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When we say beach getaways, all we think about is white sand, turquoise water and gentle shores. Well, what if we tell you that beaches aren’t just for camping and collecting seashells. There are quirky beaches around the world that outdo the basic ones.

From walking on the sea to the sand dipped in pink hue, read the

list of unique and unusual beaches in the world

that deserve to be bookmarked.

1. Pink Sand Beach, The Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach

Ever dreamt a beach that is dipped in strawberry pink? One of the most picture-perfect beaches in the world, Pink Sand Beach is nothing less than a fairytale. Located on Harbour Island, the sand is tinted by the coral insect foraminifera, which is reddish pink. The shoreline is peppered with coral remnants, broken shells and many tiny marine shell animals.

2. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach

Your personal hot spa tub is here — all you need is a spade! Hot Water Beach is perched over hot springs that are famous for relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind. As tides sway away on either side, dig a bit of sand and you’ll stumble upon hot water flowing from the middle of the island. Sit in your dug-out tub and soak in the luxurious view of the Pohutukawa cliffs.

3. Palm Jumeirah, UAE

Jumeirah Palm Island Dubai

Dubai, an emirate in the UAE, is famous for its incredible attractions. One of its latest wonders is a man-made island Palm Jumeirah that is shaped like a date palm. It is such a fine vacation to toggle between luxury and sun. Relax and bask in the sunshine by the strip of white sand beaches overlooking the world’s most prestigious collection of buildings, from the only 7-star hotel to the tallest building. Amongst the plenty of beaches in Dubai , Palm Jumeirah is one of the opulent places that is home to the most exotic coastlines with beach resorts.

4. Hidden Beach, Mexico

Hidden Beach Image Credit: mybestplace.com

The list of unusual beaches in the world just got a level up with this surprising entry. A secret beach and isolated paradise are located somewhere on Marieta Island — as a result of the blasting of the canopy huge cavern by the Mexican Government in 1990. Looks almost camouflaged, this has been an accidental discovery at the bombing site. Exclusively accessed by water tunnel, the Hidden Beach is extremely popular amongst honeymoon couples and casual travellers.

5. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Papakolea Beach

Hawaii is a gorgeous state brimming with luxury resorts, natural landscape and a line of white-sand beaches where you can surf and swim. But this one is different. Beautifully tucked in the Kar district of Hawaii, Papakolea Beach is popularly referred to as Green Sand Beach. The beach gets its verdant green shade from the crystal mineral Olivine, which is a cooled-down form of the lava erupted from the world’s largest volcano. It is a rare beach in the world making it to an exclusive list of 4 beaches with green sand ever.

6. Jӧkulsárlón, Iceland

Jӧkulsárlón, Iceland

Featured in several movies, including Batman Begins, Jӧkulsárlón is a picture-perfect glacier lagoon. Lying 370 km east of Reykjavik, this is one of the most unique and coolest beaches in the world — after all it’s freezing. The massive blocks of the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull glacier have melted and broken that are floating over the water. It is precious to watch the Atlantic feeding it occasionally. It looks embellished with crystals on the black volcanic sand, that resemble a world out of this planet. If you could bottle up the vibe of this place, you would be drinking it your entire life. You can explore this by boat tours.

7. Glass Beach, California

Glass Beach

Interestingly, one of the unusual beaches in the world is awash with glasses from the trash. Glass beach is located near MacKerricher State Park near Fort Brag, which remained a dumping ground back in 1967. With time, the discarded glass and metals have worn out to become smooth and polished that doesn’t hurt your toes. Visitors love strolling across such immaculate, pristine and breathtaking beach. In the sunshine, the array of multicoloured glasses shimmer and sparkle.

8. Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

Koekohe Beach

Looks like a masterpiece painting, Koekohe Beach is one of the most mysterious and strange beaches in the world. Nestled in Otago, near Moeraki hamlet, the landscape of Koekohe is dotted with giant spherical boulders. Each of the boulders weighs tonnes and is as wide as 2 metres. There are two stories: while science explains these boulders are carved out of the mud of the hills, the village believes it to be a testament to the ancestors of the Maori tribe who used them as baskets to catch fish.

9. Chandipur Beach, India

Odisha, Chandipur Beach

India is a country with the most diverse range of attractions, from snowfall to desert at the same time of the year. Located on the Southeastern side of the country, in Odisha, Chandipur Beach is called the vanishing beach. It flaunts a unique phenomenon where the sea recedes 5 kilometres from the shore, leaving the onlookers scratching their heads with wonder. The limelight is you can walk on the sea and then it returns during the high tides. The ebb and flow happen twice a day making everyone struck with awe. And it won’t be a shock to find rare biodiversities like horseshoe crab or red crab crawling beside you.

10. Maho Beach, Saint Marin

Maho Beach

Saw that viral picture where the aeroplane crosses over the beach right over the sun-seekers head? You can live that moment right here. No green sand, boulders or lagoon, Maho Beach is unusual not because of a natural occurrence — but because it sits right under the flight path. Incredible, isn’t it? Saint Matin’s international airport’s runway is shorter than usual and thus, the aeroplanes run at low altitude making it blow your hair and mind. It is spectacular to behold this sight. The rest times of the day, it is quaint, balmy and pleasant.


The world is full of unusual and offbeat attractions. These unique beaches give you the itch to wander. Plan a perfect trip by keeping any of these on your itinerary and you will be left with moments of excitement and wonder.

Rezmin is passionate about traveling and curating content about history, traditions and other intriguing aspects that make a place attractive. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fictional books sprinkled with inspiration, humor and enthusiasm.

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