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Whether looking to meander through the colorful blooms and falling foliage or dive with magnificent marine life, October will overwhelm you with abundant choices. The past few years have been rough, but now things have begun to roll, and travel has kicked off. Jumping on the bandwagon, we are here to explore the holidaymakers’ favorite month, October. The fall season is around the corner, and with that comes the anticipated chill. Keep reading to find out if your bucket-list item makes it to the list of the best places to visit in October.

The Best Places to Visit in October 2024

Be it for pleasant weather, adventurous activities, oodles of natural colors, or endless fun, October can be anything you want. It is the harbinger of the fall season, the last month to enjoy a scenic trek, cheap vacation time, the period of the popular Oktoberfest, and the perfect month for wine tours.

Summer crowds have left, and you can cut off those long, exhausting lines and avoid hefty payments for accommodations, giving you more time to rub shoulders with locals and uncover their culture.

Here we have accumulated the best places to visit in October 2024; each of them wears the true colors of the fall and compels you to step out of your homes. Let’s together make some real plans.

1. Canada

Quebec City Canada

Speckled with National Parks, replete with high-octane activities, and buzzing with exciting festivals, Canada has got it all to make your trip worthwhile. Meet wildlife like beluga whales or polar bears, laze under the ever-blooming fir and hemlock trees of Stanley Park, get beguiled by the impeccable charm of Algonquin Park, watch the iconic CN Towers, and go skiing and snowshoeing in the beautiful glaciers. It might be warm since dawn, but as the day winds down, get ready to bundle up in a jacket, fleece, sweater, gloves, and a hat.

Best Things to Do and See: Oktoberfest, Quebec City, Jasper National Park, Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival, Churchill

Average Temperature: 5°C-11°C

2. Sydney

sydney opera house

Another leaf-peeping destination in October is Sydney, which is pleasantly warm to dispose of those long overcoats but not hot enough to stop you from going outdoors. Expect blooming flowers, thriving vineyards, beaches, deserts, migratory wildlife, dense parks, and more. Go kayaking in Sydney Harbour, take a short, rejuvenating drive to Canberra, and take the challenging hiking trail. These are all some of the best things to do in Australia. Out of 10,000 beaches in Australia, Sydney has its fair share of picturesque beaches to get your Vitamin D.

Best Things to Do and See: Sydney Opera House, Beach Hopping, Wine Tour, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo Sydney

Average Temperature: 13°C-22°C

3. Dubai

burj khalifa Dubai

It’s hard to resist Dubai’s matchless luxury, from shopping at Italian palazzo-like malls to lounging on the palm-shaped island. After months on hiatus, autumn breathes life into the city, making Dubai in October a pleasant time to visit. Swim with sharks in a colossal aquarium, gawk at the cityscape from the 148th floor of the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), camp in the dunes surrounded by protected wildlife, soar thousands of feet high in a hot air balloon, hike the Hatta mountains, or simply let some of the globe’s best chefs strut their stuff. The city is a must-visit place in October, as it will be soaked in the six-month-long extravaganza at Global Village Dubai, where the world comes together to celebrate innovation, embrace various cultures, and enjoy a myriad of new experiences.

Best Things to Do and See: Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Gold Souks, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Average Temperature: 23°C-35°C

4. Japan


With typhoon season officially over by September, Japan is ready to be blanketed in fiery red, orange, and gold hues. The entire country is busy celebrating the new harvests, autumnal hikes, and art and culture, making it one of the best places to visit in October. It promises cheaper vacations, comfortable weather, and centuries-old festivals. Set out on magical walks amidst the verdant forests, enjoy Onsen baths in dazzling settings, and relish pumpkin-stuffed taiyaki.

Best Things to Do and See: Takayama Autumn Festival, Mount Takao, Lake Daigenta, Rikugien Garden, Iya Valley

Average Temperature: 19°C-23°C

5. Paris

Versailles Fountains Paris

Paris is one of the best places to visit in Europe throughout the year. And in October, Paris blossoms into a film, food, and festival galore. It is the perfect time to lounge in the colors of fall, looking over the Eiffel Tower, with a hot drink. From tapping your legs in the dance show at Moulin Rouge to taking a day trip to Versailles on a bike, Paris keeps you on your toes. Take your taste buds on a marathon with unlimited wine tasting, a bouquet of chocolates, and fresh bread. The days are short and crisp, with mild temperatures and good hours of sunshine.

