazzled with the spectacular beauty of these places and a visit to see them in person will eventually be the driving force for all your travels this year.

Here’s presenting a list of the world’s most beautiful cities that should be in your bucket list.

1. Paris

Paris The grand boulevards, magnificent bridges, amazing architectures and the monumental squares; Paris is ornate with beauty all around. It has been an inspiration in one way to every other city of the world to be the least as beautiful, sophisticated and elegant as itself. Whether you see it from the Eiffel Tower or simply sit on a roadside café bar and watch the city breeze through, it’s easily going to count as one of the most beautiful sights you have seen in your lifetime. If you’re short on time, take a guided city tour or opt for a hop-on, hop-off Paris Big Bus tour to discover the city.

2. Venice


It’s actually unfair to call Venice a city, it’s a heaven of lovers. The place is so unique that no other destination can match its charm in the world. With its unreal scenery and each building’s architecture serving as a magical artwork, Venice seems too good to be true. But to those who have personally seen it; it’s a paradise on earth.

3. Florence


Known for its magnificent museums, artistic brilliance, and spectacular palaces; Florence still has managed to keep an unspoiled skyline, and the overall city looks straight out of a 19th century storybook. A true delight to the eyes, Florence packs a perfect punch of beauty and architectural masterpieces like no other. The birthplace of the Italian renaissance, Florence is a city full of iconic sights and historical delights.

4. Prague

Prague The exceptional city of Prague has monuments dating back to almost every period. This capital of Czech Republic is dissected by the beautiful Vivalta River and standing on its bridge; you can best admire the city of thousand spires on a Panoramic Vltava River Cruise. The pedestrian Charles Bridge, the charming Gothic churches, and the colorful baroque buildings along with amazing people together make the city a sensory delight.

5. Rio De Janerio

Rio De Janeiro

Those who have visited the city agrees to the famous saying ‘God created the world in 6 days and devoted the 7th day in creating Rio De Janeiro’. Sitting in one of the world’s most picturesque locations of the planet, Rio De Janerio is a feast to the eyes if you are standing on top of the Sugarloaf Mountain and looking at its stunning landscape. With an air of undying energy and vibrancy all year round, the spirit of Rio De Janerio adds to its already glorious beauty.

6. Lisbon


Regarded as one of the most scenic cities in the world, Lisbon has an unforgettable view at the end of almost every street you walk on to. Beautiful tiled facades with seductive and pristine viewpoints along with spectacular pastel colored buildings blending in way found nowhere else in the world; Lisbon truly looks like a masterpiece of art waiting to be appreciated more and more.

7. Amsterdam

Amsterdam The official buildings, residences and small cafes surrounding the either side of the city’s main canals can be easily mistaken as architectural monuments for their sheer beauty and simplistic magnificence. Lined up in an aesthetic elegance, Amsterdam is one of the most charming cities in the world with elegantly cobbled streets, simplistic yet sophisticated architecture and an air of naïve beauty. Take an Amsterdam walking tour or a bike tour or most ideally enjoy a cruise down its UNESCO-listed canal district.

8. Budapest


A beautiful result of the amalgamation of three cities, Budapest is divided into two by the pristine Danube River. A city full of stunning architecture and romance in its air, Budapest shines with a complexed history and memories. Blessed with abundance of hot springs, and a treasure trove for it structural design; Budapest is a city of charming people, impenetrable language, complex history, and awe-inspiring architecture.

9. Rome


No list of beautiful cities in the world is complete without a respectable mention of Rome. Standing by the Tibe River on its seven hills, Rome is a city to stroll and lose oneself in its tangled streets and superlative culinary experiences. Only a handful other cities in the world can even think of matching up to its marvelous architecture. With world class museums, ancient statues, artistic churches, and various art masterpieces that stand around the corners of the city; Rome in every way is once in a lifetime experience.

10. Bruges


One of the world’s most preserved cities, Bruges can hardly be called a metropolis but still its astonishingly romantic cobbled streets, baroque monuments, the spectacular oval canal, combined with its magnificent architecture makes it one of the most visited cities in Europe. It makes its way effortlessly to the list of most beautiful cities of the world for its serene canal side spots, well preserved medieval architectures and splendid beauty.

11. Lucerne


It’s hard to miss any place in the beautiful Switzerland but still Lucerne manages to be ‘ridiculously beautiful’ and refuses to be just about any other city of Switzerland, instead captures its very essence. Sitting in a picture perfect setting on the lake of Lucerne, the city oozes beauty it’s every turn. Lucerne offers the most beautiful panoramic Alps and historical buildings coming in sharp contrasts with the city’s innovative designs in modern structures. This car-free small city boasts of historical houses, gale paintings, beautiful views atop its surrounding mountains and love everywhere in the air.

12. Edinburgh


With its colossal medieval old town feel, this capital city of the Scotland Island does complete justice in introducing the world the outstanding beauty of Scotland. Boasting of a fairytale setting all across, Edinburgh is home of warm people in celebration of their food, dance having infectious simplicity. The beautiful setting of the city gives a strange feel of being away from the world. It has a rare mix of the medieval old town and the sophisticated new Georgian town feel effortlessly blending into one, yet essentially different from the world we live in.

The meaning of beauty is different for everyone but there are some places that are unanimously regarded as a treat to eyes, mind, body and soul. They are majestically beautiful to all the eyes, even to the most critical tourists in the world. These cities represent the love God showered while creating the world.

If you have visited a city that has amazed you beyond your imagination, then please do share with us.

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