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Besides the lovely places to visit, such as theme parks, gardens, beaches, and adventure activities, Abu Dhabi is also popular for its multi-cuisine experience. Other than the local cuisines, if wish to sample some of the best seafood dishes in the world, then Abu Dhabi is perfect.

However, you must first know which places in Abu Dhabi sell the best seafood. You can’t simply go to any restaurant and ask for good food. Also, you have to consider other factors, like whether you are searching for an affordable option or a high-end, expensive one.

So today’s guide will be about the best seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi and what special and unique dishes they offer.

Top Places To have Seafood in Abu Dhabi

1. Aquarium Restaurant Yas Marina

Aquarium Restaurant Yas Marina Image Credit:

Located in the center of Yas Marina, the Aquarium Restaurant is well known for its exotic cuisines, hygiene, and world-class decor. You can choose your desired dish from the “Fish Market” section on the menu card, where you can get fresh seafood and select your preference for spices and sauce.

This award-winning seafood restaurant also has a beautiful view of the marina. After sunset, the restaurant transforms into a lively night spot with live music and DJ.

The Aquarium Restaurant is also near Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You can spend an exciting day in the indoor theme park and then tick off your day with a delicious seafood meal at the Aquarium Restaurant Yas Marina.

Popular dishes: Crispy prawns, Sushi, and Herb baked Oysters

2. Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant

Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant

Next on the list is the Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant! It is famed for its Louisiana-style fresh seafood boils, cooked by top-class chefs with their unique blend of secret spices and sauces.

Also, the restaurant is favored for its unique preparation of the crab claw, along with fresh salmon and lobster. Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant is the perfect spot for a get-together with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Popular Dishes: Firecracker shrimps and cheesy seafood crunch

3. Catch

Catch Abu Dhabi Image Credit:

Located in the National Riviera Beach club, Catch is well known for its local cuisines and seafood varieties. This Abu Dhabi seafood restaurant is also popular for its spectacular sea views and stylish interiors. Just imagine munching on some crab legs or shellfish while gazing at the calm blue waters of the ocean.

Apart from the fresh fish and shellfish, you can also enjoy a variety of desserts with a hint of the Middle Eastern flavor.

Popular Dishes: Spicy salmon roll, Think Sea bass, and Canadian lobster

4. Finz Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Finz Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

The Finz restaurant is located on Beach Rotana, overlooking the sea and Al Reem Island. It is one of the most picturesque and well-designed seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy a lovely seafood meal while observing the breathtaking views of Al Maryah Island. Finz is open for lunch from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and dinner from 6:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Popular Dishes: The Elaborate Stand, Pan seared organic salmon, and grilled Atlantic cod.

5. Dampa Seafood Grill

Dampa Seafood Grill Abu Dhabi

Not interested in exotic and expensive seafood dining experiences? You must visit the Dampa Seafood Grill. It is one of the liveliest seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi and will instantly uplift your mood.

They offer delicious seafood, and the unique style of the locals serving the food will make your dining experience memorable. The best part of the dining experience is that they follow a unique method of cooking the food in front of you and then serving the entire meal on your table with a lovely and energetic gesture.

We recommend you visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi art museum, which is the region’s first universal museum. After spending the afternoon admiring the beautiful art galleries and going through the sculptures, you can have dinner at the Dampa Seafood Grill, a few minutes from the museum.

Popular Dishes: Dump-a-sea feast, Baked Mussel, Lord of the wings, and Cajun flavored shrimps and crabs

6. Flooka

Flooka Abu Dhabi

If you want to savor Mediterranean-style seafood, the best place in Abu Dhabi is Flooka. You can enjoy freshly cooked seafood here while gazing at the Eastern Mangroves and the beautiful beach.

The seafood restaurant also hosts the best Saturday brunches in Abu Dhabi, so if you are staying in Abu Dhabi and are free on a Saturday afternoon, you must not miss out on this world-famous seafood brunch. Flooka Restaurant must be on your list of things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Popular Dishes: Samak bil meleh, fish taouk kebab, and Sabbidej bil hiber

7. Vasco’s

Vasco’s is the best choice if you are up for a lovely meal with your family and friends in an outdoor setting with nice music. They are also popular due to the freshly prepared seafood that they serve.

You can witness the marvelous coastline views from the dining area while enjoying some of the top-class seafood. The restaurant is also known for the special Tandoori Pot menu, which makes them stand out from the other seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

Popular Dishes l: Fish Paella Seafood chowder and Prawn Skewers

8. Shrimp Pot

Last but not least, if you want to enjoy a platter of freshly cooked seafood at a quiet place away from the busy city life, then no other place is as good as the Shrimp Pot. Here you will get to witness high standards of dining experience along with professional and warm hospitality.

This restaurant is also popular among the locals, and you will definitely love South East Asian food.

Popular Dishes: Fried salmon fingers, Shrimp tempura, and fish cooked in curry and black pepper sauce

So if you are craving seafood in Abu Dhabi, these are the top restaurants you must visit. Besides the warm hospitality and fresh seafood, you will also witness some breathtaking scenes. After having a grand, full-course seafood meal, you can see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for the evening prayers.

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      Hello, I wanted to know from all the options you stated, which one is the most affordable one as seafood tends to be expensive and the portions small.

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        The Dampa Seafood Grill is the most affordable option and the portions are also great. The cooks grill the food right in front of you.

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      Hi Janhavi, I wanted to know if the restaurants you covered in the blog only serve seafood, or do they also serve other cuisines as well?

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      Wow! Loved your blog, I especially loved that you took the time to mention which restaurant is famous for what seafood dish. Good job!

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      Hi Janhavi. Thank you for the info. I love seafood and wanted to know which from the options you stated would be good for a fine-dining experience?

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        You’re welcome. Although all the restaurants stated are good, for fine-dining, you can consider Catch, Finz, and the Shrimp Pot.

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      Hi. Thank you for compiling such an elaborate list of restaurants for seafood. I wanted to know if you have listed them according to their rank?

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        No, Ma’am. The restaurant names are not published according to rank. I suggest you choose restaurants according to which one appeals to you the most.

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