Best Things to Do and See: River Seine Boat Cruise, Champs-Elysees, Nuit Blanche, Versailles Fountains, Wine Harvest Festival

Average Temperature: 11°C-17°C

6. India


Serving a hot curry of different cultures, India is the best destination to visit in October. Although the entire country is crammed with unique offerings, wild adventures, and eclectic experiences, a few cities need a special shoutout. There are some fantastic places to travel in India, from the backwaters of Kerala, eye-shaped Nainital Lake, and rock-cut sculptures of the second century to a little slice of paradise, Andaman, trekking Mecca Spiti, and the white desert in Kutch. While the big cities are fast-paced and vibrant, traveling to different parts of the country will give you a home-like warmth.

Best Things to Do and See: Kerala, Rameshwaram Tamil Nadu, Scuba Diving in Andaman, Sunderbans National Park, Navratri Festival

Average Temperature: 20°C (North), 30°C (South)

7. South Africa

Kruger National Park South Africa

From enjoying lazy lunches by the beaches to staring at the tigers in Kruger National Park, South Africa is a steal deal. The country brims with spine-chilling adventures, epic wilderness, a history of upheavals, and delicious food. Sit behind the wheels for a private safari; spot the newborn whales on the Western coast, and paraglide above Cape Town’s beaches. In October, the weather across the country is as varying as its landscape. The capital city is delightfully mild, while Johannesburg receives summer downpours.

Best Things to Do and See: Cape Town International Kite Festival, Oktoberfest, Kruger National Park, Whale Viewing, Langkloof Valley

Average Temperature: 16°C-28°C

8. Greece

Santorini Greece

Looking for a cheap tourist place in October? Studded with thousands of islands, Greece sings the lore of beauty. The aroma of lavender, the tucked-away beaches fringed by pine trees, relentless Mediterranean sunshine, passionate music, pale ruins and idyllic villages make Greece a drool-worthy destination. Immerse yourself in a chest of cultural treasures, dip in the clear blue water at Kleftiko Beach, ascend Mount Olympus, and open a bottle of sparkling wine. Greece’s calendar is bursting with festivals.

Best Things to Do and See: Milos, Cruising in Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes Island, Athena’s House

Average Temperature: 16°C-24°C

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9. Bali

Temple Bali

Whether you are a serious adrenaline junkie or a lazy beach bum, Bali, the ‘Island of Gods’ will quench your thirst. October is the dry season with cloudless blue skies, so keep your eyes peeled for breathtaking panoramic views from the peaks. Foodies visit for its decadent cuisine, hikers trek up the looming volcanoes, lazy bees kick back in reviving spa treatments, culture seekers marvel at sea temples, and cyclists meander through lush terraced rice. There are also some of the best beaches in Bali. In the summer, cool off by swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and sunbathing at beaches.

Best Things to Do and See: Nusa Dua Fiesta, Beach Bonanza, Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Pura Tirta Empul

Average Temperature: 23°C-27°C

10. Mauritius

Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens Mauritius

Many travelers reckon that Mauritius is all about white-sand beaches. You can’t be more wrong! Mauritius is definitely an island country, but it also hosts plenty of other electrifying experiences. It is home to wildlife treasures, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, botanical gardens, quiet fishing villages, and mountainous landscapes. The season in October is warm and favorable, allowing you to spend hours swimming or walking around. Once you travel here, you will give an imaginary high-five to Mark Twain, who said heaven was made after this island nation.

Best Things to Do and See: Mid-Autumn Festival, Windsurfing, La Vanille Nature Park, Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, Black River Gorges National Park

Average Temperature: 20°C-26°C

11. Baku


Sitting at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Azerbaijan is an underrated gem, an unsung hero that needs as much attention as the other names on the list. Visiting the capital city, Baku, is one of the top things to do in Azerbaijan. . It will gift you a world of dreams when its heritage combines with audacious modernity. It is located 28 meters below sea level, hemmed in by the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Revel in the dry weather of October, see the traditional carpet weaving, take an old city walking tour, and explore the 15th-century complex.

