Are you visiting Azerbaijan this holiday? Be sure to tick off Quba; it is one of the country’s heavenly spots, popular as a cradle of history, apples and carpets.

About Quba

One of the largest cities in the country, highly popular amongst European geographers, and an ultimate carpet weaving centre, Quba is a trending holiday destination in Azerbaijan. It is located on the scenic hillsides of Shahdag Mountain in northeastern Azerbaijan, at a driving distance of 170 km (105 miles) from Baku. Originated from the riverside village of Gudial, Quba was the capital of the Quba Khanate in the mid-18th century. Flanked by the Qudailchay River on the western side and the last surviving shtetl on the eastern side, Quba survives in the untamed nature, fresh air and long history.

In Quba, history is not found in books. It is established in the form of architectural and historic monuments, mosques and mausoleums, brick bridges and an exclusively Jewish community. Its landscape is dotted with mountain streams, beautiful fauna and flora, snow-covered cliffs, and lush forests.

10 Best Places to Visit in Quba

Notably known today for the best quality apples, handicraft carpets, delicious sweets, Quba stands out as a rustic mountain village. Here are the

10 best places to visit in Quba

that will give you the needed respite:

Quba 1918 Genocide Memorial Complex

Genocide Memorial Complex

Built between 2009 and 2013, Quba 1918 Genocide Memorial Complex is a museum, a symbol of commemoration, and a tourist destination in Quba. It was after the unearthing of mass burial in 2007 that this memorial was created. It pays tribute to massacres of April and May 1918 — unarmed civilians died when 122 villages were wrecked and demolished by Armenian Bolshevik forces. You can garner information about the items in the museum in English, Azerbaijani and Russian, and hear the free audio guide.

Sakine Khanum

It is a red-brick mosque built by the widow of A. Bakikhanov in his remembrance. He was a reputed Azerbaijan scientist and writer. The detailing and decor of the mosque is incredibly impressive.The mosque has no minarets; each surface has a window shaped like a semicircular arch; the top is crowned by a giant milky metal dome.

Juma Mosque


Another exemplary architecture in Quba, Juma Mosque, is shaped like an octagon. Known as the Friday Mosque of Azerbaijan, the structure gives a different edge from the typical attractions of the country. It was after this construction that similar layouts emerged across Azerbaijan. To everyone’s surprise, the interior of the mosque is bigger than what is perceived from the outside. Atop the mosque sits a colossal dome of 16m diameter.

Khinalig Village

One of the highest and oldest villages in the town, Khinalig is tucked at a staggering height of 2350 metres. This picturesque destination, dating back to 5000 years old, is recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage List. Hemmed in by mountains and inhabited by not more than 2000 people, the road to this secluded village is quite challenging. It is one of the amazing medieval places to visit in Quba to dig deeper into its history. Once you reach here, you can explore the flat-roofed houses, subalpine meadows, marine fossils, and breathtaking views.

Qırmızı Qəsəbə

Say hello to the prominent and last settlement of Caucasian Jews in the village of Azerbaijan — a piece of eminent evidence that claims Azerbaijan has been a nation of religious tolerance. Located across the Qudiyalçay (or Kudyal) River, Qırmızı Qəsəbə is the world’s only all-Jewish town outside Israel and the United States;it marks a population of 3,598 residents. Most of the roofs have red tiling, after which the village was touted as Red Town. While some other resources argue that the village was protected from persecution during World War II and hence it derived its nickname. You can find that Juhuri is widely spoken and people are true followers of centuries-old traditions.

Grand Synogauge

Qırmızı Qəsəbə or Red Town is the last Jewish village with two active synagogues, including the Grand Synagogue. It is a two-storey structure made out of bricks with six domes. It opens at occasional times for ceremonies solely.


To relish nature and food together, Serin is a wonderful dine-in space. There is a quaint woodland garden as well as a stunning interior. Both offer vivid, dynamic eating areas. The star dish of the restaurant is the slow-cooked local stew that includes lamb or beef with carrots and garlic. One can enjoy the alluring decor at dusk and prefer the pavilion booth. The private rooms feature high ceilings and chandeliers.

Nizami Park

Unwind and laze off in a spacious Nizami Park that is a gift from nature. It is pleasant to spend the entire day in the cold shade of groves of chestnut and plane trees. As you meander through the tree-shaded square, you will stumble upon a fancy castle tower, a museum, a tomb tower and sculptures of poets, sportswomen and countrymen. From here, the stairway leads you to the bridge of Qırmızı Qəsəbə.

Orxan Pub & Restaurant

To squeeze the most out of Quba’s nightlife, visit the Orxan Pub & Restaurant. It is distanced from the main market and is located southeast of the town centre. Unlike your usual clubbing scene, the pub is sprinkled with heavy furniture. Sit on the tall bar stools and order the favourite NZS beer. You will love the food.

History Museum

It’s not just a hangar-sized complex crammed with several arts and artefacts;it is rather a castle with the history and craftwork of Azerbaijan, whose main attraction is a high-quality collection of classic Quba-region carpets. Promoting national heritage through carpet museums, carpet making is a dedicated, hard and ancient work. There are international exhibitions and symposiums that display these lovely carpets.

Ways to Reach Quba

There are several buses and taxis that are willing to carry you from Baku to Quba hassle-free. You can pre-book a tour with Rayna Tours and unfold a dream trip in a well-maintained vehicle. As you zoom out from Baku and head towards Quba, you would come across the abundance of a fruit plantation, food processing, untouched nature and magnificent vista.

Where to eat in Quba

Quba’s food is popular, delicious and lip-smacking good. There are plenty of restaurants to satisfy your appetite and rock your tastebuds. Some of the famous eateries that you should knock on the doors are Mahir Fast-food, Lucky, Mahir Lahmacun, and Sah Plov.


Q1. What is the perfect time to explore Quba?

The perfect time to explore Quba is during the cooler months, between October and April, when temperatures are more moderate and comfortable. Summers in Quba can be extremely hot and humid.

Q2. Where is Quba located?

Quba is a city in northeastern Azerbaijan, located about 170 kilometers from the capital city of Baku.

Q3. What is Quba renowned for?

Quba is known for its rich tradition of carpet weaving and embroidery. The city is also famous for its copper crafts, including copper teapots, trays, and other household items

Q4. Name some popular tourist attractions in Quba.

  • Juma Mosque
  • Tenghi Canyon
  • Quba Genocide Memorial Complex

Q5. Name some must-try cuisines in Quba.

  • Qutab
  • Kufta bozbash
  • Khashil
  • Choban salad


Quba is an unsung hero of Azerbaijan. It sits in the lap of history and has limited but awe-inspiring attractions. Plan a trip here and this 18th-century capital will thrill the 21st-century tourists with its unique charm.

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