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September is the month of pleasant experiences, mostly with moderate weather, fewer crowds, and appealing transitions. Planning for a September getaway? This guide will cater to eager travelers who have donned their holiday hats to travel in September 2023 without hassle.

Affordable, off-season, and autumnal, September is the time to plan that long, abandoned trip you’ve been dreaming of. It is ideal for casual outdoor activities as the summer heat dwindles and the gentle winds make a swift entry.

For most people, September is back-to-school and back-to-work month. As a result, the crowd gets thinner. So, you can rock up to your favorite cafe and grab a sea view without waiting in long lines. Also, the drop in the price of airfare, hotels, and even attractions makes room for a super bargain holiday.

In a nutshell, September is for backpackers and budget travelers who wish to explore their adored junctions and paint the town red without making a hole in their pocket.

15 Best Places to Visit in September 2023

Combining some of the best luxuries, adventurous thrills, and spellbinding nature from around the world, we have lined up the 15 best places that you can check out in September 2023 for a fulfilling retreat. Brace yourself up, as you have some important decisions to make.



After an exhausting summer, Prague comes alive in September. Kick start your day in summery clothes, and after sundown, squeeze yourself into a warm jacket. It is a historical city harking back to the millennium, with its mix of domed historical monuments, art galleries, cobbled lanes, romantic riverfront bridges, Gothic buildings, and classic cafes. The month sees a huge footfall, but even the crowds cannot take away the spectacle of the authentic charm here.

Average Temperature: 11°C – 21°C

Top Things to Do and See: Prague Castle, Old Town and Jewish Quarter, Devils Channel Cruise, Prague International Festival, Wenceslas Square

Costa Rica

Poás Volcano National Park

Wet in the Central Valley and the Pacific Coast but driest on the Caribbean side, Costa Rica has a fun variation of weather in September. On one side, it embraces rainforests, beaches, river valleys, and striking wildlife, while on the other, it introduces you to a glamorous and peppy lifestyle. Relax, take a massage, dive into the sea, hike the rugged terrain, eat good food, and make innumerable memories.

Average Temperature: 17°C – 25°C

Top Things to Do and See: Dia de la Independencia, Tortuguero National Park, Rafting, Camaronal Wildlife Refuge, Food Tour



Oozing fascinating history and rich culture, Greece in September is roomy, pleasant, and affordable. Bask in the Mediterranean sunshine, uncover the cultural treasures, cycle through lush forests, stroll across cobbled Byzantine streets, and catch a tan at the golden beaches. The calendar brimming with a full slate of events and activities guarantee endless fun.

Average Temperature: 19°C – 24°C

Top Things to Do and See: Athens International Film Festival, Armata Festival, Acropolis, Santorini, Delphi

Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Are you looking to ditch the Northern Hemisphere summer? Tick off Rio De Janeiro, which has seven days of rain in September and marks an end to the brisk winters. From soccer to samba, Copacabana shores to Corcovado Mountain, the picture-perfect backdrop to palatable dishes, and tropical forests to tranquil spots, the Brazilian state is jam-packed with awe-inspiring experiences. Immerse yourself in the festivities as Brazil celebrates its independence on September 7.

Average Temperature: 19°C – 25°C

Top Things to Do and See: Christ the Redeemer, Tijuca National Park, Santa Teresa, Ipanema Beach, Brazilian Independence Day


Cloud Gate

Predominantly, the weather in Chicago is warm in September, but it can switch between fall and rainy. Tucked on Lake Michigan in Illinois, this futuristic city has gained stardom for rocking musical festivals all through the year. It is a splendid month to indulge in a spectrum of exciting experiences. Gawk at the bold architecture, marvel at the street murals, attend a baseball game, check out the masterpieces in an art museum, and bike along the promenade. And don’t forget to loosen your belts; there is so much to eat.

Average Temperature: 17°C – 23°C

Top Things to Do and See: Architecture Cruise, Artfest Michigan Avenue, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago, North Coast Music Festival

Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Although the transition from summer to fall usually brings cooler weather, Abu Dhabi keeps it warm and pleasant. It is a quintessential cosmopolitan emirate that is home to well-intact heritage, breathtaking landscapes, delicious Arabic cuisine, miles of dunes, luxurious staycations, and Formula One rides—and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In September, you can snag a reasonable room rate, dive into the water parks, and shop the latest brands in city-sized malls.

Average Temperature: 31°C – 38°C

Top Things to Do and See: Yas Waterworld, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital


Hagia Sophia Istanbul Turkey

Fancy a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia or want to take a dip in thermal hot springs in Pamukkale? September is the onset of autumn, when Turkey changes into a vibrant epicenter of entertainment and blooms in its full glory. Straddling Europe and Asia, the country has soaring mountains, uncrowded beaches, off-the-beaten adventures, an overwhelming blend of cultures, famous baths, archaeological sites, and natural bounty.

Average Temperature: 20°C – 31°C

Top Things to Do and See: Topkapi Palace Museum, Grand Mosque of Bursa, The Armenian Apostolic Church, Kleopatra Beach, Grand Bazaar

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India, a multifaceted, beautiful and rustic country with a dynamic array of cultures, languages and festivals, is an underrated gem. Although there are spurts of rain, September remains hot and dry, accompanied by a balmy breeze. This vast country is dotted with centuries-old temples, Mughal-style architecture, wildlife sanctuaries, sun-washed beaches, and colossal movie sets. Set your taste buds rolling as you eat the mouth-watering, spicy, and tangy gastronomical collection.

