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It’s known to all that Atlantis Aquaventure is a part of Atlantis, The Palm, a palatial-style five-resort which majestically sits on the crescent of the man-made Palm Jumeirah. But what’s unknown to many is that it’s more than its massive Aquaventure Waterpark. It’s also home to some of Dubai’s most popular family attractions such as Dolphin Bay, The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Sea Lion Point, apart from a private beach, kids’ play areas and a wide array of dining choices. So with this extensive guide, come take a look at what makes each of these attractions within

Aquaventure Dubai

amazing and worth visiting.

All About Aquaventure Dubai

Best Time to Visit Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

You can visit Atlantis Aquaventure at any time of the year. Aquaventure Dubai is perfect to escape the heat of Dubai summers. During winters too, it is quite pleasant to have some splashy fun here.

Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai Location

Atlantis Aquaventure is located adjacent to Atlantis the Palm, at Crescent Road. The entrance is via the Avenues.

How to Reach Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

  • From Dubai International Airport (DXB)

By Car: It takes about 31 minutes by car.  Drive through Sheikh Zayed Road towards Jebel Ali.  Turn right towards Souk Madinat Jumeirah from Interchange 4 Opposite Mall of the Emirates. Then turn left on Al Sufouh Road and go straight for four kilometers and take The Palm exit on your right.

  • Dubai Public Transport

From the Dubai International Airport, Take a taxi directly to Atlantis which will cost around AED 100. You can also take the Dubai Metro from the Metro station at your terminal towards Jebel Ali. Disembark at Mall of the Emirates Station, and take a taxi directly to Atlantis, The Palm.

Things to Do at Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai

1. Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

 Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in Dubai; it’s not only the centerpiece of Atlantis Aquaventure but also the major attraction of Atlantis, The Palm as well as the Palm Islands. For nearly a decade, this humungous, award-winning waterpark has redefined the quality standards of the waterparks worldwide. It boasts of some of the world’s best rides and record-breakers in their own esteem. But, just before we go into its rides, slides, and attractions, here are some salient facts about this water park:

  • This stunning waterpark sprawls 17 hectares and uses 18 million liters of water for its rapids, pools, and waves.
  • Aquaventure waterpark has the longest waterpark river in the Middle East – The Rapids.
  • It is the only water park in the Middle East to offer aquatic animal experiences such as Shark Safari and Cownose ray feeding.
  • The waterpark has the longest zipline circuit – Atlantean Flyers and the world’s first twin racing tube rides – Slitherine’s and Anaconda.
Apart from several unique aquatic experiences,

Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

has several waterslides, many of which are the first of their kind in the Middle East.

Atlantis Water Park Rides

  • Tower Of Neptune
Tower Of Neptune Aquaventure Waterpark

The Tower Of Neptune is nine stories tall, with a huge vertical drop. The drop is from the Leap of Faith and goes via the acrylic tube where you’ll be surrounded by manta rays and killer sharks. Explore the shark lagoon while safely ensconced in the inner-tube, a journey aptly called Shark Attack. The ride ends when you pass through the Water Coasters’ labyrinthine of tunnels and finally plop out in the lazy river.

  • Zoomerang

This ride offers you the great pleasure of feeling almost weightless. So if you’re carrying around a few extra pounds, you’ll be happy with this ride. You’ll feel weightless as you slide through the mega plummets and vertical zooms of the Zoomerang.

  • Poseidon’s Revenge
Poseidon’s Revenge Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai  

Step into Poseidon’s Revenge’s capsule and then splash! The floor slides out from under your feet and you’re plummeted downwards at 60 kph and then propelled upwards! Take up this ride only if you’re absolutely sure you can deal with it.

  • Tower Of Poseidon

Offering the ultimate surge of adrenaline is a ride in the largest waterslide of the world – the famed Anaconda. After you’re done twisting and sliding via the scary dark tunnel of the Anaconda, you’ll be dropped off into the largest fiberglass tube in the world, where the race continues.

