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Yas Waterworld is one of the most prominent and touted as one of the best water parks in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, it is amongst the best-known attractions in UAE. Spread around 15 hectares of land, this water park is home to 40 amazing rides and slides. In addition to this, the unique Emirati-theme of

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

is what makes it popular among both residents and tourists. Be it a family holiday or a vacation with just your friends, a trip to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld should be on your itinerary if having fun is on your agenda. Yas Waterworld should be on your itinerary if having fun is on your agenda.

Why Yas Waterworld?

  • Yas Water park

    has 40 rides and attractions that are divided into various categories, as per the difficulty level.
  • Young Fun (Low), Moving & Grooving (Medium), Exciting Adventure (High) and Adrenaline Rush (Extreme) are the categories of the rides found at this park.
  • All the attractions are divided into six different zones, ensuring that there is something fun for everyone who visits the park.
  • Right from indulging in thrilling adventures to lazing around in the pool, there are lots to do at the Yas Waterworld.

Story of Yas Waterworld’s Theme

Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld boasts of all the features of a modern water park with state-of-the-art attractions and amenities. However, it is still closely associated with the culture of the UAE.

The theme of the park is influenced by pearl diving, the oldest profession of the Emiratis, before the oil and tourism boom. Throughout the park, you can follow the (true) story of the girl named Dana, who goes on an adventure to bring back the lost pearl, responsible for the happiness and prosperity of her village.

The architecture and design of the place tell you the story of how Dana overcomes all the hurdles with the help of several animals to finally retrieve the pearl. Apart from the architecture, the stores, restaurants as well as the characters at the park are based on this story.

All About Yas Waterworld

  • Best Time to Visit Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is a popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi, and hence you must expect a crowd whenever you go. However, it would be best to reach as early as possible, to avoid a major queue. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends and holidays. When it comes to the best season to visit the water park, every season would be great, although, during summertime, you may want to spend time really early in the morning or late in the afternoon, once the weather cools down a bit. It is best to plan your trip to Yas Waterworld as per your convenience.

  • Yas Waterworld Timings

Timings of Yas Waterworld are as follows:

  • Saturday to Wednesday: 10 AM to 8 PM (except Thursday & Friday)
  • Thursday: 10 AM to 5 PM and 6 PM to 11 PM (Ladies Day and Ladies Night)
  • Friday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

These timings remain the same throughout the year. Still, it would be better to check the official website of the water park before you go.

  • How to Reach Yas Waterworld

    • From Abu Dhabi: If you are visiting Yas Waterworld from Abu Dhabi, you can take a shuttle bus from Saadiyat Island. You can also take a taxi to reach the water park.
    • From Dubai: There are shuttle buses on a daily basis from Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre that would take you to Yas Waterworld. The total driving time would come around 50 minutes. If you want to have a comfortable ride, it would be best to hire a private car. Rayna Tours’ Yas Waterworld from Dubai package includes transportation along with the tickets.
  • Yas Waterworld Tickets


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Yas Waterworld Rides and Attractions

With around 40 slides, rides and attractions, there is no way you’ll have even a minute to think anything but fun at Yas Waterworld. Whatever might be your expectation when it comes to adventure and thrill, you would surely have a great time at the water park. While all the rides and attractions are state-of-the-art and exciting, some are truly unique. Listed below are some of the best rides and attractions of

Yas Water park.

1. Falcon’s Falaj
falcons falaj

The longest water rollercoaster in the Middle East, you would zip through numerous jaw-dropping twists, turns and drops at a high speed, while riding on Falcon’s Falaj. The minimum high requirement is 110 cm.

2. Bandit Bomber
bandit bomber

The longest suspended roller coaster in the Middle East, the Bandit Bomber gives you the chance to splash walking below with water. With laser and water effects, this ride is surely one-of-a-kind. There is no minimum requirement here, but kids should be accompanied by responsible adults.

3. Jebel Drop

Pump in the adrenaline at Jebel Drop, the tallest vertical drop waterslide of the park. You would not only get an exciting ride down the slide but also a great view of the entire park just before you go. The rider must be above 1.2 m tall and should not weigh more than 136 kg.

4. Liwa Loop
liwa loop

A high-density waterside with numerous loops, the Liwa Loop would leave the blood pumping in your ears. The person should be taller than 1.2 meters. The minimum weight requirement is 40 g and the maximum weight requirement is 136 kg.

5. Slither’s Slides
slithers slides

Slither’s Slides are five water slides, each slide designed like a slithering snake. But what makes them exciting is that every slide has a unique theme. Filled with 3D and LED light effects, you would experience different themes before being thrown into a huge splash pool. This attraction is so addictive that you would want to do it repeatedly. The minimum height requirement is 110 cm.

