Shahdag National Park

Is your Azerbaijan travel itinerary incomplete without skiing? A lot of considerations go into choosing the best ski resort for your holiday. We have the ultimate fix — Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort is a white winter paradise that offers high-octane actions and matchless scenery.


Shahdag Mountain

Shahdag is a fascinating destination in Azerbaijan where great adventures begin. Located 210 kilometres from Baku and less than 35 kilometres from Ghusar City, this is a delightful tourist spot jam-packed with ski resorts, national parks, ancient glaciers, lush gorges, magnificent mountain lakes, and a wealth of flora and fauna. The diversity of communities, warm welcome and a blend of delicious gastronomical delights will leave you spellbound.

However, the scene-stealer is the versatile Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort. It is much cheaper, well-facilitated, and insanely picturesque to jazz up your vacation without making a hole in your pocket. Here is a rundown of attractions and experiences that await you at the

ski resort Shahdag


Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort

Azerbaijan’s first and largest winter resort, Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort was open to the public in 2012. It takes its name after Mount Shahdag, which is one of the highest mountain peaks of the Greater Caucasus range, scaling a height of 4243 metres. It is established in the vicinity of Shahdag National Park — and this strategic location offers abundant opportunities for skiing and a range of other winter sports in the country. The colder months are freezing at about -20°C and summers are pleasant reaching up to 20 °C.

While the first-time skiers are on cloud nine, the ski resort has kept up with other demands as well, adding hotels, eateries, great hospitality and endless indoor and outdoor recreations. Incomparable vistas of the snow-capped mountains, plenty of terrains for all skills, and a charming resort village nearby make it the best choice for both intrepid mountaineers and casual holidaymakers.

Ski Slopes at Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort

Stretched in a whopping 127 hectares of terrain, Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort is one of the hair-raising winter sports areas. Designed for every age and talent, tame to pro, it has the largest skiing ground in the country. It features 7 lifts and about 20 well-prepared slopes, extended to 17 kilometres runs. The advanced skiers can gear up and challenge their friends to trace the 1090m vertical range of mountains. If you are new to this game, you can understand the ins and outs of skiing with the presence of friendly instructors and diligent staff around.

Glide down the slopes of breathtaking ski resort Shahdag from an exhilarating altitude in complete safety. These excellent technical facilities paired with customised experiences will give you the right amount of adrenaline rush. The quality of tracks is insured and checked by cutting-edge guns.

The resort breaks the monotony of other skiing locations with its unequalled beauty. It changes the scenery with the awe-inspiring Caucasian Mountains and satisfying pistes. You will be rolling past the verdant landscape of Gusar City that shares borders with Dagestan, a Russian republic.

So, strap the boots and hit the snow.

Other Experiences at Ski Resort Shahdag

Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort is a one-stop destination for both summer and winter outdoor activities. Here are a few experiences in Shahdag ski resort that will spice up your to-do list:



Bask in the glory of winter weather by standing up on a snowboard and plummeting down the slope. It lets you float on the powdery snow through the white landscape.



Let the little explorers get their dose of snow adventure as they slide across the slopes on a vehicle, called a sledge.

Cable Car


One of the most chilled out tours here is hopping on the cable car. It will lift you several metres high and offer a stunning panoramic view of the resort blanketed in snow.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding

In this prime outdoor sports hub, horse riding is a crowd-puller activity. Don a cowboy hat, perch on the back and get ready to be blown away as the horse speeds up the ride as quick as a flash.

Zip Lining


It’s time you soar high in the sky while hanging onto the mile-long zipline. Exclaim with happiness or remain in awe at the splendid views of the mountains.

Off-Road Tours

Escape life for a little while as you take the wheel and whiz through the less-travelled roads. The routes are customised based on your interests, making your soul filled with joy.



Test your aiming skills at the recently developed archery range in Shahdag ski resort. Take the bow and direct the arrow towards the goal.



Soak up the refreshing ambience around as you go cycling in this beautiful weather.

Quad Bike


Go on a self-driven tour on a quad bike with your little ones, respectively.



There are also kid-exclusive activities that will add a dash of thrill. Try to balance on a Segway – a 2-wheeled personal electric vehicle. It easily handles rugged terrain, is ideal for exploring trails and takes adventure to the next level.



Boasting a jaw-dropping view, the Shahdag ski resort is the go-to place for trekkers and campers. Hemmed in by waterfalls, one can kick back, relax and enjoy the meditative environment. These cascades freeze in the winter.



The ski resort Shahdag is the destination for millennial travellers and old wanderlusts alike. It is a complete package for a family or couples getaway. So, grab your tickets and get the most out of life. We hope you like this winter dreamland.

Savita Pillay is an educationist turned writer, hailing from Pune city, India. She has composed and edited thousands of articles in her writing career and had travelled to UAE, to pursue her love for teaching. A connoisseur of art, an avid reader, who loves to travel and witness the magical phenomenon of nature.

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      I have been to Shahdah Mountain Ski Resort once and absolutely loved it. This article covers all the important points about it.

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