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Have you dreamt of traveling to incredible Australia on vacation? Australia is on the other end of the world, and though many people dream of visiting, only a few do it. It seems easier to visit places closer to the UAE. Now UAE residents can apply for an Australian visa by applying to the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. You will require a set of documents to apply for an Australian visa, which we will detail in this post. We will provide you with all the information that you will need to apply for an

Australia visa,

so read on to know more!

The Australian Visa Process

  • All travelers, with the exception of New Zealand citizens, must obtain an

    Australia visit visa

    in order to be able to travel to Australia.
  • Be sure to gather all the required documents in support of your visa application in order to avoid processing delays. The Australian visa application is almost entirely done online these days.
  • Call Rayna Tours and give them all your details. The Rayna Australian Visa Specialists will ask you a number of questions, so be prepared to answer them honestly.
  • Your information will be noted and the documents filed away, and after this point, you’re pretty much done until you’re called to present your biometrics at the VFS center in Wafi Mall.

Australia Visa – List of Documents 

Make sure that you send soft copies of the following documents to Rayna Tours so that they can complete your application online.
  • A valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after you return from Australia). Give Rayna your original passport along with scanned copies.
  • The birth certificate that clearly mentions your actual date of birth and your full name just as it appears in your passport.
  • Bank statements for three months. If you don’t have enough funds in your bank, borrow the money. Be sure that the funds in your savings account are a realistic reflection of how much you’re likely to save.
  • Previous and current visas in your passport, including any visas to the UAE. If you have visas to other countries, you need to include those scans to your attachment.
  • Letter of invitation from your Australian sponsor stating your reason for visiting the country. The reason could be anything at all – weddings, tourist activities, meeting friends and so on, depending on the visa type you’ve chosen. For example, if you’ve chosen Business Visa, then your reason for travel should be travel and the letter should reflect that.
  • Payslips for the past 3 months, showing your full payment including taxation details.
  • Passport pages that show the stamps that your passport has earned over time
  • Round trip ticket; this is not mandatory since the visa status will not be known for a while. However, if you’re requested to provide a ticket, you’ll have to, so best purchase a ticket.
  • Two passport photos, taken against a white background, with your face clearly in the front.
  • A No Objection Letter from your employers, stating that they do not object to your travel at this time

Note: Once this is done, sit back, and wait for your approval notice to arrive via email. The approval notice is your actual Visa. You won’t be getting a separate visa stamped on to your passport. Your approval notice will arrive by email in about 15 business days. The actual processing time will depend on the satisfactory nature of your documents, and your response rate to questions and requests if any. Then again, the Consulate General’s office will have to do their required checks on the information you have provided so there might be delays if they run into roadblocks there.

Reasons Why Australian Visa Get Rejected

Knowing about the common reasons that the Australian visa application gets rejected would ensure that you do not make them while applying for one.

  • Wrong Visa Type: Australia offers more than 140 visas and if you have applied for a wrong type of visa, the chances of it being rejected are more.
  • Inconsistent or Incorrect Information: If there are factual or typing discrepancies between the information in the application and the documents submitted, your visa application would be rejected.
  • Unable to Meet Health Requirements: People who test positive for ailments like cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis, heart and mental diseases are unlikely to receive an Australian visa.
  • Questionable Character: Visa application of people with some kind of criminal record would be rejected by the Australian embassy.
  • Lack of Funds: Financial instability or lack of appropriate funds in the bank account is one of the most common reasons for rejection of the Australian visa application.
  • Previous Visa Conditions: If you have overstayed the last time you visited Australia, the chances of getting a visa this time are pretty less.

Australia Visa – Process Time and Fees

The processing time and fees of an Australian visa would depend on various factors. Things like the type of visa, promptness of submitting the application form and other documents, etc. would influence how fast you receive the visa for Australia. It can take anywhere between 48 hours to 33 days to get an Australian visitor visa (subclass 600) tourist stream. The prices for an Australian tourist visa are as follows:

  • Visa eVisitor (651): Free (3 months validity)
  • Tourist Visa Visitor (600): (12 months validity)

Note: Australia visa Dubai application fee is non-refundable in case of rejection. Also, remember to enclose all requested documents and be very prompt in getting fresh documentation if requested. Delays place a negative mark against your visa application, which might get more delayed or even rejected due to delays from your side.

All About Australia

Here you can check out some of the crucial things you should know before you visit the country of Australia.  
  • Best Time to Visit Australia

The best time to visit Australia would depend on the place you want to visit. As Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it experiences summer from December to February and winter from June to August. The months between December and February are ideal because the weather is pleasant and perfect for visiting the beaches. However, it is better to avoid the outback during the summer, as the temperature is extremely high, unbearable and dangerous as well. Autumn (March to May) and Spring (September to November) are also great times to visit the place. Winter in Australia is extremely chilly and prone to rainfall as well. However, if you want to enjoy the snow and skiing in the Australian Alps, this is a great time to go.

  • Where to Stay in Australia

The places you visit in Australia would entirely depend on your interests. Some of the most interesting places to visit in this country include Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Blue Mountains, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and Darwin. Wherever you go in Australia, you would be able to find hotels or accommodation as per your requirements and budget. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you must opt for Airb&b or family-run B& Bs. It would always be better to make reservations online before you visit the place.

  • Traveling Tips to Australia
    • Do not forget to slather your skin with sunscreen when in Australia, especially if you are going to spend your day at the beach. The sun is harsh here and hence you need to protect your skin well.
    • Keep yourself hydrated while in the country. You can use reusable bottles and refill them directly from the tap.
    • Australia is a big country and you would have to travel for 3-4 hours by flight to reach from one city to the other. You cannot see the entire country unless you are ready to spend 6 months to 1 year here.
    • The best way to travel from one city to another is by flight. Road trips can take several days to weeks and can be a bit boring too.
    • Tipping is not mandatory in Australia, although you may leave a 10% tip in high-end restaurants and hotels.
    • The notion that you would find kangaroos and koalas everywhere is untrue. You would have to visit a national park to see them.
    • You are not allowed to take things like vegetables, fruits, meat, plants, drugs, feathers, seeds, etc. to Australia.


You’re all set to visit one of the most fabulous countries in the world. You’ll have the chance to visit the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy the foodie scene in Melbourne and Sydney and explore the great outback. Australia is an adventure and a half; it’s not a country to just visit and depart from; it’s a country that needs to be appreciated deeply, so plan on staying for a good length of time. You’ll be back again in the outback, that’s for sure! Australia gets to the best of us with its people, culture, animals and the sheer effrontery of its landscape.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

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