Are you looking to visit a less-travelled city? Lankaran will wow you with its unflawed environment, luxuriant landscape and significant history. Explore

best places to visit in Lankaran

, Azerbaijan for an experience so unique and refreshing compared to everything else in the world. To travel with ease, here is the ultimate guide to exploring the scenic beauty and centuries-old monuments in Lankaran.

About Lankaran

Referred to as Langarkanan (the place of pulling up the anchor(s)) in its earlier days, Lankaran is a conurbation in Azerbaijan. Perched along the Caspian Sea and secured by lush Talysh Mountains on the other side, the destination lies in the South-East of the country, at 268 kilometres away from Baku.

It is one of the oldest settlements, that goes as antique as the Bronze Age — somewhere the remains claim of the Neolithic period. Lankaran was involved in several trades, including animal husbandry, horticulture, aquaculture, sericulture, blacksmithing, coppersmithing, pottery, and weaving. As of 2020, the city reported a population of 52,952.

The rhythm of life in Lankaran is unique from the rest of the country— on one side it houses an ethnography museum, old lighthouse, a castle in ruins, an age-old fortress, European-style public bath, and on the other it is sprinkled with bustling markets, beachside resorts, sandy beaches, gorgeous parks and natural hot springs. The place is the largest producer of vegetables, tea, citrus fruits and rice.

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Things to Do in Lankaran

As you stroll through citrus bushes, long coastline and leafy tea gardens, don’t miss out on these things to do in Lankaran:

  1. Visit Stalins prison Maiak

One of the biggest and oldest landmarks in the region is Maiak, a prison and lighthouse. Dating back to the 18th century, it is where the revolutionary leader, Joseph Stalin, was prisoned for a short period. Rumour has it that the president of Azerbaijan helped him to escape this place through the underground tunnel. You can uncover the truth with an extraordinary trip here. The white cylindrical structure was formerly a part of Lankaran Fortress but was wrecked in the Tsarist era. Entry to this area is prohibited, so just admire it from outside.

  1. Flick through History at Khans House

Learn about the intriguing history of Lankaran at the Khan’s House. Before Russians arrived in Lankaran in the early 1900s, this place used to be the home address for the local khans. It has now been revamped to a museum that contains artefacts and exhibits that sail you centuries back. It guides the visitors through the region’s cultural and historical heritage.

  1. Reconnect with Nature at Hirkan National Park

As your journey progresses, you would come across the 30,000-hectare expanse of lush forest in the subtropical regions of Lankaran and Astara. Located in the lowlands, the park is home to a wealth of flora, especially a wonderful variety of trees, including 150 endemic tree species and the symbolic ironwood tree. Other residents in the forests are endangered species like Caucasian leopard, brown bears, wolves, jackals, wild cats, and much more. Overlooking dramatic scenery, the National Park is a paradise for backpackers and hikers. Once you add this flourishing park to your itinerary, you would get the opportunity to enjoy a picture-perfect ecotour.

  1. Unwind at Khanbulanchay Reservoir

In fact, a tranquil lake, a reservoir made in the 1970s, is situated 17 kilometres south of Lankaran city inside the Hirkan National Park. Calling all the photographers of the world, this reservoir offers a picturesque setting. Around the corner, there is a teahouse where the visitors can kick back, marvel at the vista, and soak up the silence with every sip of tea. Someone who looks for a dash of adventure can go up hiking.

  1. Watch the Unusual Burning Spring

In the adjacent village of Archivan, which is tucked close to Iran, occurs an unbelievable natural phenomenon, Yanar Bulag, meaning Burning Spring. Aesthetically similar to normal water, the spring emits hot water as well as fire simultaneously — all because of the methane inside. While a few link it to Zoroastrianism, a religion that combines water and fire. Besides being a recreational attraction, tourists travel to the spring for its therapeutic properties. People often visit the spot to simply collect the freshwater, which is surprisingly drinkable, regardless of its flammable quality. There is a hollow space beneath the spring that contains fresh watermelons.

  1. Stay at Lankaran Springs & Wellness Resort

To dwell in the luxury of the city, Lankaran Springs & Wellness Resort is the best-rated, contemporary staycation. The well-maintained, intricately designed and strategically located hotel has a range of amenities to keep its guests in utmost comfort. The full-service spa, indoor pool, bars, lounges, open sitting area, and 24-hour room service promise a dream stay. Well, every room has a big balcony, but the fine views of İbadi Ridge from the 9th-floor Sky Lounge bar will steal the limelight.

  1. Explore the Tomb of Seyid Khalifa

In the vicinity of Lankaran is a small village of Jil, which includes historical monuments like the Tomb of Seyid Khalifa. Built in the 19th century, the tomb is made out of tall and heavy stones. We would suggest keeping your eyes skinned and watch the carvings on the rocks. There is a range of pictures including arrows, hands, footprints and other engravings.

Getting to and Around Lankaran

You can reach Lankaran from Baku in 3.5 hours by taxi. It is the fastest medium. If you love enjoying the long train journeys, you can travel by electric train that cost around 2.5AZN. Alternatively, buses and marshrutkas depart every hour from Baku’s terminal. The travel is 5-6 hours long and costs 5AZN.

Within the city, one can enjoy a convenient transportation system. From taxis to inter-city buses, you can choose the one that suits your budget and comfort.

Climate in Lankaran

Showering the visitors with a blend of humid subtropical and hot-summer Mediterranean Climate, Lankaran receives the highest precipitation in Azerbaijan. It is colourful during spring allowing the travellers to have a cosy walk, while fall remains warm.


It’s time you go offbeat. It’s time you put Lankaran at the forefront of your travel plans. This is going to be an exciting holiday of your life that will offer experiences that you have never done and seen before.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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