  • Splasher’s Children’s Play Area
Children’s Play Area

Splashers are for kids who are below 4 feet in height. They can climb the mountain while enjoying the water spray from the large tipping buckets. There are seven kid-friendly waterslides plus fourteen family-friendly waterslides at Splashers Mountain.

  • Cownose Ray Feeding

In the Shark Lagoon you’ll come across not just sharks but the very elusive Cownose Rays. These friendly creatures will swim around you and you can have fun with them. An adventure especially for kids, Cownose Ray Feeding is an interactive session where marine biologists share their knowledge. Young kids can hand-feed the rays under supervision. Both adults and young kids can participate.

  • Shark Safari
Shark Safari Aquaventure Dubai

All you need is a helmet to protect your head and then you get into the Shark Lagoon. You don’t need to be an experienced diver for this. Enjoy an up-close experience with the dangerous killer sharks and manta rays. The Shark Lagoon is a controlled environment – you won’t struggle to breathe or walk. If you’re older than 8 years, you can participate in this shark adventure. Before you jump in, though, you’ll be trained by professional marine biologists so that you’ll recognize the animals when you encounter them.

  • Atlantean Flyer Zip Line

The longest zipline in the middle-east, this one is not for you if you aren’t ready for a mega-adventure. Sheer speeds and the stunning scenery of the beachfront, the Dubai skyline and the Palm Islands are your rewards. You can even dock a camera into your helmet harness and get a good video out of it.

Aquaventure Waterpark Timings

Aquaventure Waterpark is open on all days from 10:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.

Aquaventure Waterpark Tickets


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2. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai

After the water park, this is probably one of the most visited attractions in Dubai. True to its name, it will transport you to the fabled lost city of Atlantis. That’s not all; it lets you discover more than 65,000 marine animals that are resplendently arranged across its over 20 exhibits. Discover its mazes and tunnels as you see many awe-inducing underwater species up-close, such as eels, jellyfish piranhas, rays, sharks, etc. Apart from these, you can sign up for some amazing experiences here, including:

  • Fish Tale Tour (with access to the aquarium’s sophisticated fish hospital and nursery)
  • Snorkeling Experience
  • Aquarium Diving Adventure at Ambassador Lagoon
  • Exciting Aqua Theatre Shows

The Lost Chambers Aquarium Timings

The Lost Chambers is open on all days from 10:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs.

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3. Dolphin Bay Dubai

dolphin bay dubai

Amongst the plenty of fun things to do in Atlantis the Palm, this is going to be your favourite. It is one of the world’s largest man-made dolphin habitats. Placed adjacent to Aquaventure Waterpark, it’s especially a favorite of families and kids. Whether you just want to take a click with this adorable mammal or even swim or dive with it, the facility offers opportunities for all. All you’ve to do is to select from the appropriate package.

  • Dolphin Encounter: You and your little ones will get to interact with dolphins at the bay’s shallow region. You’ll get to touch, kiss and even hug the dolphins. Return with a complimentary photograph of your dolphin experience.
  • Dolphin Photo Fun: This is particularly designed for those who want to get up close and personal with dolphins but don’t want to get wet. Souvenir photographs are included.
  • Atlantis Dolphin Adventure: It lets you dive into the depths of the bay and enjoy a swim along with dolphins.

All of them are guided activities and lasts for not more than 30 minutes.

Dolphin Bay Dubai Timings

Dolphin Bay is open on all days from 9:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs.

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4. Sea Lion Point

Sea Lion Point dubai

It’s yet another attraction which you shouldn’t miss as part of your Atlantis Aquaventure visit. It’s where you’ll meet a family of super friendly and sociable family of sea lions. You’ll not only get to play with a sea lion but also enjoy a delightful peck from its fuzzy whiskers. Besides providing all wet gears and towels, you’ll be guided by a marine mammal specialist throughout this approximately 30-minute experience.

Sea Lion Point Timings

Sea Lion Point is open on all days from 9:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs.

5. Aquaventure Beach

Aquaventure Beach

You can enjoy 700 meters of soft white sands on this beautiful private beach. Just pre-book the cabanas which are medium, large, extra-large and family-sized. You can also book the seating area of Neptune’s Retreat that contains two sunbeds, water, and other services.

