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Dubai is a world-class city that excels in innovation, luxury and magnificence. It has a never-tiring verve and futuristic thought-process which make it one of the most-visited tourist destinations. Amongst its wealth of jaw-dropping and mind-boggling attractions is

the green planet-indoor rainforest Dubai

. Here is a lowdown on this top Dubai attraction as well as the amazing experiences it offers. Green Planet

About The Green Planet Dubai: A Quick Respite from the Heat for True NatureLovers

Boasting a sensational edutainment concept, The Green Planet stands out like an oasis in the desert. Developed by Meraas, it is the first and only indoor bio-dome tropical rainforest in the region. Step into the world of the majestic collection of flora and fauna as it introduces you to the wonders of tropical rainforests. It displays one of the world’s oldest living ecosystems, the rainforest, in an enclosed complex.

Tropical Rainforest green planet

This family-friendly Dubai attraction recreates the enchanting world of forests with over 3,000 plants and animals, living under its canopy. Meeting up close with the birds, butterflies, frogs, spiders and snakes, exploring the bat cave, watching the sloths hanging by the trees, and camping by the waterfall — everything looks like an alien plant world in highly controlled conditions. Keep your eyes peeled for the world’s largest man-made and life-sustaining indoor tree.

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It has an Award-Winning Architecture

In a city where the temperature could go as high as 50-degree Celsius, The Green Planet Dubai keeps it cool with adequate sunlight for the ecosystem to exist and flourish. It is an engineering marvel and an award-winning park for kids’ edutainment. It offers a breathtaking visual where the wildlife roams against the picturesque waterfall.

How many Zones does The Green Planet have?

The bio-dome of The Green Planet is made up of four levels: the Canopy, the Midstory, the Forest Floor and the Flooded Rainforest. Each level has a unique characteristic and tells its importance in the rainforest. In the centre is the 82-foot tall man-made tree wrapped with vines and figs — that creates a thriving environment for a range of animals, right from snakes and sloths to geckos lizards, bugs and toucans.

You will be glad to know that none of the animals here are caught from the wild; they have been mostly shifted from Zoos and private breeders.

Flora and Fauna green planet dubai

Top Experiences in The Green Planet Dubai

You would have seen sky-piercing agriculture, hangar-sized malls, miles of coastline, endless desert, and so much more in Dubai. It’s time you immerse yourself in the verdant indoor forest. Here we have narrowed down the must-try experiences in The Green Planet:

  1. Say hello to swimmers

The journey begins with an entry into the flooded rainforest, which is a gallery of aquariums. It is home to unique amphibians and marine animals like arapaima, Arowana, fishes, tortoises, and stingrays. Interestingly, they are typically found in underwater tropical environments.

  1. Snorkel with Piranhas

Your full-day admission ticket to The Green Planet will give you a major thrilling opportunity to whiz by thousands of red-bellied Piranhas in your swimsuit. It is an adrenaline-rush moment as the Piranhas are on their feeding schedule when they will be devouring chickens and turkeys using their razor-sharp teeth in a jiffy. You don’t have to worry as all of this happens at 2 metres away from you in the safety of instructors.

  1. Experience the thunderstorm

You can snow ski as well as feel the thunder in Dubai— isn’t this already an exhilarating tour? It’s once in a blue moon that you get caught in the rains of Dubai. The Green Planet has got it covered with its torrential downpours. The thunderstorm is amplified by rumbles, electric flashes and strong winds. The high-tech audio and video effects make it nothing less than the real tropical thunderstorms. This exciting episode is scheduled between 1.00 pm-5.00 pm and occurs five-time within the period.

  1. Set up a camping

Let the little explorers get a deep insight into the rainforest by staying overnight. There are comfortable tents and bedding where you can kick back and observe the actions of the animals. Brush up on the living manner of nocturnal animals and their survival strategies. Later, catch a flick with marshmallows in the bowl. Sleep under the twinkle lights, rest in the shade of trees and feel enchanted hearing the melodious coos.

  1. Meet nocturnal animals

As the day winds down, some animals become more active at night. Catch them live in action in the walkthrough. Slow Loris lives here with its family, who have reflective large eyes and ears for sensitive sight and sound in the dark. Also interact with other animals like Lace Monitor, Burmese Pythons, Marine toads, The Laughing Kookaburra and Carpet pythons. Here, the day and night cycles are controlled in an opposite scene, such that when it is day outside, the animals in the walkthrough are experiencing night.

  1. Take the summer camp

Every year, The Green Planet comes up with an inspiring array of activities in the summer camp. Let the budding biologists and flora fanatics live their best life. Revel in the host of fun activities and exhibitions — kids can indulge in wonderful art and crafts, know about the engendered species, go on scavenger hunts, be with nature and relax under the roof of entertainment.

  1. Learn about sustainability

The bio-dome is exceptionally rich in vegetation and plants, aviaries and wildlife, mostly evergreen but vulnerable. It is a wake-up call for the audience and visitors to understand the methods of conservation and survival of these fragile forests and their residents. The recreational-cum-educational facility is built to protect nature and raise awareness about the environment. The staff is on the trail to answer your queries.

Other Things to Do in The Green Planet

  • Skim through the various exhibits at the Australian Walkabout.
  • Face your fear as you enter the bat cave.
  • Trace the colourful bird species.
  • Watch the reptiles and bugs living in their natural habitat, from chameleons, lizards, geckos to Tarantula, roaches, worms, and millipedes.

What is in the Neighbourhood?

The Green Planet Dubai is tucked amidst the bustling streets of the famous lifestyle district CityWalk. You can enjoy a great meal or go on a shopping spree before or after your rainforest expedition. The other nearby landmarks include Hub Zero Dubai and Mattel Play Town.


The Green Planet is Dubai’s indoor tropical rainforest that looks like a sci-fi fun concept and gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of nature. If you are in Dubai for the summer holidays, a school visit, or a casual family tour, make sure you check out this incredible destination.

Shaheen Taj is a freelance travel writer by profession. She is particularly fond of traveling and loves to jot down her experiences and cultural diversities of different countries.

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