avenue of the baobabs, madagascar
When it comes to international holidays, most people opt for Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and the American continent. The African continent is not always the first choice of people. Even if it is, most of them stick to the most popular countries of South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, etc. Although these are beautiful countries, Africa is much more than these few. Being the second biggest continent in the world, Africa is home to 52 countries, each endowed with unsurpassed natural beauty, abundant wildlife and natural resources, interesting culture, intriguing history, and mouth-watering food. While these are some amazing reasons to pack your bags and head out to Africa, you may be confused about the places you must visit. Hence, we offer you information on the

10 unique and best African countries to visit.

1. Botswana


Botswana offers rich culture, diverse ecosystems, and phenomenal wildlife to its tourists. Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, and the Central Kalahari Game Reserve are some of the best places to visit in this country as each of them offers an exciting safari tour. At the national parks and game reserved of Botswana, you would be able to witness unique wildlife sightings and have incredible experiences like the zebra migration, the second largest zebra and wildebeest migration in the world. Botswana also offers houseboat safari as well as luxurious resorts and hotels. Moreover, it is the best place to enjoy some peace and tranquillity in Africa.

2. Morocco

Marrakech, morocco

Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this African country of Morocco stands out from the rest of the continent. One of the main reasons for this is the culture of Morocco is an amalgamation of Arabian, European and Berber influences. Morocco is blessed with pristine beaches, charming seaside towns, gorgeous mountains, vast desert, and interesting cities. The most popular place in Morocco is surely Marrakech which is well-known for its beautiful architecture and delicious food. Apart from this, you must visit Morocco to learn about its interesting history, enjoy its unique festivals, and relax in its steam baths and also to indulge in its imperial luxury.

3. Uganda

lake victoria, uganda

Located in the center of East and West Africa, Uganda is known to be ‘the pearl of Africa’. Endowed with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, mountains and tea plantations, this country has a beauty that could mesmerize anyone. It has rich wildlife too which you can view at one of the several national parks in the country. Uganda is also known for its huge population of mountain gorillas. Apart from all this, most people love Uganda because of the warmth and hospitality of its people. If you are planning to visit Uganda, you need to make sure that you have a valid Uganda visa before you fly.

4. Namibia


If you are looking for an African country where you can enjoy the spellbinding views of nature without running into too many tourists and even locals, Namibia is a place to visit. The place is blessed with a pleasant climate, gorgeous landscapes, an amazing coastline, the world’s oldest desert and one of the best game parks of Africa. Namibia is a haven for photographers and nature lovers. You can explore the Namib Desert and view giraffes, elephants, blue wildebeests, zebras, etc. at the national parks of the country. A visit to the town of Kolmanskop is also one of the interesting things to do in Namibia. Once a busy and bustling diamond mining town, it is a ghost town today as people moved away from the place as the diamonds started depleting. However, the best part of Namibia is that you would see very fewer people here and hence, it is the perfect place to go if you want to take a break from the crowds and busy life of the city.

5. Ghana

cape coast, ghana

Known to be the gem of West Africa, Ghana is a must-visit place if you want to enjoy unique African natural beauty and wildlife. Unlike other countries of Africa, Ghana is not popular as a safari destination. However, the place has plenty of beaches, national parks, mountains, forests, lakes, etc. where you can soak in natural beauty. Moreover, Ghana has an interesting history and you can learn about it by visiting the numerous historical sites and museums in the country. As Ghana is not a typical tourist place, you would be able to enjoy its surroundings and offerings without much disturbance. Also, it is budget-friendly, and hence the perfect place for a backpacking holiday.

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6. Madagascar

avenue of the baobabs, madagascar

One of the hidden gems of the African continent is Madagascar, the largest island in African and the fourth largest in the world. It is surprising that not many tourists prefer to visit Madagascar as it is one of the most stunning places on earth. Complete with white sand beaches, lush green rainforests, and unique flora and fauna, Madagascar offers you some of the greatest gifts of nature. One of the highlights of visiting this island is that you would be able to spot wild lemurs in their natural habitat. Although you would not be able to explore the entire island during your visit, you must check out Ranomafana National Park Avenue of the Baobabs and Isalo National Park. Another thing you must indulge in Madagascar is its delicious local dishes.

7. Seychelles


Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is part of the African continent although it is 900 miles away from East Africa. Seychelles is one of the best exotic islands in the world, and what makes it stand apart is that it has not been explored like Bora Bora, Hawaii and the Thai islands. In short, there are lots of untouched places in Seychelles. The beaches of the island with their white sand and turquoise waters are a symbol of peace and tranquillity while the verdant jungles and mountains are a boon for sore eyes. The unique wildlife of the place is also very interesting. Moreover, Seychelles is also a great place to indulge in activities like snorkeling, hiking, island hopping, etc. The best part is that the island has a good infrastructure and all the modern facilities and luxuries at an affordable rate. So, if you want to enjoy a beach holiday without the chaos of a crowded beach or resort, Seychelles is the place to visit.

As this continent has such beautiful hidden holiday destinations, you must give the popular best African countries to visit a miss and choose one amongst these. With so much to see and experience here, you are sure to have the most amazing holiday in the African continent.

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