Average Temperature: 22°C – 32°C

Top Things to Do and See: Golden Triangle, Kerala, Varanasi, Amber Palace, Taj Mahal, Ganesh Chaturthi



Boasting amicable weather and a light crowd, it is late summer in Switzerland. Perfect for outings and adventures, you can go sightseeing, hiking, and sky diving. Across the ever-innovative and ravishing landscapes, travelers can stumble upon alpine pursuits, chic skylines, majestic cascades, modern art, and pea-green vineyards.

Average Temperature: 11°C – 19°C

Top Things to Do and See: Oktoberfest, Zurich, Interlaken, Swiss National Park, Lake Geneva


Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires

Whether you look for high-octane action like hiking the peaks or simply want to ease off and walk with the penguins, Argentina meets the standards and lives up to your expectations. With its aromatic wines, mountain villages, jaw-dropping cascades, fantastic museums, street-side tango, and towns with unique personalities, a vacation here will fit the bill. The wilderness, cultural awareness, and grandeur make a winning combo.

Average Temperature: 11°C – 19°C

Top Things to Do and See: Salta, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Fall, Patagonia, Wine Tasting Tours



From couples’ go-to destination to a surfer’s paradise, Bali remains one of the favorite spots on any travel bucket list. Bali in September is lovely and alluring, with plenty of sunshine, clear skies, and occasional showers of rain. The bountiful natural attractions – coral reefs in azure seas, sun loungers by the golden beaches, magnificent temples and rejuvenating spa treatments – are the ultimate recipe for a relaxed holiday.

Average Temperature: 22°C – 27°C

Top Things to Do and See: Bali Treetop Adventure Park, Tegenungan Waterfall, Pura Tanah Lot, Surfing in Kuta, Sidemen



A magical island acknowledged for its sheer charm and picture-postcard views, Ireland calls romantic couples for an unforgettable getaway. The flawless vistas will compel you to take long drives. It is amazing how you will switch from a monotonous routine to an incredible, calm life amidst the meadows, vast lakes, and hillsides.

Average Temperature: 9°C – 13°C

Top Things to Do and See: Galway Oyster Festival, Road Trips, Glendalough, Irish Castles, Dublin



50 provinces, 17 autonomous regions, and a minimum of five languages — Spain is a country more diverse and vibrant than you might imagine. The time runs slowly, the coastline is longer, and there is an event almost every day of the year. Watch its flamenco shows, browse its timeless beauty, and choose from the breadth of gastronomic specialities — a tour to this epic land will enliven your soul.

Average Temperature: 13°C – 29°C

Top Things to Do and See: Alhambra, Flamenco Show in Seville, Madrid’s Markets, Barcelona Festivals, Valencia



Enjoying cooler nights and warm days, Croatia has varying climates across its latitudes. The lack of summer crowds offers no-reservation dining, carefree strolling by the beaches, lazing in the cabanas, burgeoning festival scenes, and great pictures at national parks for the ‘gram. History buffs can explore the UNESCO world heritage site, Dubrovnik, which is a magnificent walled old town overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Average Temperature: 18°C – 25°C

Top Things to Do and See: Dubrovnik Old Town Walls, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Island Hopping, Diocletian’s Palace, Cruising and Snorkeling



At less than two hours’ drive from Cape Town, Hermanus has revamped itself from a fishing village to a quaint seaside town that witnesses spring in September. This beautiful destination with cliffside treks, secluded white-sand beaches, and countryside restaurants is biased towards adrenaline seekers and oenophiles. Its best-selling activity is a whale-watching tour, for which you can hop on a boat and head out to sea or ascend Siever’s Point.

Average Temperature: 11°C – 20°C

Top Things to Do and See: Hermanus Whale Festival, Hiking, Beach Hopping, Klipgat Caves, Frenkloof Nature Reserve

Tips to Travel in September 2023

  • The weather is quite unpredictable in September. So, make sure to check the weather forecast for the respective destination.
  • To experience smooth travel, pre-book the tours and attractions online with Rayna Tours. Rayna Tours is a trustworthy travel agency that offers a myriad of experiences at a reasonable price.
  • Pack the first-aid kit, prescribed medicines, comfortable shoes, and other essentials.

FAQ about travelling in September 2023

1. Which is the best place to vacation in September 2023?

Prague, Buenos Aires, Hermanus, and Barcelona are some of the best places to visit in September 2023.

2. Which countries should I visit in September 2023?

Greece, Spain, Croatia, and South Africa are the best countries to visit in September 2023.

3. Is Abu Dhabi ideal for visiting in September 2023?

Fall is the perfect time to watch the wonders of Abu Dhabi. September is the shoulder season, when there is a lesser crowd and slashed rates for stays and tours.

4. Which places can I visit in September for the late summer sun?

Turkey, Spain, and Croatia are ideal for the late summer sun.

5. Which places can I visit for my honeymoon in September 2023?

Bali, Greece, and Italy are the best places for a honeymoon in September 2023.

6. Which are the cheapest places to visit in September 2023?

Buenos Aires, Hungary, Barcelona, Prague, and Hawaii are the cheapest places to visit in September 2023.

Get Set Go…

Sandwiched between elegant locations and an adrenaline fix, isn’t this list of destinations a dream bucket list? In addition, September is the right time for savvy travelers as the prices are lower and the weather is charming. So, now that you know where to fly for your next holiday, go through all the travel requirements and create cheerful moments in complete safety.

Priya is an avid travel blogger and writer. My passion for travel has to lead me to meet amazing new friends and discover new cultures all around the world.

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