Best Things to Do and See: Highland Park, Flame Towers, Maiden Tower

Average Temperature: 12°C-19°C

12. Mexico


Saying goodbye to the rains, Mexico in October is balmy, refreshing, and tranquil. From street performances and vibrant festivals to archaeological digs, Mexico gives a twist to its fascinating history and culture. With experiences such as the Festival Internacional Cervantino and the Day of the Dead, Mexico is a whirlwind of events, fireworks, and parades. All we can say is that you would be grateful!

Best Things to Do and See: Cervantino, Morelia International Film Festival, Cozumel, Xel-Há Park, Pyramid of the Sun, Museum Hop

Average Temperature: 10°C-24°C

13. Utah

Zion National Park Utah

Straight out of a fairytale, Utah in the fall remains wrapped in colorful leaves. Trees turn sun-bleached, cottonwoods become dazzling yellow, maples appear bright red, and the temperature begins to drop. One of the best places for hikers in October, Utah has great outdoors, breathtaking scenery, five national parks, luminescent red rock formations, and aplenty trails. Celebrate the fall in corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

Best Things to Do and See: Zion National Park, Snowbird Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Patch, Salt Lake City, Haunted House

Average Temperature: 16°C-32°C

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14. Spain


As compared to the rest of the European countries, expect a lot of sun in Spain during October. Regarding the top places to visit in Spain, don’t miss out on the vineyards, where you can indulge in the old ritual of grape stomping followed by wine tasting. The enticing view, local festivities, and affordable prices promise a laid-back and relaxing holiday. Swim in the Mediterranean well, surf in the Basque Country, and climb the Teide volcano — a range of offbeat activities await.

Best Things to Do and See: Saffron festival, Wine Tasting, Marbella, Film Festivals, Press Photo Exhibition

Average Temperature: 14°C-23°C

15. Austria


Watching cinematic wonders in The Sound of Music and Before Sunrise, we have already fallen head over heels with Austria. Boundless meadows, sapphire lakes, alpine valleys, and steep hills — Austria is a picture-postcard destination. This alluring land welcomes fans of Mozart and admirers of imperial buildings. Tourists get the opportunity to hike in the mountains, ski in the resorts, lose themselves in the festivals, and stay in luxurious accommodations. So, get your vacation mode on!

Best Things to Do and See: Vienna, Salzburg Altstadt, Innsbruck’s Hofburg and Hofkirche, Hiking in Zillertal Valley, Snowbombing

Average Temperature: 10°C-14°C

Tips for Traveling in October

  • October opens the doors to the winter season in many countries. So, a light or cozy jacket can come in handy while packing clothes.
  • Get fully vaccinated for hassle-free travel. A vaccination or immunity certificate is required in most countries for entry.
  • Several countries are taking necessary precautionary measures for the containment of COVID-19. So, recheck your travel arrangements, events bookings, and hotel openings.
  • Remain assured and relaxed with the instant booking of trips at Rayna Tours. You will save big with daily discounts and offers.

FAQs about Traveling in October

1. Which are the best places to visit in Europe in October 2024?

Some of the best places in Europe to visit in October are Spain, France, Austria, and Greece.

2. Which are the best places in Asia to visit in October 2024?

Dubai, India, and Bali are some of the best places to visit in Asia in October.

3. Which are the best places in Africa to visit in October 2024?

Mauritius, Cape Town, and the Seychelles are the best places in Africa to travel in October.

4. Is it good to travel to Dubai in October?

It is shoulder season in Dubai, which means less crowd and reasonable prices. So, after winter, it is the second-best time to be in Dubai.

5. Which places have the best weather in October 2024?

Australia, Kerala, Switzerland, and Croatia have amazing weather in October.

6. Where should I go with my family in October 2024?

Dubai, Canada, and Bali are the best family-friendly destinations in October.

7. Which is the cheapest place to visit in October 2024?

Mexico, Japan, and Spain are the cheapest places to visit in October.


If you are still far behind in selecting that perfect alfresco getaway in October, this list would give you an adrenaline rush. Now the ball is in your court! Pick your destination, contact the travel agency, pack your bags, and enroll yourself for the best times of life.

A content writer by profession, Deepa has been writing for the travel nice for more than a decade. While she has a bucket list for the places she wants to visit, she also loves the idea of curling up on the couch with a good book. She believes that nothing can lift up your mood better than a good holiday, a great book, and your favorite dish.

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