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Considering a surfing vacation to one of the most beautiful places? Here you can check out

some of the best beaches in the world

for your dream surfing holiday. Whether you’re a beginner or a super seasoned surfer, it turns out that this brief list has something to cover every surf enthusiast. But, just before we jump into this list of

best beach vacations,

know about this water sport, along with some amazing tips for your surf trip planning.

What is Surfing?


Surfing is an adventurous water activity wherein you’ll ride the ocean waves on a surfboard. A surfboard is lightweight yet sturdy and you can pick up one depending on your surfing skills, such as fun-board and foam-board (ideal for beginners), longboard, gun, body-board, and fish surfboard. There are also options to get your surfboard customized just according to your needs.

As it’s an activity that involves the catching and riding waves, this alternatively demands you to possess certain physical skills. And yes, the most inevitable among them is to know swimming; this makes it easy for you to deal with all other staples of surfing, from effortlessly paddling a surfboard and coping with harsh weather conditions to getting back to land if ever you slip off from your board.

Top Tips to Plan a Perfect Surf Vacation

  • Choose the surfing location according to your abilities and skills
  • Take into consideration the weather conditions of your chosen destination
  • Before you get into action, be aware of potential risks and hidden dangers of your surf location
  • Carry items vital for this activity, such as fins, wax, leash, ding repair kit, etc.
  • Don’t forget to pack things including swim trunks/bikini, wet-suit, surf helmets, earplugs, beach towel, and dry bag
  • Must-haves also include health and skincare essentials like first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, probiotics, zinc, and long sleeve rash guard
  • And now on to our top suggestions of the best surf destinations in the world!

Best Beaches in the World

1. Hawaii


Being the birthplace of surfing, Hawaii tops the list. Regardless of your skillset, this is also the destination where you can catch and ride the perfect waves. If you’re a beginner, there are some amazing spots across Oahu, Maui, and Big Island to give a perfect start to your surf expedition, such as Chun’s Reef, Waikiki’s Canoes spot, and the bay area of Pine Trees (close to Kona Airport). You can even sign up for a one-on-one learning session to improve your surf skills. Hawaii also offers some incredible options for more experienced surfers; Shipwreck Beach, Kealia (on the eastern shore of Kauai), Honolii Beach Park (Big Island) are just a few to name.

2. Ulu Watu, Bali

ulu watu, bali

Surfing in this exquisitely magnificent Balinese spot is a dream-come-true for an advanced surfer. Placed on the Bukit Peninsula’s southern tip and right beneath a venerated 11th century Hindu shrine, it has consistent waves and is made up of five diverse breaks like Bombie, Outside Corner, Peak, Temple, and Racetrack. Each of these breaks has its own specialties and further considered some of the best in the world. While Ulu Watu promises you a once-in-a-lifetime surfing experience, make sure that you’re a professional surfer before you embark on here.

3. Skeleton Bay, Namibia

skeleton bay Namibia

Namibia may be known to many as the ultimate desert marvel, but its Skeleton Bay is also a favorite of hardcore wave-riders with its excellent beaches, less crowded surf spots, and mostly, the spellbinding views in the background. And for those in the know, it’s not just the place to catch the most perfect waves but also to experience the longest ever left-hand barrel. But, given the strength of waves and freezing coldness of the water, it’s highly recommended that you carry a more durable surfboard and wear a 4/3 mm wet-suit complemented by the thick hood, gloves, and booties.

4. Teahupoo, Tahiti

Want to experience the world’s heaviest waves? Teahupoo is the destination to go. Tucked away on Tahiti’s southwestern part and just an hour’s drive away from Papeete (capital city), this place in the Pacific Ocean is generously bestowed with great weather, splendorous surroundings, and plenty of waves with consistent swells. The waves reach 2 – 3 meters or sometimes even up to 7 meters, making it a haven for advanced and fearless surfers. What’s more? It’s also the venue of the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti Surf Competition. So if you’re a pro-level surfer, make sure that you include this exquisitely magnificent destination on your surfing bucket-list.

5. Tavarua, Fiji


Tavarua is probably the top place that comes into mind when one thinks about surfing. Bounded by the coral reef and blessed with stunning natural beauty, this tiny, heart-shaped resort island offers waves ideal for all skill levels, thanks to its diverse eight breaks. Most popular among them is Cloud-break which reaches up to 20 feet and regarded as one of the world’s best waves. Apart from this, experts and thrill-seekers can enjoy surfing with breaks like Restaurants (tubular waves), Lighthouse (boasting swift powerful waves), and Tavarua Rights (right-hander). For beginners and moderate surfers, the most ideal breaks are Swimming Pools, Namotu Lefts, Frigates, and Desperation.

6. Playa Grande, Costa Rica

This is often rated among the list of world’s top surfing spots and for all right reasons. From consistent great quality waves and perfect wind conditions to powerful swells, it promises you everything to ensure an unforgettable surfing experience and the best thing is that it’s suitable for all types of surfers. Lying inside Las Baulas National Park, this premier surf destination is also one of the best family beaches; it allows for some amazing nature trips that introduce you to the region’s unrivaled flora and fauna.

7. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

jeffreys bay, south africa Credit: terrencefranck

With close to 10 unique spots, Jeffrey’s Bay is one destination where you can get barreled or encapsulated by the waves just the way you want. Super-tubes is the most popular and advanced among all; it goes up to 12 feet and considered the region’s best wave. Other top spots are Bone-yards (offering perfect break); Point (with more favorable conditions); Magnatubes (with the heaviest waves); Kitchen Windows (known for its mellow reef break); and finally Albatross.

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With so many surfing locations scattered across the world, we have narrowed down the top seven locations based on its unique specialties, extraordinary scenery, and most importantly, the exciting surfing options that each destination offers. So are you ready to hit the waves? Let us know your favorite surfing location in the comment section below.

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