6. Sebag

If you are feeling competitive, challenge 5 of your friends for a sliding competition at Sebag. The six-lane racer slide would surely give you the thrills. The minimum height requirement is 120 cm.

Halmool’s Humps, Bubbles Barrel, Dawwama, etc. are some other exciting rides and slides that you would enjoy here.

Kid and Family-Friendly Attractions

While the thrill rides would entice the older adventure lovers, several other attractions would engage the little ones and their parents.

1. Amwaj Wave Pool
amwaj wave pool

Enjoy a beach-like experience by lounging in the Amwaj Wave Pool.

2. Yadi Yas
yadi yas

Chill out with your family while relaxing in the tubes when the gentle waves of Yadi Yas tug you along the pool.

3. Cannon Point

Have the time of your lives while trying to splash water through water cannons and dodging the same onslaught from others. This is surely a riot for both kids and adults.

4. Marah Fortress
marah fortress

An extremely fun place for children, this is a fortress right in the center of the pool. With so many slides and water cannons, this is one of the favorite places for kids at the Yas Waterpark.

5. Cinesplash

Enjoy a cinematic experience as you see the journey of Dana and her friends to retrieve the Lost Pearl in 5D. Complete with amazing special effects like water explosions, moving seats, waterfalls, etc. Cinesplash is definitely enjoyable. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is 110 cm.

6. Tot’s Playground

A place where kids (even infants) can have the time of their day. Consisting of splash pools and a variety of slides, this is the perfect place for little children. Kids between the heights of 150-210 cm are allowed here.

More About Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld Dining

As you would be spending almost an entire day at the park, you would be wanting to know about the dining options here. You really do not have to worry about this as the food options are endless. Here are some of the popular dining options at Yas Waterworld.

  • Chubby’s Kitchen

Chubby’s Kitchen offers great Arabic and Indian food and at the same time a good view of the roller coasters and the pearl divers.

  • Dana’s Diner

Complete with both outdoor and indoor seating, this casual restaurant would give you the chance to indulge in burgers, BBQ wings, salads, sandwiches, etc.

  • Skinny’s Frozen Treats

The heat of Abu Dhabi can be excruciating. So, cool down by treating yourself with frozen lemonades, ice cream, shaved ice with syrup, etc. at Skinny’s Frozen Treats.

  • Gah, what Nasser

More of a sweet store rather than a restaurant, Gahwat Nasser sells a lot of traditional stuff including fresh dates, Arabic coffee, camel milk chocolate, etc.

  • Salma’s Nack Shack

Take a break and grab delicious sandwiches, juices, slushies, fresh fruit or even smoothies to give your energy a must-needed-boost to enjoy more rides.

Yas Waterworld Dress Code


  • It is important to follow the dress code of Yas Waterworld while enjoying the rides or taking a dip in the pool. Here is information on what you need to wear while visiting Yas Waterworld.
  • Swimwear is compulsory for everyone including adults, children, and infants as well.
  • Ladies can wear a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece bikini as well.
  • Men can wear swimming trunks and a t-shirt


  • Do not show up in your underwear like boxers, briefs, etc. You have to wear proper swimwear.
  • However, make sure the attire is not transparent or translucent in private areas.
  • Do not wear clothes like shirts or jackets that have to be buttoned or zipped up in the front.
  • Clothes that have buckles, buttons, snaps, zippers, etc. should be avoided.
  • You cannot wear denim clothing.
  • Avoid wearing accessories like belts, jewelry, etc. which can damage the attractions
  • If your kid is not toilet trained, it would be best to use special swimwear diapers rather than the regular ones.
  • If you do not have proper swimwear, you can buy it (and even the swimwear diapers) from the park store.

Tips for Visiting Yas Waterworld

Here are some things that you should remember while visiting Yas Waterworld:

  • Lockers are available at an extra price where you can keep your belongings safe. Towels are also available on rent at the water park.
  • Electronic wristbands are available at the entrance of the park. You can recharge the wristband with money and pay for food and other things through it. This way, you do not need to worry about your money getting wet, lost or stolen. At the end of the day, if there is unused money on the wristband, it would be refunded to you.
  • You cannot smoke anywhere at the park, except at the designated smoking areas. There are four of them across the park.
  • You cannot bring outside food or beverages inside the park.
  • Alcohol is not served anywhere inside the park.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the park, except for service animals.


Yas Waterworld is the ultimate family holiday destination that is worth spending your entire day at. Do visit the place if you are planning a holiday in Abu Dhabi. While Yas Waterworld is one of the best water parks in the UAE, do check out the best water parks in Dubai such as Aquaventure Water Park, Wild Wadi water park and more, to make your holiday even more fun.

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