An international trip out of India (yes, round trip), for 50,000 INR or less? We’re kidding, right? No. We’ve gathered up 10 top destinations that you can visit, explore and enjoy, for 50 K INR or less. Of course, you’ll need to spend additionally on food and local transport, but you can budget those expenses. Please note that we’ve not mentioned flight prices as they keep changing. So, ready to check out where you’re going this year?

While Planning Your Trip

• Obtain a travel credit card and redeem sign-up bonuses for miles and points against free flights and hotel stays.

• Turn private browsing on when booking flights so prices don’t change

• Subscribe for midnight flight deals on metasearch engines such as Skyscanner

• Book two one-way tickets on different airlines to save money

• Download airline apps to avail better rates

• Subscribe to Google alerts for cheap flight alerts

• Cheap flight and stay deals: Airbnb, Tripvillas, Hostelbookers, Hostelworld, VacationRentals, and and

• Subscribe to twitter travel contests, and flight and travel loyalty programs for discounted fares.

• Travel off-season to save and lookup free attractions at the destination

International Trips Under 50k INR

1. Seychelles


This African island nation is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s an amalgam of over 100 islands, beautiful, stunning and with beaches to die for. Add it to your list of cheap international destinations from India today!

Stay: Least hotel stay costs INR 10,500 per person per day.

Activities: Enjoy beach bumming, nature and wildlife tours, glass-bottom ocean cruises, island exploration, and water sports.

Attractions: Visit Anse Kerlan, Baie Lazare, Mahe Island, Victoria, La Passe, Anse Louis, and nearby islands beaches.

2. Singapore


Singapore is clean, has an enthralling multi-ethnic atmosphere, food, shopping, and natural and manmade beauty. Singapore is one of the best international trips under 50k INR.

Stay: Singapore isn’t cheap; the least hotel stay will be INR 2000 per night per person. Lookup cheap hostels and couch sharing options.

Activities: Singapore is the place to enjoy major shopping. Also enjoy exploring the island, visiting the Botanical Gardens, taking nature tours and the Singapore Night Zoo Safari.

Attractions: Visit Little India, Chinatown, Temple of 1000 Lights, Singapore Flyer, Merlion Park, Istana, Helix Bridge, Civilian War Memorial and more.

3. Indonesia


Indonesia offers visa on arrival, so it’s perfect for last-minute travel. This country is a backpacker’s heaven, with tons of hostels, jungle trails, and mountain paths.

Stay: Food and stay are both economical; you rent a small house for ₹2248 per night.

Activities: Tours – volcanoes, culture, religion, temples, and nature, plus water sports.

Attractions: Visit Toba, Jakarta, Pangandaran, Bali, Pangandaran Beach, Derawan Island, Wakatobi, Toba, Jakarta, Batu Secret Zoo, and more.

4. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

From a cultural and climatic perspective, Sri Lanka is very similar to India. However, the beaches are fabulous, clean and the water’s clear. Just the place for some fabulous water sports!

Stay: Food and stay are both cheap in Srilanka, so you can stay for a longer duration here. For example, homestay near Negombo costs ₹913 per night.

Activities: Wildlife Tours, Art and Culture Tours, Religious Visits, Adventure Sports, Heritage Tours, Plantation Visits

Attractions: Visit Kirinda, Sabaragamuwa, Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Tissamaharama, Panduwasnuwara, Matara, Kataragama, Dambadeniya, Yapahuwa Kurunegala and others

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5. Bhutan


Bhutan is an exotic kingdom in the Himalayas, endowed with rich culture, unique cuisine and incredible mountain scenes.

Tip: Save money by taking a road trip in Bhutan on a shared bus or taxi.

Stay: Transport, food, and accommodation are relatively cheap. Tip – the Thimphu BnB Blue costs only ₹1405 per night.

Activities: Enjoy a range of tours – wildlife, adventure and sports, Himalayan tours, local sightseeing, cultural and religious tours and more.

Attractions: Visit the towns of Trongsa, Phuentsholing, Punakha, Trashigang, Haa Valley, Thimphu, and others

6. South Korea

South Korea

South Korea is chock-full of natural beauty and is backpacking heaven on earth.

Stay: Korea is not very expensive; you can find a good stay from ₹1756 per night. Street food is cheap and hygienic as well.

Activities: Enjoy various cultural, nature, food and traditional tours, museums, and more.

Attractions: Check out the Deranged Village, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Kyeong-Wha Station, Ggotji Beach, Jeungdo Salt Farm, and Gwang-An Bridge, Uleung Island Seaside Road, and others.

7. The United Arab Emirates


The UAE is a luxury destination; costs are higher in Dubai than they’re in Sharjah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi.

Stay: Stay at youth hostels; they’re cheaper, hygienic and offer free Wi-Fi too.

Activities: Desert safaris, dhow cruises, adventure sports, shopping and more

Attractions: The Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Dubai Eye, Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain in Dubai. Yas Island, the Corniche and Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Sharjah and Fujairah have plenty of attractions too.

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8. Hong Kong

Big Buddha

Hong Kong is a tourist paradise, with wonderful beaches, islands and a vibrant food and culture scene to explore.

Stay: You can stay up to a week, spending ₹5,000 per night.

Activities: Local sightseeing, shopping, and wildlife, cultural and adventure tours.

Attractions: Visit Central District, Stanley Market, Lantau Island, Nathan Road, Happy Valley, Cheung Chau Island, Sai Kung and others

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9. Malaysia


Malaysia is known for its beaches, lovely rainforests, wonderful culture, temples, and scenery.

Stay: It’s possible to score cheap stays in Malaysia, for as less as INR 2000 per night. Food is fairly cheap, with tons of hygienic street food vendors everywhere.

Activities: Enjoy local nature tours, culture tours, sightseeing, shopping, and wildlife Tours

Attractions: Explore Cameron Highlands, Kangar, Kuala Lumpur, Miri, Labuan, Pangkor, Redang Island, Sarawak, Rantau Abang Island, Kapas Island, and others

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10. Thailand


Thailand is a gem of a destination in South-East Asia, with wonderful beach resorts, hot springs, spas, fabulous food, culture, temples and more.

Stay: Hostels, spending less than INR 800 per night.

Activities: Enjoy elephant tours, floating market tour, shopping and nature tours

Attractions: Check out Phuket, Wat Phra Kaew, Santikhiri, Tarutao, Lumphini Park, and others

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Q1. Is it possible to plan an international trip under 50,000?

Yes, it is possible to plan an international trip under 50,000. There are many affordable travel options available such as budget airlines, affordable accommodations, and cheaper destinations that can help you plan a cost-effective international trip.

Q2. Which are the cheapest international destinations to travel under 50,000?

Some of the cheapest international destinations to travel under 50,000 are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bhutan, and some countries in Eastern Europe.

Q3. How can I save money on international flights?

You can save money on international flights by booking your flights well in advance, using flight comparison websites to find the best deals, being flexible with your travel dates, and flying with budget airlines.

Q4. How can I manage my travel expenses while on an international trip?

You can manage your travel expenses while on an international trip by creating a travel budget, tracking your expenses, using credit cards with low foreign transaction fees, and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Q5. Do I need travel insurance for international trips?

Yes, it is recommended to have travel insurance for international trips. Travel insurance can help you in case of unexpected events like flight cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost or stolen luggage.


There are several other destinations close to India that you can visit for less than INR 50,000. Consider Cambodia, Jordan, Myanmar, Taiwan, Egypt, and Vietnam while making your travel plans. You can hit a different destination every year if you plan your savings and budget with a view to travel each year.

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