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If you are a beach lover or on honeymoon, chances are Seychelles might have crossed your mind. How much do you know about the country?

Tucked 990 miles from Kenya, in the Indian Ocean, like a twinkling constellation of 115 islands, Seychelles is unbelievably blessed by the nature. Turquoise water, jungle landscape, and numerous beachfront resorts make it a postcard picture-worthy destination. Have you already started finding it on the globe? Well, the country in Africa is nothing larger than a seed on the map. But the bevy of attractions and natural reserves keep it on one of the top spots on our wish list. Here are a few more convincing reasons that will motivate you to add it to a travel wish list.

Why Seychelles Deserve a Place on Your Bucket List?

1. Most Splendid Beaches in the World

1. Most Splendid Beaches in the World

No one can talk enough about Seychelles’s beaches! With rustling waves, palm fringes, turquoise water, sugary white sand, and action-packed experiences, the islands are your ultimate go-to destination in Seychelles. Every Anse (the Creole term for the beach) boasts unique flavors. You get every kind of blue, show-stopping views, plant-carpeted hills, climbable granite boulders, and coral-rich underwater life. From visiting the not-so-busy beach Anse Lazio to the adventurous Anse Georgette, you can spend days in Seychelles sunbathing and playing fun water sports. No wonder, these fascinating shorelines are Seychelles’s claim to fame.

2. Ocean-Side Luxuries

Seychelles Places

The beauty of the ocean accentuates by all the comforts and luxuries around. Seychelles is dotted with beachfront resorts, upscale restaurants, and pretty staycations. Petit Amour is one such swanky villa overlooking the beautiful ocean and surrounded by lush surroundings. It’s a different world out here. You might even rub shoulders with the big names of Bollywood at this fabulous opulent place.

3. Year-Long Holiday Destination

Good beaches, good resorts — and now good weather! Seychelles is really shaping into our dream destination, isn’t it? One of the best reasons to visit Seychelles is that the country has the most pleasant tropical climate all year round. You can tick off the place during any of your holidays. Go on a romantic walk on the beach, laze under the umbrella canopy, or dine in the most picturesque restaurants.

4. Adventures You Have Always Wanted to Do

Thanks to the extensive coastline one can go snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and sign up for a dozen of other water-friendly activities. Grand Anse, Anse Roya, Anse Georgette, Anse Source D’Argent, and Beau Vallon are a few of the top Seychelles beaches that are ideal to top up your tan. Keep your feet dry by trying hands on a range of daring adventures. Test your guts by trying rock climbing on giant granites. Slide through the beautiful landscape on the zipline. Or catch the bird’s eye view of the fabled parade on a helicopter ride.

5. Diving Destination Like No Other

After you soak in the sun, pump up to live the most thunderous moment underwater. Seychelles is one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world with exotic coral reefs, wrecks, and canyons. As you dive deeper, you will be lost in the magnanimous array of marine life. It won’t be the same world when you get out of the ocean after a heartfelt diving session. Some of the best diving spots in Seychelles are Fishermen’s Cove Reef, Brissare Rocks, and Shark Bank.

6. Hiking Trails

If you have soaked your feet in water for long enough, it’s time to hit the rocks. Seychelles has spectacular hiking trails that will give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. Trek through the brawny mountains and thriving jungle and embark on the best hiking of your life.

  • Hop on the decent trail to Anje Major where you will indulge in some breathtaking views and rock formations for about an hour and a half.
  • Enjoy an easygoing walk through the Valley de Mai reveling in unique views in the shade.
  • Choose a 45-min steep trail in Morne Blanc that will challenge your guts and force you to wear the proper shoes.
  • Go for a mid-adventure level Anse Georgette trail in Praslin where you will wander between two beaches.
  • Pull up your sleeves and wear your most comfortable footwear for a 5-hour trek to Morne Seychellois, the highest point on Mahe.

7. Unseen Side of Nature


Have you ever seen a black parrot? Blessed with the goodness of nature, Seychelles’s more than half of the area is a natural park or reserve. It nurtures and homes many endemic and endangered species. From stumbling upon the eggs of hawksbill turtles to discovering the vibrant and rare Red Body flying across the trees, this place is soaked in the warmth and love of nature. Wildlife lovers will have an exciting time dropping their jaws in wonder watching the world’s smallest frog, biggest tortoise, and around 65 endangered species.

8. Burgeoning Food Scene

SeaFood Seychelles

These activities will surely work up the appetite. Seychellois cuisine is here to save the day. The food scene is inspired by Africa, China, India, and Europe. Seafood lovers can go gaga over the bountiful dishes. A delicious octopus curry straight from the Indian Ocean will fill your mouth with a burst of flavors. Other palatable items on the menu are tuna, bonito, red snapper, barracuda, king mackerel, gilt-head freshwater bream, and lobster.

9. A Couple of UNESCO Sites


As we have already known that Seychelles has a beautiful, raw and untouched landscape. It comes as no surprise that the country is also home to UNESCO sites. Aldabra Atoll is a secluded spot in Seychelles where you can meet the largest giant tortoise population in the world. These natural habitats add aesthetic appeal. Another famous tourist attraction and Heritage Site in Seychelles is Valley De Mai, tucked on Praslin Island. It is filled with bulbul, warbler, and other endangered birds. Also, you will find the famous coco de mer, grown from the largest seed in the plant kingdom.

10. Visa-Free Entry

One of the most amazing reasons to visit Seychelles is you do not require any kind of visa to enter the country. Well, you’ll need a permit but it’s not a long process like visa approvals. So, just plan an itinerary, book your tickets and you are good to go.


Who doesn’t like white shorelines, soft sand, and warm water? Whether you’re eyeing this beautiful archipelago for your first anniversary, honeymoon, or a casual getaway, the beaches in Seychelles are heavenly. So, get your tickets and fly to this unparalleled destination.

Intrigued by the breathtaking beauty and unbelievable diversity around the world, Shambhavi has taken the agenda of inspiring travellers to embark on their new journeys with passion and information. She has a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. She is a food-enamoured introvert who is fond of plants, reads fiction and taps feet to Bollywood music.

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