Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city on the mainland of an island in the Persian Gulf. It is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional culture. Most tourists visiting the UAE consider it a paradise in this desert country.

There are hundreds of places to explore and numerous things to do in Abu Dhabi, like visiting museums, parks, monuments, natural wonders, and landmarks. But did you know that you can visit most of them free of charge, that is, there is no entry charge for exploring these places? In addition, you can also see these tourist hotspots using Abu Dhabi shuttle buses free of cost.

Top places to visit in Abu Dhabi free of charge

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The beautiful white and gold Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Known for its stunning architecture, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must-visit in Abu Dhabi. The mosque is an example of the cultural diversity of the city.

Entry to the religious place and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Guide cultural tours are free of cost.

2. Hiking at Jebel Hafit

Situated at an altitude of 1,249 meters, Jebel Hafit is the highest peak in Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for some adventure, pack your bags and hike up the Jebel Hafit.

From the top of the peak, you will witness a magnificent view of Al Ain, and this is the perfect backdrop for your Facebook profile picture. You can also visit Jebel Hafit by car.

3. Family time at Umm Al Emarat Park

Umm Al Emarat Park Abu Dhabi

If you are in Abu Dhabi with your family, you won’t want to miss Umm Al Emarat Park, one of the largest and oldest parks. It is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family under the sun.

Do not forget to explore the nearby botanical garden and the animal farm which has several camels, cows, goats, and ponies. You can also spend time in the beautiful shade houses.

4. Al Wathba Camel Racing

Camel Racing Abu Dhabi

A popular pastime for both tourists and residents is watching camel racing. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visit the Al Wathba Camel racing track early on weekends to see this one-of-a-kind race.

The entry is free; however, you can also place bets.

5. Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace Hotel

Abu Dhabi has thousands of magnificent and royal resorts. And Emirates Palace is the most luxurious resort in the Seven Emirates of the UAE. But you can visit this place free of charge and witness its unparalleled beauty.

You can visit the Emirates Palace, admire the architecture, and explore the surrounding greenery. This luxury resort is the perfect example of Arabian luxury.

6. Go back in time to the Heritage Village

Heritage Village Abu dhabi

Want to see some of the oldest places in Abu Dhabi? Then you must visit the Heritage Village, which previously used to be the main fishing harbor. You can walk through the village and admire it for free.

While exploring the Heritage Village, you can visit where the local Bedouins live and spend your afternoon watching them create beautiful metal crafts and masterpieces. You can buy beautiful souvenirs for your loved ones back home from here.

7. Morning Walk at the Corniche

Abu Dhabi skyline from cycle paths of Corniche

The Corniche is the perfect place for morning and evening walks. While walking with your partner, you can enjoy the soothing breeze of the nearby sea. You can walk around 5 miles while exploring the enormous skyscrapers on one side and the beautiful beach on the other.

You can also rent a bike and ride along the Corniche while enjoying the soothing sea breeze. You can also relish some freshly caught seafood at the lovely seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

8. Salt Lake, in Al Wathba

Long salt lake Abu Dhabi Image Credit:

Long Salt Lake in Abu Dhabi, aka Al Wathba Long Salt Lake, has been recently in the news and has taken social media by storm. This beautiful stretch of emerald-green water in Abu Dhabi attracts millions of tourists. Tourists mainly come here to click pictures and enjoy barbecues at the beach.

Salt Lake in Al Wathba is a unique site, as people are not used to seeing this in the dry Middle East. So it is definitely worth the hype.

9. Al Ain Oasis

Al Ain, UAE

This magnificent park covers 3,000 acres of green land and is famous for its majestic palm trees. Here you can take a pleasant evening stroll, rest under the trees, and taste the local dates.

You can also learn about the traditional irrigation technique known as “falaj.” This efficient irrigation system is used mainly to water the local trees.

10. Reem Central Park

Want to spend the evening playing some basketball with your friends? Then visit the Reem Central Park, located in the center of Reem Island. The park is a famous tourist spot and has exciting facilities for everyone.

After a match, you can also enjoy the local delicacies at any food truck. There is also an exciting BMX track.

11. Al Bateen Beach

Al Bateen Beach Abu dhabi Image Credit:

Want to show off your tan to your friends and family? Then a free trip to Al Bateen Beach is a must. Get a lovely fitting swimsuit, rub some sunscreen over your body, relax on the deckchairs, and let the sun do its job.

You can also get a full view of the lovely Hudariyat Island. Use the magnificent view as a backdrop; this is the perfect place for some of the best Instragrammable photos. One can also enjoy the lovely sunset from this beach.

12. Oasis of Dignity

Another amazing place to visit in Abu Dhabi is the Oasis of Dignity. This beautiful structure is a tribute to the fallen soldiers of the UAE.

The Oasis of Dignity is a magnificent piece of architecture, and people from different parts of the globe flock to this place. The soldiers’ names have also been scribed on the pavilion in their honor. This is another place in Abu Dhabi you can visit free of charge.


While staying in Abu Dhabi, you do not need to burn a hole in your pockets to visit the beautiful places and monuments. You can visit any of the places on the list mentioned above.

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