6. Atlantis Dining and Shopping!

Dining and Shopping

Atlantis Aquaventure has a number of kiosks where you can buy souvenirs, toys, beach essentials, and other things. Of course, your tummy won’t suffer while you’re here. You can purchase a variety of soft drinks, ice creams, fresh fruit, sandwiches, hot dogs, and shawarma at Lagoons, Waves or Splashers. At Snappers, you can pick up many kinds of cakes, pastries, and coffee. At Shark Bites, you can enjoy some traditional Arabic cuisine as well as fast food. Try the food at Barracudas, Dosa Factory, Asia Republic Express and Rooster 66 while you’re at it.

Atlantis Dinner Tickets

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Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Atlantis Aquaventure Visit

    • You can purchase a standalone ticket to visit the water park, aquarium, or dolphin bay or choose more value-packed options like a mega pass (valid for two days) or a one-day super pass to access multiple attractions within Atlantis Aquaventure.
    • You don’t have to be a certified diver to enjoy diving here.
    • If you’re a guest at Atlantis the Palm, you get to enjoy free access to Aquaventure Waterpark.
    • Make the most of your inner water child by visiting other wonderful places like Laguna Waterpark Dubai and Jungle Bay Waterpark in Dubai.

Rules and Regulation for Aquaventure Waterpark Visit

  • Unaccompanied children must be at least 13 years old to enter the park.
  • Diving is not allowed anywhere in the water park.
  • You need to be taller than 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) to participate in most of Aquaventure Dubai’s rides
  • If your height is less than 4 feet, or if you are an inexperienced swimmer, you’ll need to wear a lifejacket and be monitored by an experienced swimmer.
  • If you’re shorter than 4 feet, you will not be allowed to ride the Tower of Poseidon or the Tower of Neptune.
  • Aquaventure will not be responsible for the theft, or personal injury.
  • Do not bring alcohol, crystal wear, drinks or food inside the Atlantis water park
  • You’re required to wear proper swimwear like swim shorts, bikinis, swimsuits, burkinis or rashguards while in the water.
  • You cannot carry any mobile phones, laptops, notepads, selfie sticks, or similar gadgets on Aquaventure rides.
  • If you are overweight, or wearing diapers, casts or bandages, or carrying a contagious disease, or pregnant, you cannot experience any of the rides.
  • Queue-jumping or saving a place in the queue is strictly prohibited.
  • You cannot dive into the rivers or rapids at Aquaventure because the water is shallow.
  • Diving is not allowed anywhere in the water park.


1. Is Aquaventure worth the trip?

Aquaventure Waterpark has one-of-its-kind 105 rides and slides that will escalate your experience to another level. Perfect for all ages, there are numerous other attractions nearby like Lost Chambers Aquarium.

2. Which are the best waterparks in Dubai?

Atlantis Aquaventure, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Legoland Waterpark, and Yas Waterworld are some of the best waterparks in Dubai.

3. Which is the biggest waterpark in Dubai?

With the tallest slide and record-breaking Atlantis Aquaventure is the world’s largest waterpark in Dubai.

4. Is Aquavneture Waterpark free?

Aquaventure Waterpark is free for guests staying at Atlantis hotel. Also, during your birthday you can get a free entry into the waterpark.

5. What is Aquaventure Waterpark fee?

The tickets of Aquaventure Waterpark cost AED 990 (Adults) and AED 695 (Children).

6. When is Aquaventure Waterpark open?

Aquaventure Waterpark runs 365 days. Its opening hours are 9.30AM – 6PM.


Atlantis Aquaventure is without a doubt one of the Middle East’s ultimate leisure and recreation spot. It is simply magnificent, and we urge you to pre-book your tickets through a good tour operator on a non-crowded weekday. You can also explore the theme parks in Dubai if you want to keep your feet dry.

Passionate about travel and reading, Sreedevi believes these two aspects molded her life. She has 9 years experience in the travel industry and loves learning new things, music and crochet.

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