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Dubai is one of the world’s best entertainment destinations, and rightly so, with uncountable attractions and new ones coming up every day, Dubai spoils you hard for choice. But there’s one park that is visited by one and all. The Laguna waterpark is one of Dubai’s most popular waterparks for the fact that it offers you to do it all. Yes, located in the La Mer beachside, it has everything from park slides, to swimming pools, rides, and attractions with adrenaline-pumping surfing slides, and yes, the Wave Oz 180 flow rider pool, one of the three in the whole world.

Why Laguna Water Park

A beachfront waterpark that now captures the fancy of every traveler and locals alike is the Laguna waterpark. Don’t assume it to be your just another waterpark. It’s nothing you’ve ever seen. From an array of amazing rides to dining at the best of the restaurants and even shopping; Laguna water park has everything for your perfect day out.

Not only does the waterpark offers you choices of exceptional rides and slides, but it also offers a world rarity. Yes, it has the Wave Oz 180 flow rider pool, one of a kind pool present only in two other places in the whole world.

The park also offers an exclusive facility of a whole day pass that allows you to enjoy the water activities, go outside the waterpark roam, eat, enjoy and come back inside for rides and slides again. You can go out and come back whenever you wish to.

All about Laguna Water Park Dubai

Best Time to Visit Laguna Water Park Dubai

Laguna water park is best enjoyed in summers when the heat is high. It makes enjoying the wet rides all the more fun. However, Dubai is never too chilly, so enjoy Laguna park at any time of the year without any worries.

Laguna Water Park Timings

  • Monday – Sunday: 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
  • Friday: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm

Laguna Water Park Location

The Laguna waterpark is situated at La Mer in the heart of Dubai.

How to Reach Laguna Park

  • By Bus

If you’re traveling by bus 8, 9, 88, C10 or X28, drop off at Century Plaza 1/ Century and walk towards the Laguna waterpark beachfront.

  • Shuttle Bus

La Mer also offers special free-of-cost shuttle buses if you’re staying at important hotels of Dubai.

  • By Car

By car it becomes the easiest, all you have to do is point to La Mer on the smartphone GPS and it will drop you exactly at the location.

Laguna Water Park Rides

Laguna park Dubai

is divided into various zones which not only makes it easier to enjoy but offers an array of super fun activities. Read on.
  • The Surf Zone

surf zone

Housing the best of the best WaveOz, popularly known as The Ultimate Surf Machine; the Surf Zone is inarguably where the best action is. It is one of the three waterparks in the entire UAE to have the 180-degree surf simulator which makes the entire experience surreal. From beginners to the practiced ones, this zone is always the most adventurous one.

  • The Splash Zone

the splash zone

The Splash zone consists of two parks- The Aqua Play for kids aged 4 till 12 years or below 110 cms and the Splash Pad meant for the tiny toddlers whose idea of fun is to splash the waters. The Aqua Play area offers a massive play area with loops of amazing slides and tipping buckets. It’s harmless to leave kids here and enjoy the fun in the adult zone as lifeguards are always looking after your little munchkins.

  • Slides Zone

slides zone

The Slides zone is known for the best of five slides- the Freefall, the Manta, the Constrictor, the Loop, and the Mad Racer. While the free fall is the ultimate adrenaline junky experience that will drop you with no warning whatsoever to the downward plunge of splash many feet below; the Manta is enjoying the fun with friends in a circular raft with 90-degree oscillations. While in the zone, don’t forget to enjoy the Loop, an aqua launch capsule that will spiral you down in a translucent tube horizontally. Mad racer makes for the most competitive ride of the waterpark. It’s interspersed with accelerators and allows you to compete with your friends and beat them hard in the wet- water- speed game.

  • Relax Zone

relax zone

While most waterparks only fuel your adrenaline rush, Laguna knows how to relax you with its four astounding slides in the Relax zone- the Lazy River, The Pool, Cabanas, and Beach. While the Lazy river offers you a lazy oasis of tube gliding, the infinity-edge pool allows you to simply lounge it in for hours together with an option of smoking sheesha. Don’t forget to visit the Cabanas- a 4-star luxury sun lounger area with private lockers beach towels and hospitality beyond words. The Beach, as the name suggests, beckons you to wander on its edge for hours soaking in the sun and enjoying the waves touching your feet.


If you’re going to Dubai anytime soon, make sure you don’t miss the Laguna waterpark at all. Why? Because it is not every day that you get to see such an amazing fun zone that appeals to all ages and interests. Moreover, it is a place that makes you relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. Book your tickets with Rayna in advance to make sure you give standing in long queues a miss and avail great discount offers.

Aanchal is a writer by profession and an avid foodie. She loves travelling, exploring and adding cherished experiences to the book of life.

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      Omg, this water park is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!


    2. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      We had a great time at Laguna Water Park. It‘s one of the best playgrounds for all ages to indulge in wet fun. What we enjoyed the most is the Surf Zone. This section gave a feeling of surfing in the ocean.

    3. Avatar for Aanchal Iyer

      Whether you love swimming, surfing, or splashing fun, Laguna Water Park has it all. Each of its zones is unique and beautifully designed.

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