walking tour of the baku city

What? You did not hear about Azerbaijan? If you’re a traveler or even remotely thinking of visiting mystical places in the world, Azerbaijan is a destination that must be on your bucket list. Also officially known as Azerbaijani, it is a beautiful country of eastern Transcaucasia. Surround by the Northern mountains of Russia and the Eastern side by the magical Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is a perfect blend of traditional and modern developments at its best.

Here are the 12 coolest

things to do in Azerbaijan

on your holidays.

1. Maiden Tower

maiden tower baku

One of the most noted landmarks of Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku, the cylindrical, tall Maiden Tower is an eight-story beautiful structure is on every tourist’s bucket list when in Azerbaijan.  Maiden tower is also called as Giza Galaxy for the reason that it has always been considered as the place with various mythical folktales. No one even knows when was it made. Its history is almost unknown giving birth to various tales of magic, tragedy and even witchcraft.

Note: It is open from 9 am to 6 pm for visitors on all days.

2. Xan Sarayi

xan sarayi

Also known as the palace of Shaki Khans, Xan Sarayi was the Khans summer residence in the ancient era. This site is already on the tentative list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is said to be built in the early 1700s by Haji Zeynal Abdin. An astounding piece of artwork in each gallery, passage, window, and every single brick, this one is a masterpiece that will keep you mesmerized the entire day of your Azerbaijan holiday.

3. The Fountain Square

the fountain square

Not every place is to explore bricks and architecture. Some places are alive with people and Fountain Square is one such beautiful place, especially on the weekends. Sitting at Fountain Square and exploring the calm of Baku’s most loved place to be is one of the best things to do in Azerbaijan.

4. Shirvanshahs Palace

shirvanshahs palace

An important landmark in the Azerbaijan history, Shirvanshahs Palace was created in the 15th century who ruled the place from 861 till the mid-1500s. dominated by the medieval Islamic civilization artwork, the entire palace is a stunning example of a fortress in the disguise of a palace built to protect the royalties from an imminent attack.

5. Walking Tour of the Baku City

walking tour of the baku city

The capital city of Baku is best explored on foot. Try the full-day or the half-day tour of the Baku city. There are many good options available for such tours. Mostly these tours include a great introduction to the culture, history, and specialties of Baku and Azerbaijan comprehensively. It is also a great way to treat your taste buds with the local cuisine.

6. Mud Volcanoes at Gobustan National Park

mud volcanoes at gobustan national park

Gobustan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is known across the country of Azerbaijan for its mud volcanoes. This exquisite site draws thousands of tourists every year. Primarily a hill, it has immense natural scenery and the mountain site has special rock carvings, paintings, and more at its open-air museum.

7. Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

azerbaijan carpet museum

Your Azerbaijan sightseeing is incomplete without visiting the Azerbaijan carpet museum. It is one of the oldest museums dedicated to the art of weaving carpets. Known to be Azerbaijan’s national heritage, the art of carpet weaving holds great importance in its culture and traditions and the museum does complete justice to its demonstration.

8. Absheron National Park

Boasting a variety of flora, fauna, the Absheron National Park is one of the most visited Azerbaijan attractions. Established in  1969, it was established to protect the endangered species including the Caspian seals, world’s smallest seals. Visit the protected park for the pristine landscapes, clean beaches, and the nearby temple of Yanar Dag and Ateshgah.

9. Icheri Seher

icheri sheher

Every place has an old city, a destination of a thriving cultural environment, vibrant people, and traditional architecture. Icheri Seher of Baku is no different. A place of extraordinary architectural ensemble situated alongside the Caspian Sea, Icheri Seher is a treat to history lovers. Did you know that people lived in the Icheri Seher since the bronze age and the remains have been carefully preserved for the tourists to see?

10. Naftalan Oil Resort

Have you ever fantasized about bathing in crude oil? Head to Azerbaijan at the Naftalan Oil resort. Also, known as the black gold, the Naftalan Oil resort attracts thousands of people every year to take a luxury dip in this local crude oil which is said to have many medicinal properties. The resort itself is quite old. It was established in 1926, for this oil bath that is known to help with over 60n bone and joint ailments. It is anti-inflammatory and known to be anesthetic.

11. Bottle house of Ganja

bottle house of ganja

Ever been to a house created entirely out of glass bottles? Well, Azerbaijan beckons you to experience the iconic house of Ganja- the Bottle house. Shimmering with the bottled shine, the interiors of the house has intricate artworks, designs from every corner of the world. You can enjoy shopping at the souvenir shops and contribute to the maintenance of the house in their own way.

12. Neft Daslari

neft daslari

A township of industrial settlement 100 miles off the beautiful coast of the city of Baku, Neft Daslari is a town on the sea with a huge population of 5000 people involved in helping the production of crude oil and natural gas. It is amazing to walk through and experience the life of those living on the sea. But do see while you have a chance as it is speculated that the water holds not more than30 million tonnes of oil and after that what happens to the city and its residents is still unknown.


It is a truth that many travelers are yet to come face to face with the gem called Azerbaijan but one thing is for sure that this European country has much to offer to the wanderlust thirst of the tourists. So next time you’re backpacking Europe, don’t forget to stop by beautiful Azerbaijan.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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